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Thursday, 12 March 2015

English Democrats' Spring Conference 2015

We had a good Spring Conference with the Party very united and we adopted the proposed policy amendments and we re-elected our National Council. I also was filmed by the BBC as I delivered this speech:-

Ladies & Gentlemen welcome to our 2015 Spring Conference in York.

York is one of our most beautiful and ancient historic cities where many of the pages of English history have been written.

Not very far from here, King Harold Godwinston destroyed the last great Viking invasion led by King Harald Hardrada in 1066 and also his own brother Tostig, the rebel Earl of Northumbria was killed.

It is also not far from here that earlier Viking invaders spread-eagled the last Anglo-Saxon King of Northumbria. Spread-eagling was a sort of Viking cross between torture and human sacrifice in which the victim was tied down on the ground and his chest opened to display the inside of his ribs as the feathered wings of the eagle, whilst Odin’s sacred birds, the ravens, swooped down to feast on his still living heart and lungs. Think about that ladies and gentlemen next time you see a pub called the Spread-eagle! And if you do go inside raise a glass in memory of our Anglo-Saxon forebears who fought off the Vikings to create the new English Nation which united on the 12th July 927 at the Council of Eamont - near modern Penrith!

So here we are ladies and gentlemen in the very heart of England holding an important meeting for the future of our country. Our numbers here today show that we still have much work to do, but we shouldn’t be daunted or down-hearted about that task. I think events are moving in our direction.

It is noticeable after the Scottish Referendum that many more people in England have woken up to the unfair way in which England is treated and even William Hague who once told the BBC in discussion with Jack Straw that he hated and feared English nationalism has begun to make conciliatory gestures towards English nationalism. Incidentally Jack Straw, who was recently exposed using the current arrangement to enrich himself, once said that “The English are potentially very aggressive, very violent”. But William Hague said that “English Nationalism is the most dangerous of all forms of nationalism” and even he, ladies and gentlemen, even William Hague, hating the idea of England, as he evidently does, nevertheless has at least made a half-hearted effort to tinker with the procedures of the House of Commons to give some recognition to English interests.

That EVEL proposal will of course come to nothing and is probably meant as nothing more than what Conservative HQ call a “populist positioning policy”, which you and I, ladies and gentlemen, might well translate with the Army expression “bullshit battles brains”. It is only a device to bamboozle English voters to vote Conservative. So ladies and gentlemen let us not forget David Cameron’s insult to the English when it comes to the ballot box. This is what he said about his national identity "I'm a Cameron, there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing through these veins" and this is what he said about people like us “I’ll take on the sour Little Englanders, I’ll fight them all the way”.

Ladies and gentlemen when even our enemies are having to give ground on our agenda we know that our Cause is making headway.

This year is also the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta. Magna Carta is one of the greatest legacies of our Nation to all the peoples of the Earth. For in it our Nation first devised the idea that even Kings are subject to Law. No previous nation had ever dared to think such a thing. For example in Ancient Rome, ladies and gentlemen, the Will of the Emperor was the supreme law! In most other States throughout history there hasn’t really even been a concept of ‘Law’.

This year also there is a much less well celebrated but important historical anniversary – the 750th anniversary of the first English Parliament. That is the Parliament summoned by Simon De Montfort, the Earl of Leicester. Recently I was being interviewed by the Financial Times and was able to point out to them the very spot in the walls of Westminster Abbey which triggered the events which led to the first English Parliament. King John’s son, Henry III was building his vast and magnificent remodelled Westminster Abbey and he had spent so much on it and on his other building projects that he ran out of money. Being the government he thought that he had the right to take as much out of the pockets of the English as he wanted – just like our own government today!

But he was in for a rude shock as his excessive demands led to rebellion and to the first English Parliament which took place in the Chapter House at Westminster Abbey 750 years ago. The Chapter House is still there and I am looking into whether we could hold a meeting of our English Parliament there!

We have come here at least in part to prepare for the launch of our general election campaign for May 7th 2015. We recognise this is a General Election in which patriotic English people are likely to give UKIP, the “Believe in Britain” party, a chance, but after the election we need to be positioned and understood to be the “believe in England” Party. This is because, Ladies and gentlemen, I believe in England. Do you believe in England?

We stood in the Police Commissioner by-election in South Yorkshire last year and still got a credible result of 8,583 votes and retained our deposit but the statistics that shows our potential is:-


Number of votes: 46,883

Spent: £157048.65

Cost per vote: £3.35

English Democrats:

Number of Votes: 8582

Spent: £9567

Cost per vote: £1.11

It was also interesting that UKIP spent more than three times as much than we did on each and every vote that they received. I think the moral is that if we were actually able to raise enough money to match UKIP’s spending, not only would we beat them, but we would have been more likely to win election than they ever could be.

I wonder could that be something to do with the relative appeal of English nationalism as against British nationalism?

Ladies and gentlemen those of us who spend far too much time on the internet, Facebook and Twitter, even those of us who are trying to push our message I think will have come across huge numbers of over enthusiastic UKIP supporters who think that UKIP is going to be forming the next government!

I have got a message for them and for those English nationalists who think that UKIP may be the answer, despite its un-English stance. That message is:- No they won’t!

