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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

George Robertson is not a stupid man!

Here is a speech given by David Wildgoose on behalf of the C.E.P. to the English Democrats conference on Saturday. 
David is a former vice chairman of the Campaign for an English Parliament and a longstanding English Democrat who was previously a Liberal Democrat and had stood for them as their Parliamentary candidate in Rotherham where he also stood for us in the recent byelection and beat them!
Here is his speech:-

George Robertson is not a stupid man. I think his finest moment came shortly after the 9/11 attacks on the United States. The USA spends as much money on its armed forces as the rest of the world put together. They had been attacked and... they were ready, able and willing to lash out in response - up to and including the use of nuclear weapons. Needless to say, the world was holding its breath.

Enter George Robertson.

In theory, NATO was a mutual defence organisation set up primarily to counter the threat posed by the Warsaw Pact countries led by the USSR. In practise, the United States provides the bulk of its military capability and NATO membership also provides a convenient excuse for why so much of its military firepower is based abroad in member countries - something that historically would have been viewed as akin to a military occupation, (and for that matter, is still viewed in that manner by some).

That's the theory. The reality of course, is the United States was and is pre-eminent, able to act without military constraint - and they had just been viciously attacked.

Enter George Robertson, NATO's Secretary General.

By insisting on invoking NATO's mutual defence clause that declared that an attack on one would be treated as an attack on all, he managed to give the United States pause and to ensure that a calmer and more considered collective response was the result.

So, given that George Robertson is clearly not a stupid man, what on Earth possessed him to make the ludicrous comment that "Devolution will kill Nationalism stone dead"?

After all, his fellow Scottish Labour MP Tam Dalyell famously described Devolution as "a motorway to Independence with no U-turns and no exits". Moreover, Ron Davies, the architect of Welsh Devolution, said it "is a process and not an event" - that is, presumably, an ongoing transformation whose only clear end-point is Independence.

So how do we makes any kind of sense of the matter?

They knew what they were doing. It is clear they knew what they were doing, obvious to all and sundry. So perhaps a clever politician, concerned about what the History Books might write about him, decided to get his excuse in early? To suggest that his motives were never less than honourable and well-meaning?

Except of course, we English folk already know that with the exception of Tam Dalyell, all the Scottish Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs at that time were anything but honourable and well-meaning. After all, they signed a public oath in the so-called "Scottish Claim of Right", declaring that they would put the interests of Scotland before all else. Not the UK, and certainly not England. Scotland alone. Scotland pre-eminent. And in this, they have indeed been true to their words.

Scotland's MPs have long acted as a block vote. One example of this was when they ensured Speaker Martin was elected simply because he was Scottish - and openly boasted that that was what they were doing, even placing bets on it. And there are many more examples.

The current Liberal Democrat leader is famously European and most definitely not English. His predecessor, Menzies Campbell, was Scottish. His predecessor, Charles Kennedy, was Scottish. His predecessor, "Paddy" Ashdown, was Northern Irish. His predecessor, David Steel, was Scottish.

Let's look at Labour. Labour's last leader, Gordon Brown, was Scottish. His predecessor, Tony Blair, was Scottish. His predecessor, John Smith, was Scottish. His predecessor, Neil Kinnock, was Welsh.

Even the Tories exhibit the pattern. The current Tory leader is half-Scottish and has famously talked of how proud he is of the "Scottish blood in his veins" and how he intends to "stand up to the sour little Englanders". His predecessor, Ian Duncan Smith, is Scottish. His predecessor, William Hague, is actually English. And when he became leader we saw the furious reaction that it was not appropriate for someone with a Yorkshire, that is, an English accent, to aspire to be Prime Minister.

Looking at that record, you wouldn't believe that 85% of the UK population is English, would you? It does rather seem as if you can only succeed in politics if you aren't English (and are preferably Scottish), or if you publicly disassociate yourself from the English - such as Jack Straw and his infamous comments that the English used their "propensity for violence to subjugate Ireland, Wales and Scotland".

