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Saturday, 30 January 2016

The new "PROJECT FEAR": - the EU!

 The New "PROJECT FEAR": - the EU!

Those who want Brexit must campaign to make voters FEAR the EU. 

It is now orthodoxy that the way to people to vote No to any proposition on a referendum ballot paper is to make them fear the risk of change to something different. That has worked on the AV referendum and most notably in the Scottish Independence Referendum. The Scottish nationalists called this "Project Fear".

As we can see almost daily in the newspapers it is clear that those that are going to campaign to Remain in the EU are going to use the fear of change to persuade the wavering centre-ground of opinion to vote to remain.

It is not enough for Eurosceptic MPs and MEPs to preach about the need for us to get control back of “our country” because of course this subliminally plays into the fear that the people that are getting control back of “our country” are “them” rather than “us” i.e. the People!

Even for those people that can understand the concept of sovereignty, it is not a sufficiently emotive basis for enough people to be willing to stand up and be counted. I think that the danger to a Brexit vote is the presentation of the risks that will be portrayed of voting to come out of the EU. 

For those who wish to achieve practical things in politics, it is not enough to wring their hands and say it is not fair or the ‘Remain Campaign’ are telling lies, the point is to be realistic and do what it takes to get a majority vote to Leave.

It is in this context that I have been turning over in my mind what kind of slogans and images need to be projected by the ‘Out Campaign’ to achieve an Leave Vote.

The newspaper report below gives a strong hint for those who have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear”! Because even in general elections “Project Fear” works well. 

It is no accident that the most successful image that the Conservatives deployed in the General Election was the above  “Project Fear” image of Miliband in the pocket of Salmond.

£40m Spent On General Election Campaign, But Winning Tory Attack Ad Was Put Together For Just £950

The Huffington Post | By Graeme Demianyk

The Tories spent more than £15.5 million on winning May’s general election - but was a canny investment of £950 the best investment they made?

A Conservative attack advert featuring a mini-Labour leader Ed Miliband literally in the pocket of Alex Salmond, the former leader of the Scottish National Party, was hailed by some Tory MPs as its most effective weapon in the battle.

Used on billboards, social media and leaflets, the ad writ large a centrepiece of the Tory campaign: a vote for Labour was a vote for a coalition with the SNP, and Scotland’s interests being put before the rest of the UK’s.

However far-fetched the claim, many felt it played well on the doorstep - especially in the South West where the Tories demolished the Lib Dems.

Electoral Commission records published today featuring a breakdown of how almost £40 million was spent by all parties in the campaign includes one where the Conservative Party paid £900 for the use of an image of Mr Salmond on a billboard.

Another shows how just £43 was lavished on an unflattering picture of Mr Miliband.

While possibly not the exact images featured in the final cut, they suggest how such a brutally simple advert could have been put together on a shoestring amid increasingly sophisticated campaigning techniques.

The Mirror calculated how the Tory election supremo, Lynton Crosby, pocketed £24 million for his work.

BuzzFeed News figured out the Tories spent £1.2 million on targeted Facebook advertising, compared to less than £16,500 by Labour.

In another attempt to have an iron-grip on the media presentation, the Conservatives spent more than £40,000 on a photographer to trail David Cameron and senior Tories during the election campaign.

The Tory general election campaign was tightly choreographed - such as "rallies" featuring supporters and made to look more impressive than they actually were

Mr Cameron received flak in 2010 for putting a personal photographer on the public payroll, but denied it was “vanity”.

The records show how I-Images were paid £40,119.39 over a series of 10 invoices. Accompanying receipts detail travel between Glasgow, Darlington, Crewe, London and Cornwall in March alone.

The move may well have been a sound one given unfortunate pictures of Ed Miliband, notably eating a bacon sandwich, which haunted the Labour leader.

The records do not say how much Labour paid for the infamous "Edstone", and a party spokeswoman admitted the data was incomplete.

She said: “Due to an administrative error these invoices were not included with other items of campaign spend. We have informed the Electoral Commission and will seek to rectify this error as soon as possible.”

Almost £40 million was spent on the 2015 general election, with the Conservatives digging deepest at £15,587,956.

Labour spent £12,087,340, the Liberal Democrats' £3,529,106 and Ukip's £2,851,465, said the Electoral Commission.