This election is an election where, for the first time ever, there is a great deal of detailed information on the likely outcome. Lord Ashcroft the former Tory donor, has spent literally millions of pounds in having opinion polls done in virtually every constituency in the United Kingdom. So we have a very clear view of the current picture and so the likely outcome of this General Election.

In the past opinion polls have generally been done on opinions across the whole country, but as the results for the Social Democrat Party showed in the 70’s, you can have a full quarter of the vote but if your vote is spread out across the country you will win hardly any seats. It is for that very strong electoral reason that the British Establishment have clung on to “first past the post” system, which gives them a disproportionate number of seats, especially given their increasingly limited support. It is the “first past the post” problem that UKIP have to contend with. It is because of “first past the post” and its effect of constituencies on the result that Lord Ashcroft’s polls suggest that UKIP will win between 3 and 5 seats.

Despite some recent UKIP spin, one of the seats that they appear to be increasingly unlikely to win matters perhaps more to them than any other because it is South Thanet, the seat that Nigel Farage is standing in.

I think you can already see fault lines developing in UKIP from the comments made by Douglas Carswell that he supports multi-culturalism and has criticised Enoch Powell’s views on the problems of mass immigration whereas Mark Reckless supports starting to think about repatriation of immigrants. So it’s easy to see that without Nigel Farage to hold them in check as Leader in Westminster, UKIP is likely to descend into open civil war and one of the issues they will fight over is the question of English nationalism.

Turning from UKIP to the likely consequences of the General Election, Lord Ashcroft’s polls show that the Conservatives and Labour are likely to win a very similar number of seats and that that number is likely to be well short of a majority in the House of Commons. This means that it seems unlikely, as things stand at the moment, that either Party will be able to form a government without assistance from smaller parties. It follows from this that the really important battle may well prove to be how many Liberal Democrat seats are lost and also equally important how many Scottish National Party seats are won.

So far as the Liberal Democrats are concerned, Lord Ashcroft’s polling suggests that they may well lose all but 20 of their seats. One of their seats that is in the balance is that of Nick Clegg at Sheffield Hallam. That is a constituency where there are a lot of students, many of whom will not have forgotten Nick Clegg’s dishonesty over student top-up or tuition fees. To add to the mix, the English Democrats will be standing in that seat and our candidate is Steve Clegg. Stand up Steve. So we will have Steve Clegg of the English Democrats hopefully higher up the ballot paper than Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrats! It may only need a couple of hundred Liberal Democrat voters to make a mistake to decapitate that Party. What do you think of that ladies and gentlemen?

So far as the SNP are concerned, some opinion polls have put the number of potential wins for the SNP, out of the 59 seats in Scotland, at 56, almost wiping out Labour, wiping out all but 1 of the Liberal Democrats seats and wiping out the Conservatives in Scotland. Remember that whereas the first past the post vote will reduce UKIP’s vote to small numbers because it is spread out, the SNP are in the opposite position because the 45% of the Scottish who voted for Independence are concentrated in Scotland, whereas their unionist opponents are split which means that the SNP will win more seats than is proportionate.

If the Liberal Democrats are reduced to 20 then on the current opinion polls it will not be possible for either the Conservatives or for Labour to form a government with only an alliance or coalition with the Liberal Democrats. That means that they would have to form an alliance with the Scottish National Party.

The Scottish National Party have made it clear that they would not support a Conservative administration and therefore we may well see a coalition, or a “confidence and supply” agreement, between Labour and the Scottish National Party. You can be very sure that the price of such an arrangement will be deeper in-roads into English national interests.

To add to the interest in the outcome of this General Election it may be that Labour will need to also bring in the other parties that the SNP are in alliance with, Plaid Cymru, the Greens and Sinn Fein.

It may interest you to know that it has been reported and it has not been denied that senior Labour figures have already been in talks with Sinn Fein to see whether they would come into such an arrangement. I wonder ladies and gentlemen whether such a government shouldn’t be known as the Government of Anti-English Conspiracy?

I wonder if anybody here thinks that these prospects for the General Election, coupled with the effects of the fixed term parliament act which means that the arrangement, once in place, is likely to last 5 years, however ineffective and unpopular it becomes, that after that even the most politically comatose Englishman and Englishwoman won’t be roused out of their lethargy and political slumbers to support the only English nationalist party? Ladies and gentlemen do you think that they will also stop Believing in Britain? I do ladies and gentlemen.

So ladies and gentlemen as I said I believe in England. Again I ask do you believe in England? Well then ladies and gentlemen let’s live up to our motto and put England first. Who is with me?


  1. An excellent speech, Robin and I am glad that you did get the BBC to turn out. I expect that this was very hard for them to stomach. A bit upset about reference to my Viking forebears. Don't forget that Wessex was very much the nation of the South and that in the old Danelaw areas a third of the population were reckoned to be of Danish blood.
    The north is Anglo-Danish territory, especially Yorkshire. But as Enoch Powell said the Vikings here were rapidly Christianised and being of common blood with the Saxons blended into the landscape and Canute became one of England's best kings. Unlike William the Conqueror, he did not lead us into three centuries of fighting French wars and after Stamford Bridge the Vikings gave up, settled down in Scandinavia and the Viking age was over. If this is to happen here with our current invaders, as planned by the Marxist elite, then it is unlikely that we will have a Christian and not even a European in identity; a very different kettle of fish. Even Baroness Warsi said if she went to China she could never be Chinese.

