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Wednesday, 16 October 2019



At the Liberal Democrat Conference, Jo Swinson, their new Scottish Leader (when was the last time they had an English one?) breezily called for the votes of 17.4 million British voters (15,188,400 English voters) to be disregarded.  The “Liberal Democrats”, if elected to Government, would simply now revoke the Article 50 Notice served by Theresa May on 29th March 2017 under the EU Notification of Withdrawal Act 2017 (which by rights should have got us out of the EU at 11.00 p.m. on the 29th March 2019!).

Following this policy shift by a woman whose husband is apparently in receipt of millions of EU money (see article below), the mask has been dropped by this Party of being willing to abide by democratic decisions.

As their former Leader Paddy Ashdown put it on 23rd June 2016 on the TV referendum vote programme:- “I will forgive no one who does not respect the sovereign voice of the British people once it has spoken. Whether it is a majority of 1% of 20%, when the British people have spoken you do what they command. Either you believe in democracy or you do not.”

The “Liberal Democrats” also show by their addiction to Europhile Statism that they are against the bedrock of liberalism, which is “Free Trade”.  Rather than Free Trade what they want is EU State regulation. 

The “Liberal Democrats” do not even adhere to Liberal values on Free Speech.  They are amongst the keenest to ban people from writing, saying or speaking anything critical either of multi-culturalism or of the various restrictions on Free Speech which multi-culturalism insists upon. 

In short they are a Party which is completely devoid of either Democratic or Liberal values. 

In addition to this the “Liberal Democrats” are very much a Party which is globalist and hates the very idea of our traditional nation and our nation state.  This is at the root of why they are not willing to recognise a democratic vote because they would deny that the People of our country are even a “demos”.  The Liberal Democrats particularly loath the idea of England as the above quotation from their former leader Charles Kennedy vividly demonstrates. 

So Liberal Democrats are not merely a blight on our national politics but their whole way of thinking is actually a vicious cancer within the heart of our Nation eating away at its very existence.  So the question arises what can be done about them?  Clearly we can campaign against them and should do so.  We should of course also campaign against their multi-culturalist, globalist values, but can we bring the law into the equation? 

It is of course particularly important for the English Democrats to stop the Liberal Democrats from besmirching and misusing the word ‘Democrats’ in their Party name!

In the circumstances we have an interest in prosecuting them if at all possible. 

The relevant legislation is the Trade Descriptions Act 1968 as amended by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.  An issue is whether politics is a trade.  I don’t think that question has been legally tested though and after the “Liberal Democrats” behaviour would you call their politics a profession? 

The way to bring a prosecution is I think that we could prosecute their Party for selling something which is using their false description.

What do you think?

Here is an article about Jo Swinson’s husband’s sizeable financial interest in supporting the EU:-

Swinson’s point blank and quite illogical refusal to join the cross-party coalition to prevent a no-deal Brexit has a 3.5m euro explanation. And the irony of the whole context goes to show that the LibDems are as insincere and deceitful as they ever were.”
This is political dynamite. The European Union gave a 3.5m euro donation to Transparency International, which in peak irony is supposed to be an anti corruption watchdog with a mandate to foster, erm, transparency.

It is run by Jo Swinson’s husband. Has Jo Swinson declared this conflict of interest to the House of Commons? No.
Is that a breach of House of Commons protocol? Yes.
Is it a breach of the law? Yes.
So who is Jo Swinson’s husband? His name is Duncan Hames. He is the director of policy at Transparency International UK.
He also used to be the Liberal Democrat MP for the Chippenham constituency in Wiltshire, holding the seat during the disasterous Cameron/Clegg coalition government responsible for the deaths of 130,000 poor, sick and disabled people under their deadly “Welfare Reforms”.
The same Welfare Reforms Iain Duncan Smith justified with the phrase “Work Frees People” – a sentence last seen, in German, above the entrance gates to Auschwitz.
Unlike Lib Dems we aren’t prone to calling our opponents “Nazis” simply for disagreeing with our political opinions but in this instance, if the cap fits…
During this period Mr Hames was Parliamentary Private Secretary to none other than David Cameron’s number 2, Nick Clegg.
So as you can see, the Swinson family household has its fingerprints all over the social degradation our nation suffered during that horrendous 5 year period.
The idea that the Liberal Democrats under Jo Swinson are the answer to our nations’ current predicament does not stand up to a single moment of scrutiny.


  1. Yes they should be prosecuted. But sadly in this country, these people get away with one crime after another. This is how this country has now become so corrupt. We have people voted into power to serve the people. The only ones they actually serve is themselves.

  2. With out any doubt thay should be prosecuted thay are enemys of democracy and are a false party the true democrats are the English democrats

  3. Doesn't that consumer legislation just apply where the defendant party is entering into contractual relations in the course of a business? If so wouldn't the Lib-Dems also say they had no contractual intent, no intention to create legal relations etc etc. After all much the same sort of complaint could be levelled at the 21 sacked Tory MPs who got themselves (re)elected in 2017 under the Conservative Manifesto which said no deal is better than a bad deal, whereas their subsequent conduct indicates they never had any intention of supporting a meaningful Brexit...

    Rather than jousting at windmills, doesn't this present itself as a far greater threat to our (now almost extinct) democratic freedoms?

    - this Orwellian regime applies de minimis, to tittle tattle ("misgendering"), not just physical manifestations of hostility which might reasonably inspire fear of an actual assault or worse.

    The apparat really is relentlessly pursuing the transhumanist agenda. And the ultimate aim and objective of THAT is to diminish White numbers by undermining normal sexual identity and relations.

    Now, would that come within either the human rights legislation (respect for private and family life etc) and/or the UNO definition of Genocide so all this garbage could be thrown into the bin where it belongs...?

  4. The Lib Dems are a joining of the old Liberal party and the Social Democrats, the latter being a Marxist group. By their very nature of declaring themselves to be "internationalists", this would bar them from being elected to the national parliament. The only people who can be sent to parliament are those who are "fit to serve" the national community, all Marxists and internationalists are bogus MP's. The public need to set up a legitimate parliament, which excludes all deviants, including the Liberal Democrats.