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Wednesday, 13 July 2016



A week ago, with almost all the Party Leaders in trouble or resigning I was reminded of the famous story of Alexander The Great’s last Will and Testament in which it is claimed that he left his empire:- “To the Strongest!”

One of the principal classical histories says that on Alexander's deathbed in 323 BC:-

“When he (Alexander), at length, despaired of life, he took off his ring and handed it to Perdiccas. His friends asked: "To whom do you leave the kingdom?" and he replied: "To the strongest!" Diodorus Siculus

The resulting wars between his Generals, which raged all across Alexander’s vast empire, gave birth to the Hellenistic kingdoms whose Kings rested upon the, often very temporary, support of their soldiers.

I was reminded of those times and that period of history when I suddenly found myself the only remaining leader of a political party in England who has held his position for any length of time!

Nigel Farage’s resignation, seemingly unexpected to the media, but which had seemed not unlikely to those that had heard that he was deeply fed up with the internal politics of UKIP, coupled with UKIP’s redundancy now that it has achieved the purpose of getting and winning the referendum on EU membership, suggests the story of Alexander’s Will is still highly topical and it may be something of a paradigm for the infighting which will now occur in UKIP between its various factions!

It was already apparent that this was going to happen after the referendum, when Neil Hamilton called for a leadership election within UKIP, saying that he intended to support Paul Nuttall. Paul for his part had then indicated that he now felt that he was ready to be Leader. Now however he too has withdrawn leaving the field open to only a medley of “Believe in Britain” types!

The saying:- “may you live in interesting times” is said to be an old Afghan curse, in that blood-soaked country. In England “may you live in interesting times” may however be a blessing to English nationalists. 

Let’s work to make it so!


  1. I posted a comment on the last blog about Channel 4's "Racist Britain" programme. I cannot think that I said anything offensive apart from evoking the spectre of Enoch Powell and saying "I told you so" and that it will only get much, much worse as the demographics change more and more to the disadvantage of the natives. I did end by saying that the liberal and lefty "useful idiots" are being used by those with malign intent. It looks, however, as if my comments met with disapproval and has been filtered out by Big Brother.

    As to malign intent, bloggers may be interested to look up the latest offering by Sheikh Imran Hosein on youtube informing us of the Shia v War which will be the war to end all wars and which is being engineered by the Antichrist/new Messiah, who will shortly take up residence where both factions, north and south, meet. This war will bring in "The West" on the one side and Russia, Iran and possibly China on the other. The goading of Russia has now reached new heights and it is obvious that the aim is to draw Russia and China in. The one hope is that parliament has now produced a report castigating the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia for their funding of and support for the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

    Meanwhile, after Cameron had dismissed it, we hear that parliament is to debate the petition of supposedly 4.5m signatures demanding a second EU referendum. This will take place on 5th September.
    We will have to see how many m.p.s risk their seats by voting against the wishes of their constituents in the Tory and Labour heartlands. Should the referendum result be overturned then LBC's Nick Ferrari predicted that there would be tanks on the streets. There has been a suggestion that the new Euroarmy is to prepare for matial law on the Continent, although foreign troops may be needed here if our own squaddies refuse to act.

    America is leading the way with the "Black lives matter" turmoil making martial law possible very soon, coupled with the turmoil following the presidential election result on 4th November. On that point, Infowars tells us that our old friend George Soros, who is meant to be behind the EU "refugee"/immigrant/clandestine terrorists crisis is also funding Black lives matter. So the aim seems to be to create such unrest that we are handed over to a military dictatorship by the Antichrist and his acolytes. And we learn that Jose Manuel Barroso on his retirement from the EU Commission has landed a top job with Goldman Sachs, the investment arm of the Rothschild Bank.
    Isn't it strange how many movers and shakers and controllers of our destiny have worked or are working for that bank? Must just be a coincidence I suppose; join up the dots!!

  2. The leader is only as strong as the people he represents.However in saying that, the people get their strength and confidence from a strong leader.I doubt as to whether history will ever offer the English a better window of political opportunity than that which is in front of us now! Leaving Europe (Brussels) could mean gaining England? Time to step up to the plate Robin!

    The English Democrats must grasp this once in a life time opportunity to capture this huge population of leavers.
    Not little Englanders but rather BIG ENGLANDERS. Small Europe(brussels) replaced by a big England.Get on the case Robin, now!

  3. Paul Goodman on Conservativehome described Cameron as " the thoroughbred who fell at the final fence." Robin is obviously an out and out stayer!