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Saturday, 18 May 2019



One of the bonuses of standing in EU Elections (of which the current one will hopefully be the last!) has been that you are able to get a free mailshot of your "Region". 

The snag is that the Royal Mail has very strict rules on how the leaflets are to be presented, which makes them a lot more expensive than leaflets usually are!

Consequently, although we have had a very generous response for our appeal for funds for leaflets from our members and supporters, we are not yet a big enough party to have been able to leaflet all four of the EU “Regions” which we have stood in.

Even for the two “Regions” that we are not able to leaflet it is still a worthwhile exercise to stand, as we have had many radio and television interviews which we would not have otherwise had.  We also have had an entry in many of the local papers. All this has enabled us to get the message out about our Party and also about English nationalism and most especially about our Judicial Review case. 

In those two “Regions” that we have been able to manage to leaflet, the Eastern Region and the Yorkshire and the Humber Region, we have put out what I think is a very good leaflet. Which we have been able to use to get around the mainstream media blockade and get something mentioning our case onto every single doormat in each of those “Regions”. 

Above is the image of the leaflet.  If you click on it, you should be able to see the whole leaflet. 

I am hoping that the leaflet will continue one of the good effects of the Brexit vote, which has been to reveal to millions of English people just how biased and dishonest our mainstream media actual are.  Their refusal to publish actual news and their focus on only pushing their internationalist/globalist agenda and the interests of their owners and of Big Business and of their Advertisers has been blatant!

An amusing by-product of the leaflet’s delivery has been to get emails, not only of support and of people donating and joining us, but also emails from our opponents. 

I thought I would give you a selection of the sort of ravings that the opponents of our moderate English nationalism have sent us. Enjoy!

Mr Daniel M:-

“First of all I would like to thank you for the leaflet I didn't want, nor did I ask for.
I must admit it has done it’s job, never before have I wanted to contact a political party immediately upon reading such a docket of information.
As a proud Englishman myself I take pride in knowing I can put this leaflet to good use in wiping my colostomy bag with it after I have emptied it's contents down the toilet. 
Ironically I was put off of voting recently but your leaflet has inspired me to vote on the 23rd May, but don't get too 'Proud' of yourselves as it won't be for you. I would rather void my ballot paper (much like my colostomy bag), than vote for your version of 'English and Proud'

Many thanks for inspiring me to vote again”

Mr Tom H:-

“I read your leaflet with interest but have some questions regarding some of the content.

You wish to make St George's Day a public holiday but St George was born to Greek parents in Turkey. He is also a patron saint in Portugal and some regions of Spain. That doesn't seem very English!

You also wish to fly the flag of a man of mixed European descent from public buildings!

Your leaflet also features the '3 Lions' but only one of the lions represents England. The other two represent Normandy and Aquitaine which are both regions of France.

Apparently Richard 1st first used the three lions but he did not speak English as his first language, rather French, and he spent very little of his adult life in England. Both of his parents were French.

Surely this shows us that the emblems you are using to promote Englishness are not English but European!

This leaves me confused as to what 'English values, history and culture' mean to your party. It would be great to get some clarity.”

From Heather:-

“I’'ve seen a few copies of your leaflet that friends of mine have received by post in light of the upcoming EU elections. Whilst I haven't received a leaflet myself, I have read it, as friends have been kind enough to share it on social media with me. 

I wondered if you could tell me where I stand with this party?

I was born in Scotland, and lived there until I was 19. I then moved to Cardiff, where I studied at Cardiff University. In 2014 I met my now husband, and we now live in England together. We both work in England. I was a teacher for 2.5 years, and he works for the NHS. He is Welsh, and lived in Wales until he went to university in England.

I would hate to be a cause of concern for this party, but at the same time, I feel like the leaflet makes my husband and I are made to feel unwelcome, as we are not English. I am very proud to be a European and British citizen and will continue to fight for my right to be called both.

Perhaps your next leaflet could be reworded to remove ambiguity - surely all people who are able to contribute to the economy and community are welcome in our wonderful country?”

From Natty N:-

“In getting pretty fed up of bigoted people shoving their disgusting leaflets through my door. Especially when it's specifically states not to post junk mail.
That's exactly what your leaflet is. Junk.
You racist cunts.
Not a single brain cell between you!
You're so busy hating strangers that have a different ethnicity to you, that you can't even get your facts straight about the EU.
You're a bunch of fuck wits who haven't the first clue about the world, or how it works.
All you care about is hating others and blaming them for your crap lives.
Maybe look a little closer to home.
Perhaps you're just useless and that's why your lives suck.
Incitement to hate to a serious offence, and that's what you're doing.
It's fucking pathetic.
English and proud!?
Fuck off. We're all earthlings.
Bring English is nothing to be proud of. We're responsible for so many atrocities. Why be proud of that?
You're hateful arse holes and you can, quite literally, shove your racist paraphernalia up your backsides. Or better yet, down your throat. Maybe that'd stop you spouting such tripe.
Go fuck yourselves.”

From Julie W:-

“I read with disgust the leaflet posted through my door this morning.  I abhor it’s thinly veiled racism.  Please do not ever send me any literature again.”

