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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

BBC falls 'hook, line and sinker' for Islamist fishy tale!

BBC falls 'hook, line and sinker' for Islamist fishy tale!

Having heard the BBC Radio 4 news coverage on Friday, 27th December which repeatedly claims that there has been an alleged rise in "hate crime" against Muslims.  I have just made this complaint to the BBC:-

Dear BBC

I wonder why the Radio 4 News (on Friday, 27th December) was uncritically reporting the alleged rise in "Hate Crime" against Muslims claimed yet again by (the) discredited source ("Tell Mama" and its Director, Mr Fiyaz Mujhal?). Do your researchers do ANY research or do they just slavishly follow the Leftist/Islamist Mehdi Hasan on Huffington Post?

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook,
The English Democrats

If you feel like complaining too:-
Post your complaint to BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Darlington, DL3 0UR; or Telephone the BBC to complain on 03700 100 222; or
Email the BBC via their complaint form using this link>>>BBC - Complaints - Complain Online.
Please do mention the English Democrats!

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  1. I recently complained to the BBC about a programme hosted by Simon Armitage (poet) in which he analysed the power of great speeches and speakers. They editorial bias gave Peter Tatchel and Paul Boetang free rein to reinforce the leftist political message of the BBC endorsed by Armitage himself. Nick Griffin was demonised without redress and Enoch Powell painted as a dangerous racist. The opinions of the contributors are one thing but they were not balanced by opposing views. The programme was listed as factual and would no doubt be used in schools. I received a template response with no opportunity to respond.

    1. Forgive me if I have mentioned before the little lady from Bradford who said that Enoch was right as she faces the prospect of her native city being taken over by Asians, mostly Pakistani muslims. As somebody said, Enoch said too much too soon. The Anglo-Saxons had a reputation for being dirty and rather lazy; this is why the Danes, who bathed every Saturday night, had the edge with the local women. In a way nothing has changed, all this about the English not reacting until their backs are against the wall underscores two national traits. The first is that we can't be bothered to stir ourselves and the second is the fear of being judged alarmist and volatile, something we attribute to some of our neighbours on the Continent. In a way, we probably share the latter with our Scandinavian cousins.

      Steven Woolfe of UKIP was speaking on Russia Today last night under the strapline, ethnic melting pot comes to the boil. He said it was not racist to object to your towns and cities being taken over. He was probably on safe ground referring to the East Europeans in Lincolnshire rather than the fact that Birmingham will shortly have a non-white majority. Would Enoch have been surprised? So Birmingham will follow Leicester, whose unctuous mp, Mr Vaz was at London airport welcoming the new waves of immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria.Woolfe then referred to the indigenous population. I am not sure whether he meant those here prior to the free movement of labour or whose roots go back before 1940. As we know David Cameron, the cosmopolitan, has said that there is no such thing as indigenous English.

      Here in the second least densely populated county in England we have been told by the government that we must take either a million new inhabitants or a million new homes. England is about to burst and opinion polls are echoing the alarm. Electricity is about to run out and food may eventually leading to food riots.

      I think the English are finally beginning to look up and realise that they are going to have to stir themselves, have a bath and get to work. They now know it is now or never. Just remember that even those who are only 30 have seen a tremendous de-anglification in their lifetimes. The BBC is at the same time the mouthpiece for the Left and under the heel of American propaganda. The only realise the latter if you watch Russia Today and realise what is really going on in the world.

  2. Have look at John Redwood's blog today under 'Unsettling the Constitution in 2014'

  3. I thought I added another comment about Enoch not realising that the English would just run away rather than face a confrontation. Perhaps it got through and has not yet been published. The English are terrified of confrontation. I blame the brutal Nazis Normans. The French are not so frightened of speaking their minds.

    And we have been told by Trevor Phillips that the English are fleeing in white flight to the comfort zones of their own kind; the few that are left. In the end there will be none left and we will just have to emigrate. Unless we finally bite on the bullet and start fighting back.