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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Jo Coburn’s interview of me on the BBC 2 Daily Politics

On Thursday I was invited up to do our very limited entitlement to coverage on BBC News 24 and the Daily Politics Show because of our Conference coming up and, as usual, the BBC did its best to paint us as: “sad, bad and mad”, its generously taxpayer funded fashion!

Here is a link to Jo Coburn’s interview of me on the Daily Politics on Iplayer >>> My bit starts at 24:30. 

And here it is on Youtube >>>

You can see we have now got into a situation where the BBC is using our People’s money and resources to advocate opening the flood gates to the no doubt tens of millions of refugees and economic migrants that would wish to come here if given the chance!

England is already the most densely populated country in Europe and probably the third most densely populated country in the world, after Bangladesh and South Korea! We simply haven’t got the space and resources to sustainably be taking on still more vast numbers of migrants for whatever reason they have come here.

Last year alone the Government’s statistics (which are no doubt vastly under-played), claim that we had over 330,000 come here. That is more than a new Doncaster or Newcastle Upon Tyne that will have to now be built to house just last year’s intake alone. So yet more of England’s green and pleasant land will be concreted over. We are already having to build the equivalent of a new London to house the over 8 million immigrants that have already come here.

The one issue this really raises is where does this end? If the answer, which would be the English Democrats answer, is that we need to vigorously defend our borders, is the right answer then the next question is what are we prepared to do in order to police those borders?

Steve Uncles, our Police Commissioner candidate for Kent, made a facetious comment on the not at all serious “social medium” of Facebook and wrote about using a machine gun.

That is not of course English Democrats’ policy, nor would I approve of that happening gratuitously. However where you have large numbers of fit young men of military age trying to break down our border barriers by force and throwing stones at police and injuring them, as we had at Calais and the Hungarians are now putting up with, where is the line to be drawn? Are we really prepared to see our soldiers and policemen injured by illegal immigrants determined to force their way into our country?

I wouldn’t however have said or written Steve's posting myself, even in jest on Facebook, but the fact of the matter is that the media do not generally report anything that we say that is serious and sensible. They are only looking for something that they think that they can attack us over. Once faced with a media attack there are only two options:- fight or flight. In my opinion in politics and in life generally, flight is usually the worse option.

I support the solution of Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, in vigorously enforcing borders. If necessary that must include the option of our border guards, who ought to be armed (like almost all the others across the world). They should have orders that permit them to fire whenever they think it is necessary to maintain law and order and defend themselves at our border controls.

I do think it is an interesting example of how hypocritical the members of our British Political elite are that they are more than happy to have police armed with machine guns guarding them, no doubt against us, but they are not prepared to stand up to nasty remarks about them made by the unrepresentative and undemocratic mass media or to properly protect and enforce our border controls.

So far as the behaviour of the mass media is concerned and, in particular, the BBC, I think that nobody can do any better than to listen to this YouTube clip illustrating the extent of blatant bias in the BBC. Also, if you listen carefully to the last caller, in order to get on the air at all the BBC are cunningly censoring who does get on. The caller had to pretend that he was a supporter of refugees crossing in to Hungary. Here is the clip>>>

What do you think?


  1. Robin, I think that the plan is to trample the native peoples of Europe to death or blow them to kingdom come courtesy of what is an invading army. A handful of women and children but no old folk just those aggressive stone throwing young men. I am just reading a book about 1936 and this confirmed my believe about the increase in population since the War. The UK population in 1936 was 46m. This means that it has increased by at least a third since then with the bulk of the increase in England. We have 34,000 foreign doctors alone.

    Viktor Orban is my hero as I have said but that will not go down well with Labour mp Steve McCabe who referred to the petition that I pointed members to on stopping all immigration as a licence for bigotry. But where the hell does he think that another 10 to 15m are going to go?
    Perhaps the plan is for the incomers to kill off the English to make way for them!!