    Saddened to hear Mr Reckless's comments re multiculturalism. The rapidly shifting demographics mean that the present status quo is unsustainable and the tipping point and crunch time as here and in the rest of Western Europe and North America is just a few decades away.

    With this in mind, I was interested to see Steve Uncles speaking on behalf of what they termed the English Democratic Party in the RT news today. This was in connection with the crisis over immigrants and asylum seekers in Europe - Germany is being swamped - and even Australia and the use of said peoples as a weapon. Indonesia is threatening to flood Australia with illegal immigrants from Sri Lanka and elsewhere, France is threatening to pay for the Calais migrants to cross the Channel and land on our shores and Greece is threatening to loose the migrants they hold and send them to Germany including any jihadists amongst their ranks.

    Of course, we owe much of all this to American/Zionist policy in the Middle East and North Africa where Europe is concerned which has caused the exit towards Europe, especially the removal of Ghaddafi who was holding back the masses from south of the Sahara. We have now reached a Camp of the Saints situation where the whole third world is uprooting itself and heading our way. It is like trying to hold back a torrent.

    Meanwhile I suggest that bloggers read "Ukraine, crisis in the borderlands" by Richard Sakwa for an accurate description of the reasons for the crisis. Sakwa who is a lecturer at the University of Kent, is the son of a Polish officer who escaped whilst many of his colleagues died at Katyn so should have an axe to grind re Russia. But quite the reverse, he sees the crisis as a continuation of those days which we thought were over until stirred up by Washington - with London in tow - for their own financially hegemonic ends.

    1. "It is also not far from here that earlier Viking invaders spread-eagled the last Anglo-Saxon King of Northumbria. Spread-eagling was a sort of Viking cross between torture and human sacrifice in which the victim was tied down on the ground and his chest opened to display the inside of his ribs as the feathered wings of the eagle, whilst Odin’s sacred birds, the ravens, swooped down to feast on his still living heart and lungs. Think about that ladies and gentlemen next time you see a pub called the Spread-eagle!"

      Ronald Hutton's The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles: Their Nature and Legacy reports (p. 282) that "the hitherto notorious rite of the 'Blood Eagle,' the killing of a defeated warrior by pulling up his ribs and lungs through his back, has been shown to be almost certainly a Christian [black propaganda] myth.
      The noun spread-eagle is 16th century and heraldic, e.g., the German Imperial Eagle (Reichsadler).
      The verb to spread-eagle is 18th century and refers the positioning of prisoners before flogging.
      Blood eagle and spread-eagle are not the same thing.

    2. Robin. It occurred to me that mass immigration has been used as a weapon since the end of the War. Now it is being used as a weapon between nations but hitherto and increasingly so it has been used as a weapon to destroy nations or rather to destroy collections of nations of the same racial and cultural identity.

    3. Caxton tells a story of a merchant named Sheffelde who was sailing to London but because there was no wind had to go ashore in Kent. He went to an inn where he asked specifically for eggs, and the good woman said that she spoke no French, and the merchant got angry for he could not speak French either, but he wanted eggs and she could not understand him. And then at last another person said that he wanted ‘eyren’. Then the good woman said that she understood him well. ('eggs' is from Norse).

  2. Cnut, one of our greatest kings, was a Dane. King Harold the Second, Godwineson, had Cnut's blood in his veins. York was the Viking town of Jorvik. The Danes are an important element in what it is to be English. Our language is Dano-English, or even Anglo-Danish. When we say words as basic to our language as 'are', 'by-law', ''father', 'give', 'have', 'hustings', 'mother', 'law', 'leg', 'scatter', 'scrape', 'sister', 'skate', 'skim', 'sky', and so on, and so on, we are speaking Danish/Norse. If the name of your town ends in -by, e.g., Grimsby, you are living in a Danish settlement. Most English folk are proud of the Danish contribution to the English identity. Your remarks about the Vikings risk alienating folk across Northern England and the East Midlands.

    1. there is something ironic in your observations about the Vikings because the North of England and the East Midlands are where surveys have shown that people feel most English (while being proud of their Viking ancestry).

    2. Exactly; one reason why Northerners are more likely to put up a fight, especially down the eastern seaboard is probably because of the Viking element. They are much more supine south of the old A5.

      As regards the language, the theory now is that Anglo-Saxon lost its old word order which was akin to that of modern German and adopted Scandinavian word order at that time. Speaking a little Norwegian I can assure you that modern English has exactly the same order as Norwegian, including the misrelated participle.

    3. I was amused to see the spat in the European parliament with the "far right" being the wants who want peace but being accused of supporting an "undemocratic" Russia. Has the EU looked at their own institution which was created by or is controlled by international bankers and big business and ruled by an unelected Soviet style commission.

      And then there is the accusation that nationalists cause war whereas they are supporting Neo-nazi nationalists in the Ukraine who are leading to the deaths of thousands. Most "nationalists" in the EU want peace not their war.
      But then they are at the beck and call of the neocons and the like of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk for whom money and power are all and who don't seem to care about the suffering and death of millions.

