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Friday, 2 June 2017

Some coverage of the Clacton campaign

 As a candidate in Clacton I was contacted by the local paper:-

Dear General Election candidates for Clacton

The Daily Gazette will be running a series of ‘big questions’ over the next three weeks, which will see all candidates asked to give 200-word answers to each of three questions.
For the Clacton seat, your answers will be published on May 17, May 24 and May 30.

The first question is:
How did you vote in the EU referendum? Do you stick by that decision? And why?

I replied:-

"I campaigned and voted for Leaving the EU and I am delighted by the result and the shockwaves that it has sent through the British Establishment. The next big issue is the "English Question".
That's the rights and interests of the English to be fairly treated!"
That was published on 16th May 2017 with this article:-

A SELF-DECLARED Little Englander is campaigning for Clacton to have the UK’s biggest St George’s Day Party.

Solicitor Robin Tilbrook, 59, from Ongar, will be standing for the Clacton seat in the upcoming General Election.

Mr Tilbrook, leader and chairman of the English Democrats, is hoping former Ukip voters will turn to his party.

He said: “We have been campaigning for quite a long time on the ticket of trying to get an English parliament, first minister and government within a federal UK.

“The union of the UK costs us much more money as English people than the EU ever did.

“A House of Lords committee looking at the Barnett Formula in 2009 reported that the union costs us £49billion a year, which is what England subsidises Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland every year.

“There are some very serious issues that need to be addressed in Clacton and properly funded by Government, whether that is health, mental health or infrastructure.

“It is all down to where the money goes.

“The Government spends far less per every man woman and child in England than they do in Scotland.”

Mr Tilbrook said a fairly-funded England could afford to fund crime prevention and to fund health services, including an increase in doctors and to maintain Clacton Hospital’s minor injuries service.

He added: “In terms of uplifting things, we would pledge for Clacton to have the biggest St George’s Day celebration in England.”
(Here is a link to the original >>> 


  1. Corbyns pro welfare and nationalisation policies are designed to purposely kill off Brexit and nationalism with kindness. That is why Labour are closing the gap. Labour doesn't want Scotland anymore so its got to get welfare voter to get them in and stop Brexit before 2019.

    Robin I hope you get elected in Clacton because Carswell has let his constituents down very badly.


  2. The BBC is continually being accused of bias. Jo Coburn was criticised for "hostile" questioning, in the previous post. She's hostile towards everyone, but it must seem particularly so when you're in the "hot seat".
    This is bias: "A self-declared Little Englander is campaigning for Clacton to have the UK's biggest St George's Day party". By leading out with this statement, the Clacton Rag is inviting its readers to see you as at best, an eccentric and at worst, a clown. It's disgraceful but it's also yet another example of how the media manipulate the facts through deliberately skewed reporting.
    This is a further (and particularly insidious) illustration of the anti-England/English attitude endemic in the British establishment.
    It further illustrates how the cards are (hopelessly?)stacked against us.

  3. The General Election results proved something that I had suspected for a while since the EU Referendum last year - that the indigenous white working classes voted 66% for BREXIT irrespective of political party they support.

    OK 63% of Labour voters voted Remain last year while 66% of indigenous white Labour voters voted BREXIT. This suggests to me, now that Article 50 has been initiated, many former Labour voters have returned to Labour as evidenced by Corbyn winning over 12 million votes (Blair landslide number). What is however worrying is that half of all total Labour votes now come from ethnic minorities who so far have shown little or no interest in supporting the rights of the indigenous English.

    Gina Miller's campaign of tactical voting DID work and has successfully blocked the Tories from winning an overall majority. However they didn't realise that a socially conservative non PC DUP could save the day for the Tories and actually prove to be even more pro Brexit than before.

    Corbyn fall all his faults in supporting open borders etc, is really a BREXIT supporter at heart and in the end the Remainiacs will have achieved nothing.

    Trickery always has unwanted side effects. Multicultural trickery has led to awful Manchester and London Bridge atrocities, thank God some Londoners started fighting back with chairs and glasses.

    Are we about to rise up and fight back?


  4. The collapse in support for Ukip gives hope. There is no longer any reason for anti-English Ukip to exist. With its clear nationalist call for English independence from the UK, the English Democrats party has a message which will echo with the English people, who are fed up with Tory austerity cuts and the way the English dog is wagged by the devolved countries' tail.

  5. By declaring that he was campaigning for Clacton to have the biggest St George's Day party, Robin Tilbrook himself was inviting the readers of the Clacton Daily Gazette to dismiss him as an eccentric and the English Democrats as clowns.
    The party really needs to get its act together. If the SNP can turn itself into a serious party concerned with things that really matter to voters, so can the English Democrats.