But 2015 was still cheaper than the record-breaking 2005 campaign when £42 million was lavished on wooing voters.


For original article click here >>> £40m Spent On General Election Campaign, But Winning Tory Attack Ad Was Put Together For Just £950

Our first effort in this endeavour was the image below of Cameron in Merkel’s Nazi pocket which ticks some of the boxes but does not fully hit the bullseye of getting Remainers to HATE it and Leavers to LOVE it. That is the test which we have to apply to any image or slogan.

As that was not quite on target I wondered if this might do better?

What do you think? An idea for a caption is:-

 "Come to Mutti little man!"

The direction of travel of the European Union ought to be easy to attack since remaining in the EU is a vote to change along with the way that the EU will be changing over the next generation. The sort of things that we can see happening are more determined efforts to eradicate traditional European cultures and traditional ethnic groups in a multi-culturalist mix; the eradication of all traditional European values, especially Christianity and most especially Protestantism; the creation of a EU Super State with its own undemocratic governmental structure and central bank; the creation of an EU world-wide diplomatic presence and armed forces, the current focus being on an EU army; EU-wide police force; and an EU legal system; and elimination of any democratic impediments to the project, including an authoritarian crackdown on any activists opposed to it.

Each of those threats to our People’s way of life ought to be the focus of our “Project Fear” to wake people up to the fact that by voting to remain in the EU they are voting for change and change which will be at least as radical as any change that will occur if they vote to Leave!

What do you think? Have you any good ideas?


  1. Yes- the second pic is a lot better as it looks less cheap cover than the tired Nazi pitch.
    You're right about the public- maybe the EU should be shown as a huge sheep pen?

  2. The Nazi symbolism is too emotive and confusing for me. An image not necessarily of the eu but what the eu entails, should ever increasing union continue. Perhaps Mehdhi Hassan instead of Merkel?

  3. Both images are wrong! Merkel a Nazi!No way I have a picture of her in her younger day's in her Stasi Uniform!Merkel like Cameron with their historical Jewish Heritage hate Nazi's and all things Nationalistic! The priciple idea behind the second picture is nearly there but again the image of Merkel ALONE is wrong! If you done your research properly you would know that Merkel is like Cameron the puppet(s)and NOT the puppet master. One provisional image(s) come to mind. Background colour/symbolic images o f Marxismm (with current Euro Flag included). Two larger figures of both George Soros+Saul Alinsky with Merkal sitting as a little girl on Soros's knee and Cameron as a little boy on the knee of Saul Alinsky the original inventor of the Tories Big Society!At the feet of all four persons therein you could have some basic stark graphics of migrant hordes!The main Headline Caption could read 'THE SOROS-ALINSKY BIG EUROMARXIST SOCIETY (sub heading reading as follows) Merk&Cam love it! DO YOU? YES-OR-NO? ARE YOU IN OR OUT? says Wilsons Corner!

    1. Merkel is confusing us all with her statement to the Bundestag that Christians are the most persecuted religious grouping.
      At the same time she is letting into Europe millions of potential Islamic terrorists. She may parade her Lutheran background but I have been told that she may have some of the same blood as Cameron from her father who fled to Hamburg before going east as a left-winger. We know they are all puppets.

      Have been told that the Bilderbergers are after Trump, no surprise. Apparently, the FBI want to see Hillary in court. I am trying to find out why but it could be something to do with her Clinton Foundation which is financed by Wall Street. A recent commentator on the presidential race spoke of the poisonous East Coast of the US with the Wall Street Washington axis. This is a bit like the City of London, Frankfurt and Brussels. In fact, the oath takers in Oregon were calling for the abolition of the Federal government and more localism. This is a mirror image of the anti-EU battle going on in Europe. This may be because the US and Europe and now becoming alike with a view to their union as the next step towards one world banker controlled government. Their great enemies are Russia, China and Iran. An ISIS bomb in Damascus is probably part of their ultimate aim of handing Syria over to ISIS. As regards Europe and the US, I have been told that the aim is to stop the presidential election and to impose martial law by Obama as chaos mounts. Does this seem familiar to us in Europe? And I am expecting a false flag attack in England. We are told that Cameron and England are now their prime target. Don't think it will be Cameron though as he is backing them. Sweden, Germany and France and then England will soon see martial law. In fact, France is almost there. Vladimir Bukovsky, the Soviet dissident, spoke of The EUSSR. We all know the whole thing is Marxist, using the Marxist useful idiots to do the Marxists' bidding and the end of Europeans through multiculturalism.