    The Hungarian embassy in London has been taking 300 calls a day about the Hungarians' stand. 70% have been positive with one caller saying that Hungary is God's gift to Europe. The refugees are already arriving here but nobody will say where they are going just that the receiving councils are complaining because they have no money to deal with them. No problem, just further cuts in council services for the English. And yet Cameron has sent £1b to the refugee camps in Syria.

    Meanwhile, there are 2,000 Russian nationals fighting for the Islamic state, probably mostly Chechens. This is why Russia wants to get boots on the ground with Assad to wipe out the Islamic state and why Russia will not take refugees - they already have 1m from the Ukraine - as they know there are terrorists amongst them and they have had enough of being blown up by Muslims. But Kerry and Cameron obfusticate and prevaricate about holding peace talks over Syria. Along with Israel, they still want ISIS to get to Damascus. Russia has vowed to protect the 2m Christians in the Levant. Russia is now the only major Christian country left and that is why the Marxists and big money hate her so much.
    I will mention this at church but no doubt they will all just follow the line they have been served by the Beeb and corporate media that Russia is just plain evil. Just a case of transference, the "West" projecting on the "enemy" what they are themselves.

  2. English people should wake up and fight for our country.

  3. Sorry that should have been obfuscate. We have just been told that the government plans to re-introduce a 90 hour week for junior doctors so that many are planning to emigrate. They will then replace them with doctors from India and the Arab world or Africa so as to hasten the "melting pot" they want. Russia and America are refusing to take the "refugees" because they fear the embedded terrorists and yet the 440,000 who signed that petition are putting more on more pressure on the government to relent. Doubtless many are do-gooding churchgoers who haven't a clue as to what they are doing. The Trojan horse is already in Europe so wait for the fireworks; bar Poland, the former Czechoslovakia and Hungary and Romania. They know what it is all about as well. England is on the verge of disappearing to be replaced by Afro-Asia. Interesting about events in Mecca inasmuch as there seems little regard for human life there, nor in India from recent programmes about their railways. So English lives will be particularly cheap as we carry the mark of Cain, the sins we have, in the views of many non-Europeans, inherited from generations of our ancestors. Hammond is interesting as he seems to be more flexible than either Cameron or Fallon. He has been over Iran and now seems to be prepared to engage in talks over Syria. The same is true of John Kerry. It seems that the latter is trying to make progress and use common sense but is constantly hampered by the Neocons and the pro-Israel lobby. It emerged last night that Israel is hell bent on preventing the return to full power of Assad and obviously they ,too, seem to care little about the fate of the Christians in the Levant that Assad, like Sadaam Hussein, has been protecting. We are back in the days of the Russian Empire and the Ottomans as Russia assumes its traditional role of being the guardian of Christendom. They never recovered from the fall of Constantinople from where Vladimir took Russian orthodoxy over a thousand years ago.

    1. I am a born again Christian but I reject all the do gooder rubbish coming from the church these days. The church has deviated from the scriptures and now says that islam worships the same god as Christians which we all know to be false. The jesuits ruined the Church of Rome and the Pontiff is one them while in the C of E the evangelists have subverted and undermined it and driven many people away. Ten years ago the Rector accused his congragation of racism because we were unhappy at having a poorly spoken black South African priest conduct services. That incident drove me away from the C of E so I have looked at other churches. There is little to choose between them but the Russian Orthodox Church imspires me and gives me hope.

      Concerning the future civil war I am of the opinion that like all planned events something out of the ordinary will happen. Despite being republican myself I cannot see the existing monarch allowing islam to take control. My guess is they want to reduce the population but the jihadists have become too powerful and now out of control. If the monarch refuses to act and very soon we should attempt to engineer Eastern European takeover of western europe because theres no one else capable of dealing with the problems.

      I have been reading Liberty GB website and I note that of them believe that only force will remove islam and cultural marxism from England. The problem we have is that we do not have the weapons needed to fight such a war. Are Liberty GB a shill nationalist front or are they naive? Hard to say but Paul Weston does sound genuine. It is now time for natianalist groups to team up but not necessarily merge because we need a combined voice.