    4. What anonymous wrote above about Norwegian grammar is significant, because it reinforces the impression (see my earlier contribution about modern English vocabulary) that modern English is Danish/Norse re-lexified with Old English words; not the other way round,

  3. Margaret Clare Stoll13 March 2015 at 10:13

    What Robin said about the Vikings is no more than historical fact. However, it is true that all the Scandinavian peoples are of 'common blood' with us, as are all the northern Europeans. Many of the words quoted above do exist in Old English (Anglo-Saxon) reference Steve Pollington's book 'First Steps in Old English'. Old English has less in common with modern English than it has with modern German. Genders and cases are the bane of anyone studying OE or German, but they don't exist in modern English! Why? Who decided to get rid of them?
    For myself, I grew up in a village which was in that part of the north between York and Durham where, it was said, no one was left alive following the 'Harrying of the North', the punitive 'ethnic cleansing' carried out by William of Normandy to quell any possibility of further rebellion. I lived close to the old Roman road and just south of the Roman settlement at Aldbrough. I was born in York. We even had our own 'Masada', a pogrom at Clifford's Tower which ensured that no Jews lived in York for many centuries. Yes, there's history on every street corner. Robin mentioned Stamford Bridge where they now hold an annual commemoration with re-enactors, patriots and anyone interested in seeing that another generation of children doesn't grow up unaware of their history. I've grown tired of pointing out the significance of Stamford Bridge to anyone who responds 'oh yes, the football ground' or 'I didn't know you supported Chelsea'. And if I said I took my White Dragon flag to Stamford Bridge? Uncomprehending silence.
    More power to your elbow, Robin. Let not the sword sleep in your hand! Age and increasing infirmity mean that I can't do the things I'd like to do. Be thou hael!

    1. if blood-eagle ever happened, which is doubtful, death would have been almost immediate. The more likely explanation is that eagles fed on the corpses of the dead on the battlefield getting covered in blood in the process.
      The flag of England is a red cross on a white background.
      Be hale!

    2. The last time I was in York I looked at the faces of the locals.
      There were faces that I had not seen to any great extent even in other parts of the north and which definitely had a Norwegian look to them. As for Oslo, there was something familiar in the faces, even though they did not match 100%.

    3. Faces in East and North Yorkshire are very Norwegian too.

    4. The Harrying of the North in the winter of 1069–1070.
      In the autumn of 1069, Sweyn II of Denmark brought a Danish army to England, in support of the last native claimant to the English throne, Edgar the Atheling. The Danish and English allies were able to break the Norman hold on the North. William responded with a burnt earth policy to the north and west of York, breaking resistance. He continued harrying through the winter as far north as the River Tees.
      Some historians say that William's harrying may not have done as much damage as was previously believed.

    5. "one reason why Northerners are more likely to put up a fight, especially down the eastern seaboard is probably because of the Viking element. They are much more supine south of the old A5."
      The Viking element possibly accounts for the fighting spirit of the Angles, but both were pushed back across the Thames by the "soft" Saxon southerners (the Angles by King Ecgberht and the Vikings by his grandson King Alfred).

  4. A good opening to the election campaign, but Robin you refer to being filmed by the BBC, the next move should be to demand a place among the party leaders in the TV debate and to publicise that you are demanding the right to speak for England in the debate, particularly as Salmond will be speaking for Scotland.

  5. It was with great trepidation that I tuned into Robert Peston's programme on the French National Front last night but it was not as bad as I had anticipated. We were told that France has the most generous welfare state in the developed world, contrary to what we feel about England. My question is, that if this is the case then why are those from North and Central Africa ( nearly all young men ) gathered at Calais waiting to swoop down on us. In the RT coverage ( which they seem to be making a lot of) about the unrest in our immigrant detention centres, one poster read "No border nation". That may be a dream of the woolly headed Left but would mean that in a short time we would end up with a population in Britain of 100m plus. and the English rapidly outnumbered.

    Returning to Marine Le Pen, she was given the last word on the programme which was very significant. She said that the battle is not between Left and Right but between globalism/globalisation (mondialisation in French) and nationalism. Globalisation was promised as our great economic salvation but has created the neofeudal state of the ultra rich and the rest. This was probably the bankers' plan all along.
    Basically also the southern hemisphere is flocking to the north so that both Europe and North America are being swamped and brought to their knees and Europeans are facing minority status in their own countries.
    The exception is Australia where they are flooding south. Other exceptions are the non-white countries of China and Japan who refuse to play ball. China will not allow the establishment of non-ethnic Chinese enclaves on its soil.

    The whole borderless nonsense thing is totally contrary to human nature
    and this is why nationalism in the sense of the preservation of national identity and a national homeland is on the rise. The ensuing conflict will be not only between the Left and the "far right" but between the Left and the "far right" together against globalisation if not globalism in the case of the Left.

    Nothing has happened in Europe like this since the Dark Ages when there was constant turmoil. The nation states were established in the 19th century in many places on the Continent and after the upheavals of the first half of the 20th things had finally settled down until "they" decided to create even further turmoil for reasons of turbo capitalism or Marxism. This turmoil could now last centuries unless things are done to correct it.

