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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

14,547 first preference votes and uncounted tens of thousands of second preference votes!

Our PRESS RELEASE on the results in South Yorkshire:-

David Allen, the English Democrats’ Candidate for the South Yorkshire Mayoral Election
David Allen says:- “I was delighted to represent the rising force of English nationalism in the South Yorkshire Mayoral election under the slogan of “English Democrats:- A Parliament for England!” With a miniscule campaign budget we got 14,547 first preference votes and uncounted tens of thousands of second preference votes.  I would like to thank all those who voted for the English Democrats and voted for an English Parliament in this election.”
David continued:- “The British Political Establishment parties, had the benefit, not only of their vast resources, but also quite a lot of their supporters turning out for local elections based on the self-interested leafleting and canvassing work of their local election candidates.”
David said:- “The good news for those who opposed the pro EU “Regionalists” candidates in Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the EU “Regionalist” so-called “Yorkshire” Party, is that in a few month’s time, we are likely to have a re-run of the South Yorkshire Mayoral election.  This because South Yorkshire Police have already confirmed that they are investigating Dan Jarvis for the electoral fraud offence of giving a false address in his nomination forms.”
David continued:-  “Mr Jarvis has claimed that he did this for personal security reasons, but the law is clear that upon conviction such an approach leaves his election as “void” and would also lead to him being disqualified from public office for five years.”  
David said:- “So in a few months time we may also have a parliamentary by-election in Barnsley Central, as well as a re-run of the South Yorkshire Mayoral election.  This will be at a time when there are no other elections and so it will be far more of a level playing field between the English Democrats and the British Political Establishment Parties.”
David concluded:- “I am therefore looking forward to the next election and I hope that all those that voted English Democrats their first or second preference this time round will give me first preference next time and put the English Cause front and centre in South Yorkshire politics!”


  1. Well done and i'm surprised you got a mention by the media. I came 3rd out of 6 beating lib dems and green party and got sod all in the manchester evening news paper.

    1. Well done Craig. No surprise though about a paper as biased as the Manchester Evening "News"!

    2. We have a media heavily biased against anything or onyone coming from the right. We must change this and there is no doubt the public are swinging our way.

  2. There was a disturbing revelation yesterday, namely that the result of a recent poll showed that 53% of the British population would want a second Brexit referendum if the government failed to reach a deal with the EU. I wonder whether the EU itself was behind the poll as this will encourage them to ensure that there is no deal so that the referendum is repeated in the hope that this time, in true EU fashion, we will get it right and vote to stay in the EU. However, I did hear that many of those who voted remain now feel we should leave because of the way we have been treated by Monsieur Barnier and others so I hope that this is correct and that a second referendum would mean an even bigger majority to leave. But as we know, you just can't trust our political elites not to manipulate the vote to produce the result that they want. They thought they had it in the bag last time until those pesky northern English working class peasants threw one of their spanners in the works! Meanwhile, we hear that the police database is skewed against our "ethnic minorities". Could it just be that people instinctively prefer their own race and want to live with them rather than suffer the illogical and unnatural ideological concept that is multiculturalism/multiracialism? It may be 200 years since Karl Marx survived infancy to inflict his unworkable ideologies on Europeans; a shame that nobody rocked his cot a bit too vigorously and shot him onto the floor. It would have saved the world a lot of grief!

  3. Everyone needs to read this. It is no wonder why we cannot get a foothold into power. It's all rigged you see.