  4. We are told that there is increasing tension between Shia and Sunni in this country. A Shia mosque in Bradford had been daubed with offensive graffiti. What was interesting was that the building was obviously a former Methodist Chapel underlining the slow transition of England from a European Christian country to a Muslim colony. My 91-year-old neighbour from Bradford is becoming increasing downhearted as her home city becomes an Asian enclave. There is now a new iron curtain falling across Europe running from Finland - who fought off Marxism in their Winter War with the Soviet Union - in the north to the Balkans in the south. The East is now traditional Europe, or white Europe or European Europe. The West is rapidly becoming non-traditional, non-European or non-white. The East, having thrown off Marxism, including Finland, is now trying to hold off its reaching there from the West. There have been nasty scenes in Finland with the arrival of the first refugees there. "Nationalists" or "white supremacists" ( survivalists) have been throwing stones and fireworks at the coaches bringing them in. It looks as if Finland is determined not to become another Sweden. There is talk of the end times and a lady recently commented here on the Fall of Rome. I heard 30 years ago that the Marxists and their backers had studied the fall of Rome with a view to repeating it.
    Under Agenda 21 we should be stocking up for the final meltdown although I think, as I have said, the English in the end will take to the hills and resort to guerrilla warfare. Interested to see on the Leeds Piano Competition a Russian girl contestant cross herself three times before she went on stage. Not even Catholics do that these days. It looks as if "the West" is now prepared to let Russia sort out Syria. The big fear is that they will lure them in and do another Afghanistan on them. Israel is rumoured is attacking Assad from the south and is rumoured to be supporting Al Nusrah which Qatar where Al Jazeera is based is trying to deny is a branch of Al Qaeda. Hopefully Russia can then sort out Iraq and Libya and sub-Saharan Africa and the "refugees" can go home. Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul ( the best president they never had) Institute for Peace and Prosperity said last night that the tactic is managed chaos in the Middle East and the rest of the Muslim world and they are now bringing the same policy to Europe and in time, with a race war, to the US. An interesting peace from Traditional Britain about the EU and the Tower of Babel, which the EU uses as a symbol. My Jehovah's Witness friend told me that we are now repeating the story. I never used to believe in Divine Intervention but I wonder if God is going to come and put a stop to it again.

    1. You are right. Onky the Orthodox Church is truly Christian these days. The jesuits are a jewish organisation worshipping a sun god who have infiltrated the RC Church while the lineral lefty evangelists have subverted the Church of England and other Protestant churches.

      The Book of Revelation advises us that Jesus will return but this time God The Almighty is coming in wrath. It is time to repent our sins before the anti Christ comes to earth. This will be the start of the seven year Tribulation Period. Google ot.

      There are different interpretations of this book with some advising that in the end only England Russia and Germany being free from the control of the anti Christ while Israel is under its control. Whichever interpretation is correct we can see that both the USA and the ME are firmly under satanic control.

      We need to realise that we have all betrayed God The Almighty and he will deal with satan who God allowed back onto earth because of our betrayal of his son Jesus over 2000 years ago.

      I am btw a born again Christian who does not go to Church.


    2. Francis, Satan is meant to be let loose every thousands years and perhaps that is why the CIA/Saudi/Mossad engineered 9/11 happened in 2001. Perhaps it is why England had to suffer the Normans. I am enjoying Beck, the new Swedish detective series on BBC 4 but suddenly realised on Saturday that large swathes of Europe are now becoming like the US and losing any sense of national identity. This is true of Sweden as the series has shown. Interesting, also that all the crime is coming from abroad. Sweden is now racked by ethnic strife and crime-ridden, just like the US and like here. National identities in Europe, bar the East, are vanishing at a rate of knots and countries are turning into Nowhere Land like the US which has no real identity now and is a total cultural void. I feel sorry for the few who are trying to keep European culture alive there as Afro-american Culture is being encouraged as it is here. Sorry, this does sound a bit like Nazi Germany, doesn't it?