    Watching Crosstalk on Russia Today last night, reference was made to Hofstadter's 1964 essay "The paranoid style in American Politics". It is American and Zionist paranoics who seem to be causing all the turmoil in the world; globalisation and total financial and military domination are down to them. Unless the American elites realise that if they leave the world alone then they will leave them alone things are only going to get worse. This paranoia is probably partly the result of their belief that if they did not remove them the Native Americans will drive them into the sea and partly because many of those who went to America had been victims of persecution in Europe and elsewhere.

  6. I refer to Francis's comments on the last blog about white genocide, which I was told about 30 years ago. The mystery is that most Europeans haven't yet twigged to what is going on and that it may not all be purely fortuitous. With this in mind I was enraged to hear George Galloway, with whom I sometimes agree, salivating over a recent march in London "against racism and fascism". I can only assume that the only racism he was talking about was white "racism" ( there is no other!!) . They would not be marching about Indian racism, Chinese racism, Japanese racism or even black African racism. Galloway is of Irish-Scottish descent, like Blair and seems to share Blair's hatred of the English. One thing is sure that his new half-Indonesian son will never have to carry the stigma of being born white. And Galloway is showing that the future for the white race is intermarriage; all in line with the genocidal plan. Indeed I am expecting the Stasi police to accuse anybody not wishing to intermarry soon of being a white supremacist.

    Back to Galloway, he is an anti-white racist himself of course because he is backing the Pakistanis in their endeavour to have total control of Bradford the chief city in the new northern Muslim caliphate stretching from West Yorkshire to West Lancashire. Perhaps he would like to talk to my neighbour who was born in the city 90 years ago and is now distressed to see it becoming part of Pakistan and she says it is now a real dump. I doubt it. And then there is Max Keiser who is proud of the Scottish part of his ancestry from Caerlaverock Castle in Galloway and yet was castigating "whitey" the other evening. All the sins of the world it seems are down to the white race and Russia, of course, is its last great bastion so Russia must go.

    This brings us to the programme I did not watch on the "Britain's most racist election" on Channel 4 last night; that being the 1965 election in Smethwick. I saw a trailer of an Indian gentleman saying how dreadful it was. I don't suppose anybody thought to interview the Smethwickians driven out of their ancestral homeland as Birmingham is now in a race with Bradford to become the next majority non-white city. Of course nobody cares about the English, they can just hop it. I remember reading that Enoch Powell's house there plummeted in value because of the third world influx.

    1. Hi its Francis

      Remember the late Lady Thatcher told the UN in 1980 that Scotland did not exist because it was now part of the unitary UK state. Just because there is pressure now to completely genocide us does not mean that we will be genocided. The anti whites days are numbered.

      Scottish devolution came about because the SNP went to UN as far back as 1979. Google Scotland UN committee to find out.

      We need to saturation bomb the UN. I have been saturation bombing the NUJ about the racist angle of chikd grooming and will now see that many papers are now describing the peadophiles as pakistani or pakistani muslim. My work is starting to pay off.

      Saturation bombing of the UN will work as the Scots Nats will testify as it was through them that they obtained devolution. Labour spun it that it was them who did it but this was a mask to conceal the real reasons of international pressure.


    2. Francis. Let me know how to bombard the UN although Blair and the Rothschilds will probably block it again. If you have evidence of the bankers and communism, Nazism and both white-decimating world wars then let me have it.

    3. I don't think that George Galloway hates the English (at least not in one sense) as he campaigned strongly last year for the No side in the referendum on Scottish 'independence'. He expressly said in interviews that it would be a tragedy if two peoples who had been together in one country for more than three centuries broke-up their collective country.

    4. Hi its Francis again.

      Concerning UN complaints procedures I suggest one Googles 'complain to the un'.

      I did that and several pieces of info come however the maim email address to complain to

      This is the link which comes up 'claiming human rights' . The fact that Article 8 of the declarations of rights for indigenous peoples has not been incorporated into UK laws does not mean that we have no right to complain. No it means we can bypass our genocidal government.

      The UN is very picky about how one submits complaints. I have taken screenshots of the evidence checklist and sending it to Robin.


    5. Google 'procedure 1503'. This is the UN's complaint procedure for individuals.

      We need as many people as possible to do this. Once you complete it and send it the UN will acknowledge your complaint but will not advise you of what steps are being taken. So anyone telling you Blair or Rothschild denied the claim is telling lies. They WANT you to believe that lie so that you will not continue reporting them. Be very aware of agents within our ranks.


    6. Francis. Thanks. I will do this when I can.

  7. 69% of Scots, 59% of the English, 59% of the Northern Irish and 54% of Welsh when asked in a recent poll thought that Scotland would shortly become independent and that the United Kingdom would then break up. This will leave us with an independent England but an England, as I have said, in which we will find ourselves trapped with a burgeoning non-English and probably non-white and Muslim population with our Celtic neighbours choosing to apply their immigration policies to us, especially if England leaves the EU. England will be wholly un-British in the historical sense but not so in the Empire/Commonwealth sense. Indeed, I am becoming increasingly irritated by Russia Today's coverage of the hunger strike in our immigration detention centres. Perhaps Russia would like to take some of the thousands flooding into Western Europe from all over the third world? Russia has played a part in the present Syrian crisis which is sending further thousands heading north-west.
    However, it occurred to me that perhaps Scotland will be preparing its immigration detention centres for us when we become asylum seekers from our own land.