    2. Sorry, just read this again. Seems you have picked up on the Merkel Zionist connection.

  4. The second one is better, but Mutti's pocket needs to be open so that Cameron can be inside it. And could Cameron be shown screwing up the England flag?

  5. The funny thing is that Angela is not a Mutti is she? In fact, I have yet to see her in a frock or a skirt. She seems to go in for permanent cross dressing. It reminds me of the Spitting Image thing about Thatcher with a cigar. I have realised I should have said Marxist useful idiots controlled by the bankers not the Marxists. And they are all Marxists just not communists. Political correctness and anti-racism are all Marxist concepts. But it is an excellent piece Robin. Across the Atlantic interesting things are happening. We hear that Clinton is being financed almost totally by Wall Street who have made the Clintons very rich. Amongst the contributors is our old friend George Soros. I thought the sum was 6m dollars which sounds a bit paltry. Both Trump and Sanders are self-financing, the latter by crowd funding. So they will not want either to win the nomination. In Iowa, Clinton is leading over Sanders by 48% to 42%. Trump is leading for the Republicans. Whoever wins Iowa, they say, becomes the official candidate. So they are desperate for Hillary to win. And in Davos, George Soros sent out the call to get Trump. Both are deemed anti-establishment; that means anti-banker. If both win then either one or both will suddenly die or there will be a revolution in the US and they will stage an uprising against them and declare martial law. In fact, I have heard that if Hillary loses the nomination then Obama may cancel the election and declare martial law. Remember that other self-financing president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and what happened to him?

    Meanwhile, the Saudis are going bankrupt by keeping oil at 40 dollars a barrel whereas the empty barrels sell for 100 dollars. Austerity looms there which will probably mean civil unrest which could spell the end of that vile country and their worldwide salafist aims.

    I still have my suspicions regarding UKIP's Steven Woolfe and his immigration policy. But Sir James Goldsmith founded the party and is rumoured to have infiltrated the Royal Family to form it in his mould. And his son Zak was a "friend" of the Ghaddafis. I wonder if he was something to do with what happened to Libya then with the arrival of ISIS and the mass refugees outflow from Sub-Saharan Africa, both of which Ghaddafi prevented.

    A gentleman from Computer Weekly said last night that England is now the most surveilled country in the world. Not only that but this and the snoopers' charter completely overturn the main principle of English Common Law, that you are innocent until you are proved guilty. We are now all guilty until proved innocent, something which is much more difficult to do.

    As regards Protestantism as against Roman Catholicism, the Vatican is just another bank, business tied into the international banking system and international business. If Christ returns, then one of the first things he will do will be to go in and overturn their money changers' tables in anger.

    Vladimir Bukovsky, from reading the Kremlin archives, said that the Marxist EU is the first step towards one world totalitarian Marxist government. But, he said, they will never get away with it. They will not but the chaos and upheaval to reverse it will be big and bloody. You are right, Robin, that their in the EU referendum will be to convince voters of this and that it is better to just stay with the status quo, to roll over and do what they want. I like the last image. Our chance came in 1968 with Enoch Powell and in the 1970s with the Wilson referendum.
    But they are such masters at manipulation and brainwashing as you say - and Merkel should know something about that from here old GDR days - that those of us who know the truth are having a tremendous battle to fight without being dismissed by the sheeple as deluded conspiracists and fanticists of the most dangerous kind. Better to just carry on watching Strictly and do as they want.

  6. The second of the two pictures is better. Anything to do with the nazis is a no brainer and takes us back to the past. We coukd use pictures of atheist jewish supremacist Count Coudenhove-Kalergi and marxist atheist jewish banker Max Warberg as the the masters and politicians like Cameron and Merkel in the pockets. For those who accuse me of using pictures of dead people replace kalergi and warberg with atheist George Soros and the Israeli Prime Minister. We are now getting warmer. Lets expose them and make it go viral.