      The harder they press towards their one world government at the UN the faster Europe is fragmenting with the latest news coming from Catalonia which has elected a majority of pro-independence members to its regional assembly with independence planned in two years' time. On their own, the Catalans, because their region is so wealthy, would be as rich as the Danes or the Finns when they no longer had to subsidize the poorer parts of Spain. One of the other regions wanting to break away is Bavaria with the annual Oktoberfest being disrupted by thousands of refugees and battles between those for and those against mass immigration.
      Those seeking independence want to break from the rest of Germany and close the borders.

      Meanwhile, even Cameron has now been forced to admit that Assad may have to stay for a while as Russia is trying to bring sense to the world. As Putin has said, Russia has acted wholly within international law by responding for a plea for help from the legitimately elected Syrian government. You cannot say the same for the US and their allies, France is one of the worst wanting the oil and Turkey and the Gulf States who have created and sustain the Islamic state. The reason that the US staged the coup in Kiev was that they planned to seize Sebastopol so as to stop the Russians sailing to Syria to help Assad. Well, they have come unstuck because the Russians are much smarter than the Yanks and the likes of Cameron. Hammond seems to be smarter and to be co-operating with the rest of the world and leaving Cameron to rant. I think the Tories have now realised the Cameron, the bankers' boy, is becoming a liability.

      It is the 70th anniversary of the UN. Might I suggest that they give themselves the task of slashing the birth-rate in the third world to that of Europeans and the Japanese before they completely bury us as they swarm into hitherto white countries. Wahhabist Saudi is of course behind much of this influx and the building of the mosques they need.

  5. The situation in Syria is now on a knife edge going on the speeches from Obama and Putin in the UN assembly. I never realised that Russia has bases near Damascus so Israel is probably aiming at them as well.
    I came across my Jehovah's witness pal yesterday and he is on about Armageddon again as described in the Bible. This is leading me up that path and I must desist. I even thought that the blood red moon at the eclipse might be an indicator of massive blood letting, as if we haven't had enough this century thanks to these people. However, I do think that things in Syria are on a knife-edge just when I thought we were going to see peace. The great fear is that Israel may invoke the Samson option and if it feels the whole world is against it let rip and take us all down with it.

    Francis, I assume that by sun worship you are referring to the monstrance. I was told yesterday that the Vatican Bank is heavily involved in arms sales - I think the Church Commissioners gave up that investment - so does the Vatican really want world peace? I have never heard of the Zionist connection there but have you got chapter and verse for that?

    Frans Timmemans, the Vice-president of the European Commission is now very concerned about the rise of the "extreme right" in Europe but action and reaction are equal and opposite and if you impose on Europeans a Marxist multicultural totalitarian state backed by the bankers against the will of the majority then something is going to give eventually, especially as many Europeans can now see themselves being minorities in their own countries. Britain First, an organisation that I have heard of but never had anything to do with has apparently just put forward a candidate for London Mayor. I am waiting for that to filter through to the BBC, the mostly Rothschild ( I have been just told ) owned media and the Guardian for a monstrous vilification process to begin. But the gent, a Mr Golding, will be the only indigenous Englishman in the race - no such things according to Mr Blair. To think that London was 99% English a mere 60 years ago. But perhaps somebody should ask Mr Blair again why he was once visiting the gents for nefarious purposes?

  6. Ukip held its annual conference in DONCASTER. That is a measure of Ukip's fear of the English Democrats' clear English nationalist message. Along with the other unionist parties, Ukip hates nationalism, particularly English nationalism.
    Ukip is not against immigration, only immigration from the EU.
    Eddie Bone of the Campaign for an English Parliament addressed a fringe meeting. The response from the Ukip audience was lack lustre. He should realise that Ukip cannot agree to an English parliament any more than can the Tories. He simply made a fool of himself.
    The English Democrats have to say loud and clear what a danger Ukip, by misrepresenting itself as a nationalist party, poses to England and the English cause.
    (Ukip is not even a British nationalist party, because Britain is not a nation but a union of nations - England is a nation, therefore it can have a nationalist party; Britain cannot, because it is not a nation, despite what the BBC, Cameron, Farage and Corbyn tell us.)