    Should anybody miss this drivel that I write then you will wish to know that I am having major surgery shortly and so will not be blogging for a few weeks. Indeed I may not be able to resume until after the election which will be very interesting as anything is possible. With a Labour wipe-out by the SNP in Scotland the minor parties may hold the balance of power but I cannot imagination the Greens making common cause with the "far right".

    I have just finished a book on Nye Bevan. He is possibly the only labour politician since the War who was not interested in power per se, like Gaitskill, the odious Morrison, Wilson and worst of all Blair ( who has had to give up his Middle East job for doing bugger all). Bevan had a very interesting view on Europe, so different from New Labour. He shared De Gaulle's vision of a Europe from the Urals to the Atlantic of independent states working together, to include Russia therefore. So Bevan of the Left was in bed with De Gaulle on the right. Bevan like Lord Salisbury viewed America as being vulgar and materialistic so another left/right common view and no Atlanticist there. Our present troubles in Europe stem from the American determination to interfere for their own hegemonic ends.

    1. I wouldnt preserve the union for the sake of keeping Britain whiter. It is Britain that is turning England into a non English and non white country filled with seditious and subversive muslims. The elites deflect nkame onto the EU. Of course the EU is part of the problem. Non white immigration started 25 years before we joined the EEC. The Race Laws started 8 years beforehand too.

      Thr multicultural problem is entirely the fault of the British establishment.Membership of the EU has only made the matter worse. Leaving the EU is the first stage in dealing with the problem however the main problem can only be dealt with by removing the current ruling elites. We cannot do it by force but we can certainly report them to the UN General Assembly. Google 'procedure 1503' . This is the UN procedure to enable one to complain about your country to international authorities. If you want evidence of successful complaint using this procedure google Scotland UN Committee.

      We now have them on the ropes. The UN does not tell you the progress of your report they merely acknowledge it. I reported the NUJ a few months ago and now the MSM is starting to call child groomers pakistani muslims and now Trevor Phillips admits the failings of Race Relations legislation he homself fought to impose on us.

      I have no conclusive proof that I myself brought this change but it does seem too coincidental.

      Also google 'Equal Opportinities For Slow Learners' which appeared on the BNP website last year. That article received tens of thousands of hits. Our fightback is growing and we will win in the end. God Bless.


    2. Francis. Thanks. I was annoyed by the arrogance of Trevor Phillips on his programme about race last night. If he wants England to be like Africa or the Indian sub-continent then why doesn't he go and live there. Why do these people want to be in European countries living like Europeans and complaining about the natives. Why doesn't he go and try and turn Africa into another Europe as the Chinese and the Japanese have? And if European colonisation was wrong then it is time to shout the C word re third world colonisation of Europe. It is equally wrong.

    3. Interested to hear about Trevor Phillips. I would have thought he was gearing himself up for the 50th anniversary of Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech three years hence and as at the 40th preparing to go to the hotel where it was made to desecrate Powell's memory and lambast anybody who does not think that England is not a better place because he was stopped from every following the common sense course he proposed.

  8. Francis, I know about Russia, Iran, China not being under bankers' control but Serbia is interesting. This must be the reason that Goldman Sachs have sent Tony Blair there. Watch out Serbia, you are going to be hit again. Another country is "fascist" Hungary apparently.

  9. this research published today is interesting. There really is a North/South divide: The Wellcome Trust-funded study, which is part of the People of the British Isles Research Project, found that people in the north of England are genetically more similar to people in Scotland than they are to those in the south of England.

    1. The BBC's take on this research: It shows that we are all immigrants (despite the fact that most of our DNA comes from people who were here before the arrival of the Romans, 2,000 years ago, and the last major changes in DNA were the result of the arrival of the Angles and Saxons, 1,500 ago. Good old BBC, as "objective" as ever.

    2. As Migration Watch has said in vain immigration was minimal between 1066 and 1948 and we had the third most stable
      population in the world. Plus the Huguenots, the Flemish etc, all bar the Jews, were racially, culturally and religiously similar to the natives. There is a difference between Syrians hopping over nearby borders and travelling thousands of miles to Europe. The BBC won't give up until whitey is gone and the Muslim beauty contest is the only one in town.

  10. Perhaps that explains why northerners and Scots are more left-wing than southerners are.

  11. Francis. You have recently referred to bombarding the UN regarding the slow genocide of the English in line with the UN's Scotland Committee and the Scots' pressing their case for self-determination. A friend told me to be wary as the UN may be just following their Agenda 21 which aims to split Europe into regions. I hope that this is not the case.

    As regards the Central Banks I see that there was a pretty violent protest outside the European Central Bank's new headquarters in Frankfurt. For a start, why have they got a new headquarters when they are pressing us all to adopt austerity measures to bail them out?
    Secondly, one poster or spokesman said that it was now the Central Banks against the rest. So the message is getting through. It is interesting inasmuch as if you believe in the Wall Street banking cartel's bid for world domination then Frankfurt am Main was where it all began back in the 18th century.