    1. Didn't the Warbergs finance Hitler until he turned on them? Or was their aim to sacrifice European Jewry for the greater good? Cameron thinks he has done enough jiggery-pokery on the Continent to convince the electorate that he has "reformed" the EU and we can stay in now. I spokesman for one of the come out groups said the British people will not be fooled but I am not so sure; one recent poll showed a majority for staying in but it could have been rigged.

      On that front, we are going through a farce in America. Sanders and Clinton were neck and neck and then Clinton wins on a six coin toss with the coins falling for her each time which is probably statistically impossible. And Trump who was winning suddenly lost to Cruz. Think they are acting so as to ensure that neither wins the nomination.

      Regarding the above and the London mayoral election, I have voiced my doubts about the Goldsmith family. I have just discovered that Zak is married to a Rothschild. Hopefully the Left will seize on that one. If James Goldsmith really was Diana's father that means that Prince George is now a member of that cosy family group as well by marriage. That's nice.

      And now that dim and wet Ashton Carter, US secretary of state for defence, has told us that Russia, China, North Korea and Iran and then ISIS are the greatest threats to the US and they are going to pour over 3b dollars into NATO. He's doubtless just a puppet. A gent from Hong Kong said the aim is to surround Russia and China. Hopefully, some European governments will rebel. Do the Rothschilds really want World War 3. It looks like it and do they really think they will win against Russia and China together?

      And the odious Hammond has said that Russia is bombing the "moderate" Syrian opposition and boosting ISIS. This leads me to think that they want the Geneva talks to fail so that ISIS will topple Assad for Israel. Fortunately, we had former British ambassador Peter Ford telling the truth about Syria to a parliamentary committee. Looks like a job for MI6. But it's all very depressing.

      Francis, there are plenty of people who know the truth and are communicating via the net.
      There is a site called info wars that Trump is a big fan of so he knows as does US General Wesley Clarke who said that the Fed were behind the Russian Revolution and are behind ISIS. I think he knows that world economic collapse is on its way. With his name, he is probably a good Methodist and believes that God will win in the end.
      The evening sky at the time of Storm Henry looked like the world was on fire with great black clouds overtopped with red and yellow. I wondered if this was a presage of things to come. The many storms, I have been told, may also not be merely an act of God.

    2. anon, thank you.

      As more and more information comes forward many so called conspiracy theorists claims are being proven. The ruling elites use procedures and laws to conceal their misdeads and criminality but they forgot to realise that legislation and statutes are a double edged sword. I have helped a poor person sue his local authority through the County Courts to recover unreasonable council tax enforcement charges. Regulation 34(7) of the Council Tax enforcement regs only allow billing authorities to recover reasonable costs. The council didnt even bother to defend the action and settled out of court. I never realised how easily they could be toppled.

      It times to follow suit and use the race laws against tye elites. Google Mark Souster v BBC for evidence of an important victory albeit concealed by the sewer press.

      God Almighty is coming back but this time it will not be to save us, but to rid the world of the satanic nwo and their proxy armies.

      I have repented all my sins in my local 7th century PC free Anglican Church. I am a born again Christian.

    3. Francis, I am a Methodist but they are amongst the worst where being pc is concerned and think you should just pray and be nice to everybody. To defeat these Satanists we need a more muscular Christianity. On that score, Marx is meant to have been a devil worshipper. I think that Marx and Engels were in with the bankers and tasked with creating the ideology that would allow the bankers to carry out their evil plans.

      I watched Portillo in America and we learn that the World Trade Center, having been rebuilt as the Tower of Babel, is now called the One World Trade Center. And it is next to the bankers' towers and the UN. Seems it is all beginning to come together as the home of one world government at the UN. We also learnt that New York is the world's biggest Jewish city. Does that mean that everybody else there is just an ethnic minority or that the lady let slip who runs New York from the New York Times down?

      Trump has complained that he was cheated of the nomination and wants the votes to be counted. Rupert Murdoch, who apparently shares the bloodline, has been investing in ISIS oil in Syria. The leaked Clinton e-mails reveal that the reason for the NATO invasion of Syria was to stop Khaddaif creating his gold-backed dinar for Africa.