  7. Refugees and asylum were key factors in a regional election in Austria which saw support for the nationalist Freedom Party of Austria more than double.
    The Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) made strong gains in the northern Upper Austria region, according to preliminary results.
    It netted 31.4 percent of the vote, after 16 percent of ballots had been counted on Sunday (September 27), more than double its result of 15.3 percent in 2009.
    “We were optimistic from the beginning,” said Heinz-Christian Strache, FPO leader, adding the result had “overtaken our expectations”.
    The Christian Democrats clung onto first place, with 35.9 percent of the vote.
    Sunday’s vote comes ahead of elections in Vienna. The capital has been a Social-Democrat stronghold for decades but could also see a rise in support for the Freedom Party.

    1. Hasn't Austria been threatened with sanctions by the EU for even allowing the Freedom Party to exist? If Britain First (many of whom seem to be ex-forces who, having found out what the one world plan is and that they have been used are very angry), bursts out here then there is going to be a monster punch up which will be echoed all over Europe. By the way, did you know that army veterans sleeping on the streets have been pushed right down the hosing ladder to make way for the "refugees" . And now the Libyan rapist trainee soldiers have applied for asylum after serving their very short sentences as they will probably be executed they say if they return to Libya. There have been further rival demonstrations in Germany and you wonder if there is anywhere you can go on holiday to now where there is not unrest created by the masters of the universe. The problem is separating ordinary people who are opposed to what has been done to Europe from the militarists who march around in Nazi uniforms with their variations of the swastika. Such behaviour just makes it difficult for people to get across a logical argument and plays into the hands of UAF and the rest of the Marxist brown-shirts.

  8. I have just been told that Tony Bliar's sister-in-law, Lauren Booth, is converted to Islam and sends her children to be educated in the Middle East and that one of Tony's many money spinners is being involved with an organisation that is planning a one world religion, mostly a fusion of Christianity and Islam - I can't see the Hindus wanting to be pally with the Muslims. Blair is the true anti-Christ. Perhaps this is what he was up to in the Middle East when he was meant to be bringing peace but engaged in the opposite, mostly on behalf of Israel. My Jehovah's Witness friend told me about the UN's plans for a world religion, along with world government and the browning of the world a while ago but I thought he had got it wrong. Still, even the American papers thought that Putin won in the UN speeches contest. As for the Americans, most are so brainwashed and craven that they think they must attack the rest of the world before it attacks them and that is the great danger. Kerry seems to know better which gives reason to hope, a bit. And there are those like Ron Paul who wants to trade and live in peace with the rest of the world which was the plan of the founding fathers. All that seemed to go out of the window when international finance took over in New York and with the founding of the Federal Reserve Bank in the late nineteenth century. By the way, I have just been told that the Getty's own the UN building. This is no surprise if it is planned as the seat of world government for a time when the Rothschilds own all the world and we are all slaves.

  9. We can't do much about Europe or the rest of the World, apart from joining with other European nationalist parties, but we can do something about England becoming a sovereign nation once again. The biggest current threat to England is Ukip, because they are posing as an English party. The English Democrats have to counter Ukip's big lie.
    Britain First is another misrepresentation. The reason it has managed to attract so many veterans is that they have been brain washed into confusing "Britishness" with being English as part of their army training.

    1. I was in the army and I am most definitely English. Most of my ex-colleagues are staunchly English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish. If anything being in the forces has made us realise what a complete farce 'Great Britain' is. We do, however, have deep respect for each other, which could be misconstrued as feeling 'British.' Non of my friends believe in 'Britain First.' Please do not underestimate squaddies, they have experienced both sides of the coin and are the most consciously/politically aware people I know.

