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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Check out:- Comment: The McKay commission is not enough – we need an English parliament

Check out:- Comment: The McKay commission is not enough – we need an English parliament

Here is something that I wrote which got published today

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  1. I think all this is an exercise in subfustication until the time when there are so few people in this country who have deep ties to its soil in terms of ancestry and history that the population really won't care if the country has its own parliament, is divided into regions or indeed what it or its inhabitants are called. The English will no longer be the descendants of the Angles so who will care? Most of the ties of the future population of this country will be to countries thousands of miles away.

    My eye was caught by another article on whether it matters to be white to be English. With regard to Scotland, the author had discovered that a large percentage thought that it was important to have one indigenous Scottish parent to be Scottish. The author, who had clearly not a drop of indigenous Scottish or indigenous English blood thought that such a viewpoint needed swift eradication for a utopian Scotland, or England to be born.

    Thereafter, he will presumably turn his attention to the fact that you have to be yellow to be Chinese or Brown to be Indian or black to be African.

    It is a curious spectacle to see the European race, the most gifted and inventive that the world has ever known being willingly trapped into commiting self-genocide by deluded Marxists.
    The word on the block is that Sweden is rushing towards the precipice at a rate of knots. And yet those who think that this is perhaps not a wise thing looking at the state of the rest of the world are made to feel as if they are the ones that have some sort of personality disorder. I am trying to find a parallel in the history of the world but a present it escapes me.

    1. Sorry that should have been obfustication

  2. Here is a link to the report itself. Well worth reading!