      Anti-Russian propaganda has reached new heights and Martin McCauley the historian and Russia expert has said that the "West" is aiming to brainwash the people to go along with the weakening of or regime change in both Russia and China through isolation. As for Syria, Roland Dumas the French foreign secretary has said that he was approached by the British to share in the creation of a revolution there to oust Assad.

      Cameron is pushing through TTIP telling us it will create so many jobs and make us all so prosperous. If it goes through then there will be no more democracy in the US or the EU just corporate and banker power and their one world tower. It only needs one EU country to vote no and opponents are trying to get Greece to do that.

      Norway is in trouble because of the oil price and is having to eat into its sovereign wealth fund. I saw their minister interviewed on BBC about immigration. A member of the Progess Party is now the minister for immigration and the Beeb thought this was terrible. But the minister replied that Norway is full and cannot take any more refugees.

      The wiping out of the white race through intermarriage is going according to the plan hatched by their enemies in the 1950s. France, Holland, Belgium are the most involved. The Germans and some others don't really believe in it so ISIS has been sent to see them off. I watched the Real Marigold Hotel. In Jaipur I didn't see a single non-Indian, not even other than Hindus and they mentioned the caste system which is more racist than anything the West has on offer. Last night I saw Michael Wood in China. The same thing, not a trace of multiculturalism. They will not wear it in either country. Just the whites have been manipulated into going along with it by the Marxists for the benefit of those mentioned above.

    4. Remember that the cultural marxists wanted to empty thr churches. That is why your Methodist Church tells you to love everyone because the marxists know that it is impossible to do so.

      I really don't know how this multicultural holocaust will finish but if the marxists do indeed succeed in wiping out the entire indigenous white europeans then they themselves will face their own destruction. The muslims and others will then be in a position to take Israel out and this time they will be powerful enough. The few remaining indigenous white europeans would probably dance with joy at the sight of Israel falling. I have beenvery strictly neutral on the Arab Israeli problem and refuse to takr sides. The Palestians are mostly of Jordanian origin anyway but yes Israeli terrorised us with the King David bombings of 1946 - what a payback for helping them flees the nazis.

      Dont worry about Trump. The winners of Iowa rarely win the Presedential elections anyway. All is to play for. Russia is our last hope I'm afraid.

  7. Labour MP Harry Harpham has died.
    He was elected as the MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough in May. He had previously been deputy leader of Sheffield City Council.

    Another by-election opportunity for the English Democrats to miss.

  8. The Arch-patriarch of Moscow and the Pope are meeting to discuss the fate of Christians in the Middle East. Where are the Protestants? I think, however, that the Archbishop of Canterbury did say something on this score at Christmas. But the Pope has said something about a merger between Christians and Muslims which leads us to suspect that he is being pushed along by the NWO and the Vatican Bank. A comment was made on RT that if only the politicians of East and West could work together in the same way. The Western political elites are all in the pay of the NWO and the bankers so that will never happen. There is also a hope for Veterans for Peace. I have checked out their website. They know that they have been used by the bankers and the arms salesmen who want constant war. The Rothschilds have always made money out of war. Veterans for Peace support Assange in his battle. This has made me wonder whether it is worth approaching the UN about the plight of the English. I have never had a reply from you about that, Robin. Could we have one please? Pegida is demonstrating in Birmingham. They will probably been vastly outnumbered by Unite Against Fascism working for the NWO. A Muslim said that Islamophobia has taken over from anti-Semitism where the "far right" are concerned in Europe. Do these people ever put them in the place of the indigenous English whose country is being stolen from them? Do they ever imagine what their response would be if it was happening to them? Europeans never asked for this. It has been imposed on them by the Marxist useful idiots working for the New World Order with the aim of the end of Europeans and Europe. According to the Daily Mail, 70,000 more "refugees" are on the Turkish border. Some of those "refugees" were using firearms in Cologne. Bernie Sanders thinks he can regulate the banks and scrap TPP. The best of luck. They say he may force Clinton to go in his direction. I don't think so. The Clintons have always been in the pay of Wall Street and Corporate America and the industrial military complex. Hopefully, when they meet, the Patriarch can influence the Pope. The Orthodox Church will never allow Islam to gain anything.

    1. it pains me to say but I think the Orthodox Church is the bastion of Christianity. Protestantism and it Roman Catholic predecessors does not see the problem. I have found muslims and jews generally to only concerned about their respective communities' interests.

