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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

PM’s nationalist stance welcomed in Western Daily Press

PM’s nationalist stance welcomed

In the Western Daily Press (Bristol, England) - April 29, 2015 on Page:18 appeared this cheeky item:-

The English Democrats welcome David Cameron’s apparent concession to the cause of fairness for England even if he continues in his and many other Conservatives’ recent tradition of disparaging English nationalists and English nationalism.

Ed Miliband however in his response seems to be confirming his and Labour’s position as the anti-English party.

I welcome David Cameron doing anything which will further the cause of English nationalism. In the words of St Luke, “I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance”.

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman, the English Democrats


  1. A shock poll shows the march of the English Democrats is set to continue across the North with the party’s vote set to increase ten-fold at the General Election.

    An exclusive poll - revealed just days after the English Democrats won its second Westminster seat - shows the party will tear chunks out of the Labour and Tory vote in the region.

    Thirteen per cent said they would place a cross next to the name of their English Democrat candidate on May the 7th.

    the poll also shows thousands of Labour and Conservatives are ready to desert their former allegiance and the stage is set for the most unpredictable General Election campaign the region has ever seen.

    The surge towards the nationalist party could bring the Labour’s majority to less than 1% in City of Durham and within 2% in Darlington, based on 2010 data. It could also force a Labour majority in the Stockton South seat, currently held by Conservative James Wharton.

    The English Democrat in the North East say the 1,000-person poll, conducted in Tyneside, might even be playing down the party’s chances of victory.

    A spokesman said: “Considering this poll was just conducted in Newcastle, it does not reflect the English Democrats' strength across the whole of the North East. For example, at the European elections a year ago, the English Democrats' vote share was even higher across the region than in Newcastle alone.

    “We won in Redcar and Cleveland, Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton and just over 200 votes off winning across Northumberland. We recently gained our first ever elected councillor in South Tyneside. The English Democrats are the only viable challengers to Labour across the North East, and we are expecting a two horse race come May the 7th.”
    This report actually refers to the anti-English Ukip party, but it could, and should, have been the English Democrats.

  2. "What about the European elections [last] May? The [English Democrats] party was again "best of the rest", with 126,024 votes. The only downside was that it had almost twice as many votes five years earlier. Like many of the smaller parties it saw votes being hoovered up by the [anti-English] UK Independence Party".
    It is not the Labour party which is an existential threat to the English Democrats party, but Ukip. Ukip was established in the Tory leaning South before the ED party was founded, and will not be dislodged from there for decades. Now the EDs are allowing Ukip to move into the Labour leaning North which is natural ED territory.

  3. The English Democrats need to get a grip of the bread and butter issues, and say why an Independent England would be better for ordinary English families. Harping on about the Barnett formula is not enough. As long as the UK is one country, then the remotest parts of Scotland and Wales must continue to be subsidised, and generously. Sovereign independent England would not have any such obligation.

  4. Just got round to listening to last weeks "Your Call" on BBC 5 live on St George's Day. Billy Bragg was allowed a full half hour to promulgate his 'lefty' version of Englishness. Billy acknowledges that the English need a greater voice. But Bragg talked about what he refers to as the 'sinister side of English Nationalism' with according to him it's xenophobic undertones, as opposed to the what he sees as the positive approach of Plaid and the SNP. This to go along with a Radio 4 interview I caught last year in which Bragg discussed the promotion of Englishness with Robin Tilbrook. Bragg is in favour of English devolution of powers and Tilbrook against. Bragg couldn't get his head round the fact that someone would dare to put forward a different version of Englishness than his own.

    We talk of ways in which the English Democrats can differentiate their own version of Englishness from the UKIP, Conservative and Billy Bragg versions and these are the clear delineations which should be focussed on. 1.No to English devolution. 2.The English Democrats position that the English have a right to retain the ethnic homogeneity of their country and that this is in no way racist or xenophobic against anybody else. These are just two issues which should be drawn upon.

    1. Regarding the issue of English devolution I was of course referring to the proposal to devolve power to the regions of England. To be more accurate Bragg referred to the prevailing English nationalist sentiment as belligerent.

    2. The SNP and Plaid Cymru may talk civic nationalism but Scotland and Wales have been little affected by mass non-white immigration compared to England. However, I remember talking to a Scot who was going on about the number of Pakistanis in Glasgow now. I am sure all this will change if the Celtic fringe becomes as overwhelmed as England has been. As for Billy Bragg, he is another head in the clouds type of person who has not looked forward - as men of the intellect of Powell did - to the time when the English are in a minority and indeed whites are in a minority in England, later in this century. The date for the English has been teasingly set at 2066 and a poll showed that the vast majority of those polled about this were "not very happy" in the usual understated English way.