    As regards the Scots, they, too, have a lot of Viking blood but they also have a large amount of Scythian blood if you realise how similar many look to Slavs or Russians at least. Bede suggested that the Scythians were the first to arrive in Britain but this is probably not the case. What is clear is that each wave or invaders mostly came via the South and then was pushed north, either over the existing land bridge from the Continent or, when this had been flooded, by boat. The first peoples into Europe ( apart from the Basques whose origins are still a mystery) probably came from the Fertile Crescent in Syria. According to a programme on Scottish dna of which I head just the start, the next wave were from the Balkans, others reached Britain up the western seaboard via Spain and France. One interesting thing is that Scotland is meant to have just as much Anglo-Saxon dna as England. This would probably up the eastern side as far as Edinburgh where place names attest to this. Whether this genetic difference is the reason why those in Northern Britain are less malleable or why they are more attracted to the cause of social justice would be difficult to determine. It is probably because the South-east was where the money was and all those wanting to make it and lord it over their fellows headed that way from anywhere in the island of Britain.

    1. Hi its Francis again.

      Yes I am aware of the UNs Agenda 21 and believe that the UNs real purpose is to camoflage white european genocide. One only needs to look at the aims of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi to prove the intent. If you google 'ten stages of genocide' you can download this dociment from the genocide watch website. It is clear that all stages are in operation albeit without people being marched to their deaths. So yes perhaps English Genocide should be reported to Russia yes Russia also a UN member. Yes Russia who helped Scotland secure devolution not the EU and not USA not France and not Germany. Russia our only real ally.

      On the other hand the authorities failure to deal with child grooming and establishment peadophilia could easily be reported to UN via the procedure 1503, just google this procedure and it comes up straight away.

      The UN will do something the problem is we have to play each power off against the other. For genocide and national recognition Russia and possibly some non nwo controlled states are the best contacts while Police and Social Services failures could be dealt with under procedure 1503.

      We all know that the government and authorities will do nothing and continue prevaricating hoping that the iasue will go away.

      Yes I do believe that the Scots are almost racially the same as in England but racial similarity does not equate to same culture or national origins. The Scots will put themselves first so if the leave the UK within five years they will behave in the same way the Croats treated resident Serbs in Croatia. Upon the breakup of the UK I would advise English nationals to come back to England. We need are people united and strong ready to fend off the final onslaghts of cultural marxism.


      We could sue the Police NUJ Councils using the Equality Act over their failures to deal with child grooming. The problem is the cost of doing so.


    2. Francis. I will quote again Enoch Powell who obviously was cast out into the outer darkness for speaking the truth. He said that Russia was England's great ally and that America is the aggressor. Most of us who are not brainwashed by the current mass banker brainwashing campaign against Russia are aware of that. This is the reason that they are determined to destroy Russia but so far she is standing firm.

      On RT Russia chooses to support the Left against the bankers when it feels the need but I still feel that it also supports nationalists in Europe, if only because they are the resistance against an EU created by and controlled by the bankers and doesn't fancy the prospect of being surrounded to the West and South by Islam. The Zagorsk prophecy of said that Russia would save us for Christ from the evils of banker controlled Marxism and I am wondering whether Putin in 2017 will reveal who was really behind the Russian Revolution. The trouble is that our hopes rise only to be dashed again. It is such a long struggle.

    3. Thanks for that info. Yes the late Enoch Powell was far sighted.

      Churchill warned us not only against islam but more importantly about communism in 1920. He said that grievance cultures would form and equality was impossible.

      I just wished more people knew this.

      Russia I agree is the last throw of the dice. Even Russian muslims are pro white and not hostile to Christianity.

      As far back ad 1917 an aperition of Our Lady that is the Virgin Mary was seen on at least three occasions by 70000 people in Fatima, Portugal. She warned all religions to stop believing that they are superior to other religions and that we can have peace if we stop persecuting each. She said that war was Gods punishment.

      Isreal is sadly the cintroller of the NWO and will not allow us freedom from the international bankers at any price. 90% of Jews are sctually fake Jews who iriginated from Khazahstan. They originally worshipped satan but then concealed their satanism by converting to Judism. These are the bankers and at the moment they control the west and rule Isreal.

      God bless us all


  12. And Allah said, "I have made the nations and the tribes so that ye shall know one another".
    That seems like a bit of text the Islamists and the government have chosen to overlook.

    1. I think it must depend upon which version of Islam they follow.

      The Wahabbi and Salafi sects are the ones pushing for world domination and it is those sects which run ISIS an international terrorist organisation funded and trained by the USA, UK and Isreal.


    2. As the highly intelligent Kitty Little, who was on the trail of Common Purpose, told me 30 years ago; Christ said he would call the nations unto Him. By this He meant tribes, much in the same sense as your quotation above. If this multicultural utopia that the Left and the bankers have created is so wonderful then why is everybody so miserable in it, the natives as well as the people they have brought to live among us. As somebody said, the birds and the bees don't go for it; only dogs and then that is much the fault of their owners.

    3. Francis. Israel, the Gulf States and the bankers are all working together and the Israel Lobby in the US. Now Israel is bent on attacking Iran. They are all crazy paranoics bent on controlling the world for fear it might control them. Israel might invoke the Samson option and bring the temple down on everybody. Cameron is Britain's Netanyahu.