      I discovered that the Crown Prosecution Service has already been subverted by minorities and to serve their interests first while we taxes to fund our own subjugation. The UN's Declaration of Rights For Indigenous Peoples can initially only be enforced in the national courts of the effected peoples. This means that we are forced to use our courts to fight our own subjugation. If our national courts fail, then we must take the matter to higher authorities including the UN or International Criminal Court. If our troops can be prosecuted by international authorities for simply carrying out instructions then so too can our public sector authorities and politicians.

      I have been looking for evidence of Blair's comments that the English did not exist. The UN have denied any such meeting with him. Misinformation os beeing sent out to wrong foot us, be warned.

    2. Apparently, the Academies that have been part of the privatisation of our education system are now forming chains - a bit like Macdonalds or the supermarkets. They are still failing "the white working class", that will be the English. They are ensuring that the English will never be well enough educated to resist. Robin, you must take this to court here. As for the UN denying the meeting with Blair. You have to remember who runs the UN since it was set up as their ultimate One world government. The Russians apparently know this but still use it to try and get their point across.

  9. "..I have voiced my doubts about the Goldsmith family. I have just discovered that Zak is married to a Rothschild."

    Goldsmith has voiced sympathy for the principle of money reform. He was one of a small number of MPs to attend a Commons debate on this topic initiated by fellow Conservative MP Steve Baker in November 2014. You can see Goldsmith's contribution to the debate in this section of Hansard: scroll down to the part labelled 'Column 457':

    1. What is money reform? But do not put it past these people to make us feel they are working for us when they are not.

  10. Cull the Badgers7 February 2016 at 15:48

    I prefer the second picture but with some changes.
    I'm not sure how many younger people will recognise the uniform she is depicted in and thus I would prefer to see her in her own clothes which are severe anyway - the armband and background is ok and should stay and,

    Cameron should be shown like Miliband inside a pocket with his hands the same, it gives more of an impression of weakness. I think a non-smiling picture of him should be located, he looks far too confident in this one.

    And I suggest the slogan:

    'You will do what we say, Little Man'.

    1. Somebody has given me a piece from the Sunday Times about the last days of the Romanovs. There does seem to be a lot on the BBC now about Russia and I sometimes wonder if there is a mole there trying to turn us in that direction and away from the bankers. The piece is by Simon Sebag Montefiore who says he has had Cameron to dinner and he is such a nice man. He does share blood with Simon of course but I began to smell a bit of a rat, especially as Simon said that he thinks that Putin is trying to be another Romanov with his dealings in the Ukraine - was he involved? - and in Crimea. As for the latter, if you watched the programme on the Romanovs and Catherine the Great you would understand why Russia would never hand over Sevastopol to NATO via the Ukrainian government. Of himself, Simon said that, as a Jew, he had always felt himself to be wandering. This seems to be what they want for all of us as Lawrence Auster said to make us all rootless, without a homeland and all part of a diaspora. They know that blood and belonging gives strength and the Russians and the Chinese know it as well.

      An interesting morning in chapel as the text was from St Matthew about the times preceding the Second Coming. It seems that we have all the signs and Christ said that it would be like with Noah and the flood and the ordinary people would have no idea what was coming and would be swept away. Does that sound familiar? The preacher said it is now difficult to distinguish between what is true and what is false in politics, especially with regard to the EU. I could have helped him there!! He also said that Christ had said that the truth would set you free. For those of us who know the truth we are still imprisoned and still fighting for our freedom.

      I began talking with a member of the congregation about the move between Russian Orthodoxy and the Vatican to protect Christians in the Middle East and wondered where the Protestants were. He suddenly said that his friend had told him that they are going to build a Temple to Baal in London. I assume that this will be in the City with those figures of evil Gog and Magog and in the pentagram in which it was rebuilt after the Great Fire. The pentagram is where the Devil is summoned. I wondered if God was trying to tell me something. I have never previously believed in the Devil himself but am now beginning to wonder. I told my friend all about the City as the seat of evil and told him that it had all come from Babylon but did not explain how it got via the Khazars to Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Antwerp and the New York. I did say that the Russians have been fighting it for 1500 years and still are, for the last thousand on behalf of Christ.