Some subjugation, eh?

Perhaps that is why Thatcher's government was such a shock to them. For once, they weren't in control. I watched an excellent new series on BBC4 recently, called "The Sound and the Fury", about modern classical music. They had a female Scottish academic making some observations. Remember that this was a recent programme about modern classical music and yet there she was, having a rant about Margaret Thatcher, a completely unrelated subject and someone who hasn't even been in power for over 22 years!

It is no secret that they were determined to ensure this could never happen again and so they decided to re-fashion the Union so as to guarantee Scottish dominance. A separate Scottish Parliament to look after Scotland's interests whilst they worked to undermine England and English unity, beginning by breaking England up into competing artificial "regions". It's not for nothing that the former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy, (another Scot who signed the "Scottish Claim of Right"), when speaking at a conference in Scotland was applauded as he exulted that Devolution was intended to "call into question the idea of England itself".

And as Andrew Neather's boasts showed, and despite Labour's protestations only this week, it was not accidental but rather a deliberate policy to flood England with immigrants, undercutting the wages of the working classes, taking their jobs, their housing, their hospital beds and their school places. When Mrs Duffy tried to take Gordon Brown to task over this matter he merely sneered that she was "a bigoted old woman".

We know all this. Damning as it is, all these facts are a matter of public record. What is not a matter of public record though, are the British Cabinet discussions with regards to Devolution and its intentions. Only two such Cabinet discussions have been sealed and refused disclosure despite repeated Freedom of Information Requests. One is the discussion prior to our joining in the War on Iraq - something which has ongoing international sensitivities, and so is understandable. The other, is the Devolution discussions. So, given everything else we already know, that they have already admitted, just how explosive must they be for them to be so desperate to keep them under lock and key?

We already know that they didn't have our best interests at heart. It seems pretty clear that our Scottish ruling classes intended to breakup and subjugate England within an unbalanced Union dominated by a united Scotland. In Gordon Brown's memorable phrasing, to make us just "the regions of Britain". However the desperation to keep the Cabinet Devolution Discussions hidden implies that it wasn't just about ensuring Scottish dominance, it must also have been fired by deliberate anti-English malice.

Now we begin to understand George Robertson's comment that "Devolution will kill Nationalism stone dead". Nationalism in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has always been anti-English. They intended to kill this Nationalism by killing England.

What they didn't count on was that England still has her own patriots. First of all, the cross-party Campaign for an English Parliament, founded in 1998 in direct opposition to their Devolution plans. And then in 2002, the English Democrats, determined to take the fight to the ballot box itself. Still the only major party campaigning for an English Parliament and seeking to defend England's interests.

We are all standing up for England


  1. Robin,

    There is an unholy alliance of Cultural Marxists, Islamacists and anglophobic celtic nationalists at work here. It is really really dangerous what is going on. The UK breakup will mirror that of the former Yugoslavia in which the Croats joined forces with muslims against the largest group, the Serbs. The Croats are now second class citizens inside muslim Bosnia and are now subject to Islamic rules, they are now regretting this fatal error. The English are the new Serbs and we will be subject to extreme violence. The Serbs have warned us, and the Croats have learnt their lesson the hard way.

  2. About time the English Democrats started front paging these issues, shouting louder and louder to all in sundry.England and the English wont get anywhere wishing it will change!"it wont" It will get worst.
    ( Just look at all the unneccessary Deaths within the NHS IN ENGLAND)
    (sort of genocide of the elderley and weak robbing them of there savings& homes to keep them alive a few years longer, when others, like the Scots get it all free !) you cant get anymore racist and discrimintary than that.
    England needs to stand up,the English people need to look into there own back yard see the situation instead being fobbed off and smokescreened with other issues. Big Issues that are staring the English in the face DISCRIMINATION, RACISM,HATRED,PERSECUTIO. We should not support any Politicians that refuse to put "England first".