    3. So English nationalist sentiment is belligerent. Of course Scottish nationalist sentiment is not? As black and white in America square up for the big show-down with the former backed by George Soros you will see that race matters no matter how people try to sweep it under the carpet. It is a sad fact to some but one that has to be acknowledged. If English Nationalists are belligerent then that means they are preparing for war. As the demographics changed then more and more will begin to feel that way. An England that is no longer European in terms of ethnicity, religion and culture can no longer be the same country; it will be more like North Africa. And no matter how much the great and the good deny it this it is a logical conclusion of their machinations. I am intrigued by the success of the recent Poldark series. Do those who wallow in it stop to think that the country portrayed in the series will be gone for ever in a hundred years. And I am also intrigued by the American market for such a series.
      Will there still be a demand when America is more like Central America than anywhere in Europe?

  5. The EDP needs to become econimically left of centre like the SNP while remaing socially right wing on issues of patriotism the family and so on. The current cultural marxist treo of lib lab con are economically right but socially left wing. Cultural marxist social policy supported by banker driven economic policies are disasterous.



    1. Francis. As you gather I am back and pleased to share my views with you. I am trying to look up the gent who spoke of the need for white genocide but can't remember his name. You, too, know of the unholy alliance of Marx and international finance in the name of one worldism, the dismantling of the borders of white countries and racial and cultural intermarriage and white intermarriage to produce a malleable world of brown people. I was told of this 30 years ago when England was on the cusp and it was difficult to believe but now it is obvious.

  6. Putin has recently said that he does not believe in ideology but only what is good for Russia. He has been compared to De Gaulle in putting his country first in a way that Western Europe no longer can. He has condemned the barbarism of the Stalin years.

    Europeans on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world are now the victims of two ideologies following the one world agenda, the Marxists who were protesting about the Mediterranean boat people saying people not borders, how brainless are they? and the corporatists, the banks and big business who are following the same agenda for their own selfish ends as TTIP and a dollar-euro alliance loom.

    Digby Jones has said that immigration is good as it forces down wages. This was exactly the thinking in the US which allowed in millions from south of the border over the last 40 to 50 years for the benefit of the few.
    The result is now that the original white settlers are about to be outnumbered and conflict is inevitable between them and people of colour. Western Europe now faces the same dilemma. Fortunately, Russia has gone on a baby boom so that their population matches that of the US. It is now the major white country. The population of the US was 150m in the 50s. It has doubled through non-white immigration.

    I am informed that the black/white confrontation there, which Enoch warned about here and is now on its way, is being funded by George Soros, there's a surprise. Apparently, martial law may shortly be applied.
    At that point the whites, who refuse to give up their weapons and faced with a total police state for the benefit of the 1% may rise.

    Here we are told that parents at a school in Cornwall refused to let their children visit a mosque in Exeter ( no less ) citing safety concerns. They are now to be criminalised for allowing truancy. A Pakistani spokesman was deploring increasing islamophobia. He has no need to fear he is being encouraged by the one world elites. But what arrogance. Perhaps he should consider what would happen if this was happening in Pakistan in reverse where they murder Christians. Time is now running out if England is to survive. London already belongs to anybody but the English and New Commonwealth arrivals are being pushed out to places yet unaffected in order to allow the building of luxury flats for foreigners. Blair would be proud that our noses are to rubbed in diversity.
    The world is on the brink as Europeans are outbred and bred out. Orthodoxy in Russia is booming as Christianity is being eradicated in Western Europe deliberately. Newcastle is meant to be the city with the most Viking blood, as seen in their faces. Let's hope that the fight back starts there but time for the EDs to get in there and wrench them away from UKIP.

    1. More than 50,000 families have been silently shipped out of London boroughs in the past three years. Leaked documents reveal the ethnic cleansing of Un-England/London. The figures show unprecedented numbers of families uprooted from their neighbourhoods and dumped further and further away from where their relatives have lived for generations. In 2010 Boris Johnson vowed that there would be no Kosovo-style ethnic cleansing but the Coalition's benefit cap and the "bed-room tax" have been used as a reason by the boroughs to do just that. The shipping out of English families has been going on behind closed doors with the number of children moved likely to be in the hundreds of thousands.
      Ukip has been changing its tune in its advance out of the affluent South into the Midlands and the North. As a result, it has discovered the English and Paul Nuttal (Ukip's deputy leader) is disgracefully seeking to portray his party as a pro-English party; rather than the pro-British party that it is.

    2. Like him or loathe him Nick Griffin spoke of the ethnic cleansing of the Cockneys on Question Time a few years ago and was harangued by the BBC's non-English rent a crowd. He also spoke of the slow genocide of the English and was attacked by the Welsh Archbishop of Canterbury and the African Archbishop of York. He has always spoken the truth and now, as with Powell, people are going to have to and are realising this. But they are also spreading diversity from London to places like Plymouth that have escaped thus far.