  11. Slogan:
    "Pay attention Cameron, I will tell you what you will do".

  12. I have read that the Conservative campaign plan for the London Mayoral election is to portray Sadiq Khan as Corbyn's man in London.
    Perhaps a caption for the image should be "Merkel's man in England", but no swastikas - the EU armband fits the bill.

    1. I think the only native English candidate for the post of London mayor is the one meant to be standing for Britain First. This is disgraceful and must be discriminatory in view of the fact that the native English are still over 40% of the capital's population. Apparently, the Japanese economy is about to be collapsed. This is a possible precursor to total world economic collapse when they steal all our money. These psychopaths seem to want to grab all the wealth they can and have total power but over a world in economic meltdown and that has been blown apart by their wars. I think this is the definition of a sociopath. In the US presidential election, they are desperate to oust Trump and Sanders and put their people in. Clinton is wanted by the FBI and may end up court but I don't know why. If this happens then that arch psychotic Biden will take her place. These people are like the Legion of the damned. He is only outshone in his lunacy by mad John McCain who has said that the US should show leadership to Europe with regards to anti-Russian sanctions. He is saying let Europe suffer as they are not effecting the US. This is of course, all part of the plan that William Mallinson told us about to weaken Europe and drive a wedge between Europe and Russia. This is probably all the work of the Federal Reserve and ultimately Jacob Rothschild who seems to be the Big Brother that Orwell predicted.

  13. A black lady has died in police custody in Holloway Prison sparking outrage. There is now a move for the Black Lives Matter movement in England to be linked to that in the US. I despair.
    This is exactly what Enoch Powell warned about saying that we would have the same problems as a result of black mass immigration as were occurring at that time in America. I was interested to see that Brazil is engaged in pushing forward anti-racist legislation after 300 more than 300 years since the Portuguese took black slaves there. Like Enoch I am being driven mad by it because it defies all logic. But we know that it is not about logic but about those who are psychotically driven towards European extinction and world power.

    And more madness is afoot. Cameron has sent our troops to Jordan to practice anti-Russian drills either in Syria or with NATO in the EU. And there is talking of the Gulf States joining in even in Europe. Russia has moved troops to its borders to defend itself. These sociopaths are taking us all to hell in a handcart. A spokesman for Bahrain, spoke of Assad's brutality. For anybody knowing Bahrain's human rights record this is just a laugh. They are outdone only by Saudi Arabia.


  15. "What is money reform?"

    Most of our money is in the form of debt, created by private banks, mostly out of thin air (but who then charge interest on it) and most of it is then directed to puffing up asset prices in the property sector and in the financial sector itself. Is this a good system, or could there be something better? Have a look at the Positive Money website to get a good introduction to the subject.

    1. Thanks. Bernie Sanders is talking of reintroducing the Post Office Banks which died out in the US in 1967 so that people's money is held by the state not the bankers. I used to have a Post Office Savings account but understand that since privatisation of the Post Office and Royal Mail this is now controlled by the Bank of Ireland a private bank. So the home of capitalism the US has not done this. The trick of making debt out of thin air was something the Khazars were good at before they were ousted by the Russians and sent to be the bankers of the West. Sanders also wants to use the money in the Federal Reserve or 308b dollars of it to repair the crumbling American infrastructure but the puppet masters the Rothschilds as Max Keiser calls them who control the Fed and probably have since its inception want all the infrastructure privatised and leased back to local authorities. Here we have to make a distinction, as I have said before, between Jews and Zionists. Sanders, if he wins, will, I think, be America's first Jewish president and Max Keiser is either fully or half Jewish. Also there was a documentary about how the Jews in Palestine have gone from being 5% of the population to being 95% by ousting the Palestinians and expanding their borders. One of their harshest critics is Norman Finkelstein, obviously a Jew but not a Zionist. The documentary was covering the fact that the American media have always been pro-Israel viewing Israelis as guiltless victims being attacked by the Arabs. This could be down to the fact that the American Media and much of it in the West are ultimately owned by Jacob Rothschild. Larry Wilkerson has described America as an empire of debt backed by the Pentagon and destined to collapse. We are close to that point. The thing will be whether they will allow Sanders, or even Trump, win and stop it or whether they will just want another puppet in the White House.