    2. As I understand it, the Britain First candidate in the London Mayoral Contest is standing up for the remaining 45% of those living in London who are still "white British" and to avoid the natives being pushed out completely of their capital. White British is what we are classed out according to the government's almost Hitlerian ethnic classification system. Those in London will be mostly English. As regards the three Libyan rapists who have claimed asylum, the lawyer for their victims says they are outraged and distressed. And what a farce of a sentence they have served. Plus they will then be free here to rape again. On RT the a Pakistani human rights lawyer was speaking up for them saying they will be persecuted in Libya. This is like mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan who defended a jihadist that the Americans wanted extradited I believe. It seems that these Muslim human rights lawyers want to stop any Muslims, even jihadists, from leaving the country.

    3. Why don't we join with those nationalist parties Robin. UKIP had the Sweden Democrats at their conference. Time for hands across the water and there is strength in numbers.
      The enemy's policy is to divide us and leave us in a state of fear of terrorism and Big Brother.

    4. You are right, the English Democrats have to join with the other nationalist parties across Europe. Sweden Democrats should be warned of the danger that Ukip poses to the cause of nationalism, not just in England, but in Sweden.
      By joining with the other European nationalist parties, the English democrats will raise their profile and that of English nationalism.
      Ukip's form of internationalism, posing as nationalism, has to be defeated

  10. Are we going to see the English Democrats reaction to the closure of the Redcar steel works?

  11. Just two quick things that have got me riled - again!! Firstly, the Normandy Four of France, Germany, the Ukraine and Russia have met in Paris in pursuit of the Minsk Agreement and have discussed giving the East a measure of autonomy. Where is that Clown Cameron in all this? I think there have been comments about him being a diplomatic lightweight in his own party and I think his days are numbered. Hammond would be a better bet but even he seems to be under the thumb of Wall Street and the City. All Cameron seems to want to do is start their wars, make his financier friends rich by financing them and ensuring that we continue as the major arms seller. He has no concept of wanting to make peace with anybody but just to engage in measured chaos. I know there are many EDs who are not fans of UKIP but their Paul Nuttall warned against the folly of the EU - backed by the usual suspects - wanting to push into the Ukraine behind NATO and Steven Woolfe said that the aim should be peace in Syria not just toppling Assad. Even Russia has said that that Assad will have to go once peace is re-established. Meanwhile Russia is putting the "West" to shame by getting to grips with ISIS. And don't believe all the photo's that the Rothschild owned media and probably Rothschild controlled BBC are showing you. They are from another time and another place. Apparently, all this is being provided by an anti-Assad Syrian immigrant living in Coventry.

    Secondly, there was an item about the fact that Bourneville has ceased to be alcohol-free after 120 years. George Cadbury must be spinning in his grave. This is all the work, as usual, of globalisation/globalism. The American grab of the chocolate factory has reduced the staff from thousands to hundreds so an Indian corner shop keeper has been losing trade so staged a referendum to get the alcohol-ban overturned and has won. Many of the locals are livid and it is another attack on our traditions and way of life by people from beyond our shores who have no interest in either, just lining their pockets.

    1. "PARIS, Oct. 2 (UPI) -- The leaders of France, Russia, Germany and Ukraine met in Paris Friday for a summit on Ukraine, though Russia's military involvement in Syria threatened to overshadow the talks"
      "Where is that clown Cameron in all this? I think there have been comments about him being a diplomatic lightweight in his own party and I think his days are numbered. Hammond might be a better bet but even he seems to be under the thumb of Wall Street and the City. All Cameron seems to want to do is start their wars, make his financier friends rich by financing them and ensuring that we continue as the major arms seller. He has no concept of wanting to make peace with anybody but just to engage in measured chaos."
      You are right about Cameron being a light weight and a tool of global capitalism and the industrial-military complex who is treated with disdain.