From Helen:-

“Please do not pollute my doormat with your racist literature”

From Adam H:-

“Please do not send your flyers to my house again!  I do not agree with anything your party is saying.  In my opinion you are all terrible terrible racist xenophobic people.”

From Tina C:-

“I received your racist leaflet today through the post.  I would be grateful if you would not send me your literature as I do not want to be associated with racist like you.”

From Sylvia A:-

“Do not just assume the person behind the door you post your degrading leaflets though to are English.  I am a proud English/Spanish woman how dare you!!!  I don’t force my opinions on you, don’t force your opinions through my letterbox invading my privacy.”

From ‘A normal person’:-

“You Nazi cockwomble.”

From Liz P:-

“I find your leaflets, your attitudes and your values totally unacceptable, do not contact me in any way.  I am contacting the electoral commission as in my opinion your leaflet contains many untruths.”

From Gemma T:-

“I’d like to make a complaint about the person who put your leaflet through my door.  Please can you direct me as to where I need to send this?”

From Mosteve:-

“After having one of your Election Communication leaflets put through my letter box I am in a quandary.  The reason for this being that my Paternal Grandfather was Egyptian, my Grandmother Welsh, and my mother a Londoner.  I am a Londoner married to a Scottish lady.  The question therefore is, how English am I!???”

From: Mr J:-

“Just had your leaflet delivered.  Just remember that not only English people live in England!!  Suggest the party name should reflect that.  A PROUD Welshman living in England.”

From Mark F:-

“If you put material as offensive as your latest ‘election brochure’ through my mail slot again, and expose my family and children to this kind of vile rubbish, I will call the police and have you arrested for contravening the Obscene Publications Act.  I am English and white and proud… proud to reject moronic views like yours!!  In future, keep them to yourselves …………”

From Vanessa S:-

“Don’t send your crap through my door.  You are not a party, you don’t represent a majority view point.  Please stop.  Don’t waste paper on your racist slander.”

From James S:-

“Thanks for your meaningless little poster-note that came through my door.  Unemployment is at its lowest level in years. English people can get whatever job they desire and or are qualified for, other issues such as education, inequality and discrimination can lead (and are far more important) to people being excluded from the workforce.  From my experience we learnt a great deal of “English” history at my school, but given the fact that history is the record of English interactions with other foreign powers, it would be almost impossible to separate history from the rest of the world.  ‘Flying the English flag from all our public buildings is the least educated thing that came through my door today and that does nothing for anyone, doesn’t really qualify as a top priority does it?  Given the rising levels of inequality and poverty in this country – none of which was mentioned of your flyer – flying English flags from every public building seems an inconsequential thing to put as one of the main things on the flyer.  It saddens me that your rhetoric and narratives are so hostile to lots of people that live in England stirring up hatred, animosity and intolerance, you should be ashamed of yourselves. 

I suggest that you ensure that you base your ideals on facts rather than emotion. 

Thanks anyway for the kindling, not sure how well it’s going to burn though.”

Some of the leaflets have been sent back with rude messages on them, the most amusing of which was sent back with a post-it sticker on it saying:- “This fascist shit came through my letterbox today.  I am returning it to you to shove it up your arse where it belongs”.  Funnily enough the individual not only paid for the postage, but on an envelope appropriately stamped with “Mental Health Awareness Week”!


  1. The gulf between Islam and the West is widening.

  2. robin why are you a candidate in east of englan eu elections ?
    when your arguement is that we have left eu pending court hearing surely wont any judge ask the same question

  3. It seems that some of those people getting your fliers are big lovers of"Socialism"If so,why are they living in a Democratic country?Venezuela,Cuba,China etc would welcome them with open arms.Well they would until they run out of YOUR money.LOL.

  4. These graduates of our "educational" boob-hatcheries are damaged people simply mouthing the mantras drummed into them. They will never have the scope of vision to understand even the barest elements of reality as illustrated here:
    Liberal Socialism and European Cultural Impoverishment

  5. Robin, re: Facebook - this is a disgrace! Is your Twitter account working? People are asking how they can donate directly to the legal case and I found a crowdfunding but could not get it to work. Is there a link you can share?

    1. I donated by paypal on the English democrats website.

  6. Hi Robin, just found this by one of Gina Millers legal council saying your court case basically has no merit and outlines the arguements. Hopefully this would be useful as she goes on about citizens rights not being lost by an extension. I have posted the link here

    1. I've read what her counsel said and to be honest I think she has misread the law this time. She didn't misread when she fought on behalf of Miller but did this time. Why? Politics has now swept through the legal profession and I as someone known as a "barrack room lawyer" , commonly known as Personnel or Human Resources saw the politisation of the personnel function starting in 1997. I've dealt with Employment law, consumer law, equality legislation and so called Human Rights law. I am not an expert in constitutional law, but the white papers suggest that the legislation is designed to bring about leaving the EU, not using loopholes and chicanery to keep us in.


  7. Mr Tom H is right! Our real patron saint is St. Edmund. St George is Southern European. He is also a patron saint in Portugal, Georgia (our after-1066 flag and theirs are almost the same) and Catalonia. If the party stops bearing this outlander over St.Edmund then the party will be respected even by our enemies!