  3. The English know exactly what is happening and being done to them but they don't know how to deal with it. They knew that Enoch Powell was right but to have openly agreed would have brought with it such villification from the Cultural Marxist elite that they just cowered. They are still afraid of voting for parties which are labelled extremist, paranoid or alarmist, although UKIP's progress indicates that at the last moment they may be rebelling. As for the NHS, it is peopled by foreign doctors and nurses who really don't care about the English and is having to cope with the third world masses and those from Eastern Europe who continue to pour in. Scroll back to the 1950s and see how different it was. But we have such a mountain to climb to reverse what has and is being done to us by our own political elites and those in the EU and the UN. The Maastricht treaty put through the UN's Agenda 21 which plans to allow millions more New Europeans to settle in Europe. We now have refugees arriving from Syria as well. How on earth do ordinary English people fight against these international bodies who have their own one world plan for the world which includes the removal of England and the English from the map?

  4. primary schools are being overwhelmed as the result of the highest birth rate in England for generations. £5 billion pound is needed in the next couple of years to expand the class rooms. on top of that, more teachers will have to be found. all added expense on the supposedly hard pressed economy. add to that Lord Adonis's HS2 vanity rail project. governments always seem to find the cash to spend on their pet projects, e.g., educating the children of the non-English immigrant new British at the expense of social provision for the native English.

    1. HS2 is a white elephant. That is a gift which cannot be refused, but which is given with the INTENTION of ruining whoever has to get the gift.
      HS2 is part of the government's strategy to impoverish the native English.

  5. It is just a shame that we don't live in the world's only really democratic country, Switzerland, now preparing to reinforce its borders against the anticipated invasion from countries in the totalitarian multicultural nightmare that is the EU when anarchy ensues.

    Had we had their system of referenda, we would never have had mass immigration, we would have been out of the EU by now and we would never have allowed the building of HS1 or HS2. We would probably still have capital punshment as well. But who wants to live in a democracy and have to turn out to vote on all those Thursday evenings when there is something good on telly?

    1. Foreigners living in Switzerland (and Germany, come to that, which is within the EU and the Schengen area) are guests. The expectation is that they will return to whence they came, even if they have been in the country for generations. There is no such expectation in this country; in fact, the government actively works to persuade them not to return home.

  6. The PrangWizard16 March 2013 at 13:13

    Is it the case that the Leveson/Press freedom changes - the Royal Charter - will apply when decided only in England and Wales? If this is so how many MPs from Scotland and NI will attend the debate and vote?
    Is England about to face another consitutional insult?
    Will any English MPs speak on 'The English Question' as it is certainly relevant?
    At some point they must stand up and be counted, and 'accounted' if they don't.

  7. Paul Weston, ex-UKIP, ex-Freedom Party and now trying again with Liberty GB asked Sonia Gable of Hope not Hate why the indigenous English do not have a right to a homeland like any non-Europeans anywhere on the planet. Most of our fellow Europeans have been deprived of that right by the Cultural Marxists as well now. She did not answer the question but replied that all the world living cheek by jowl in England was necessary to ensure love and harmony and world peace. She seems to be hesitating about taking her crusade to non-European places like India, Pakistan, Black Africa and China and Japan, I can't think why! In her viewpoint, only when European countries lose their traditional historic national identity will world peace prevail. I wonder if she has looked at the homelands of those whom she wants to replace us by. She says that she is a regular church attender but seems to fail to grasp that her Marxist New Labour are the sworn enemies of European Christian Civilisation and that the eradication of Christianity from England and from the rest of Europe -France first to fall to Islam - is their avowed objective. Like all of her ilk she seems, like Janus, to be able to face in two directions at the same time. I think the wool in her brain is inteferring with logical thinking.

  8. Great speech given David's inexperience and a difficult crowd. Get some tips from Robin if you want to really raise the roof next year!