  13. News that TSB has been sold to a Spanish bank. That follows on sale of the nation's share in Eurostar, which has seen its profits rising. TSB was stolen from its members by Margaret Thatcher who gave it the her friends in the City. It ended up the hands of Lloyds Bank. Now it has been sold to foreigners. Cameron's Tories have an ideological commitment to globalisation.
    The EDs should announce a policy that strategic national assets will not be sold to foreigners, and that if they are, an ED government will repatriate them to England without compensation.

    1. Cameron's Tories are working for the bankers and big business and the sooner the Tory voters realise this the better. Cameron is a loose cannon and the European Netanyahu. He has just behaved in an odious fashion in Brussels with total bad manners and arrogance. He is helping Kiev with no parliamentary mandate in breach of the Minsk agreement in a way that even America will not do for fear of restarting the conflict. He stomps around thinking he is Mr Big but he is not only a diplomatic liability he is a great danger to the rest of Europe. Like his mate Jeremy Clarkson, he is an ignorant boor with no sense of history or common sense.
      Let's hope he is gone on 7th May. And what an insult that the election was set the day before the 70th anniversary of VE Day.
      And Cameron is backing those in Kiev who idolise Hitler. If he uses the day to bash Russia, who lost millions to stop Hitler, I will be livid.

    2. "The EDs Should announce a policy that strategic national assets will not be sold to foreigners . . ."
      I wholeheartedly agree!
      The Government Pipeline and Storage System (GPSS) consists of 1550 miles of pipeline carrying fuel for military and civil users. It distributes 40 per cent of aviation fuel. Building started during World War Two to supply, via secure underground pipelines, fuel to RAF and USAAF airfields. The network begins at Avonmouth on the Bristol Channel and runs north through Gloucestershire and east to Heathrow.
      It is a national military and civil infrastructure asset. It has now been sold to the Spanish - and I thought they were broke! The Government says the sale will "ensure national resilience is not compromised". They must be desperate for the cash or deluded, perhaps both!
      Steve, Ilminster.

    3. Perhaps the EDs should compile a list of vital national assets, e.g., airports which are in foreign hands.

  14. Broadcasters say a deal over the TV election debates has been reached, with PM David Cameron taking part in one with seven party leaders but no head-to-head with Labour's Ed Miliband.

    The live debate with the seven leaders will take place on ITV on 2 April, moderated by Julie Etchingham.

    A debate on 16 April on the BBC will involve five opposition party leaders.

    The PM and Mr Miliband will separately take part in a live question and answer programme on Channel 4 and Sky News.

    The 90-minute programme presented by Jeremy Paxman and Kay Burley will take place on 26 March.

    Responding to the announcement from broadcasters, Mr Miliband told the BBC: "David Cameron is now in the ridiculous position where he'll go to the same studio as me, on the same night as me, with the same audience as me but he won't debate me head to head as he's running scared

    A Liberal Democrat spokesman said: "We have told the broadcasters that we will take part in the proposed format, just as we have said we would take part in all the proposed packages to date... despite our strong objections to being excluded from any TV debate or interview."

    Mr Farage described the situation as an "utter farce"
    He tweeted: "TV debates are now so far from the original proposals. Broadcasters should be ashamed. They've kowtowed to manipulation from Downing Street."

    Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon said: "Our preference would have been for broadcasters to stick to their original proposals, and not be pushed around by the Westminster parties, particularly the Tories. However, it is good... we can get on to discussing the real issues of substance."

    Green Party leader Natalie Bennett welcome the "end of the debate about the debates," adding that "David Cameron's intransigence has delayed this process, and taken away space in which we might have been debating the future of Britain".

    Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood said: "No politician should be able to choose whether to be held accountable or not... Though it falls short of the original proposals, I welcome this statement from the broadcasters.

    "It's important that people in Wales and the other nations in the UK are presented with a true reflection of the choice facing them."

    So why aren't the people in England being represented? Without the English Democrats there will not be a true reflection of the choice facing voters in England of sovereignty for England.

  15. All the razzamatazz surrounding the re-burial of Richard III is highly political. There can be no doubt that he should have been re-buried in York Minster. He was re-buried in Leicester which is England's most multicultural city at huge cost. Why in this time of "austerity" could all that money be found for this highly hyped event? Burying the remains in Leicester was part of the Britishness agenda. A burial in York would have provided a focus for English nationalism, which why it was denied..

    1. I was aware that there was a dispute between York Minster and Leicester Cathedral over which city he should have been buried.

      I agree York would have been the better choice but for the first time in 50 years an all English event happened. Remember England like Richard III was Roman Catholic until 1536 and the late Richard was given a Catholic buriel.

      The question is why was he never given a proper funeral in the first place particularly after the battle of Bosworth? I see Richard III as the last true English leader and we have gone down hill ever since we were ruled by foreigners. As far as I am concerned the Tudors were foreign


    2. Well, I doubt if Henry Tudor was any more foreign than Richard Plantagenet. There is some doubt whether the remains are of Richard or a close relative. Although there is curvature of the spine it is nowhere as severe was expected. Also, the reconstruction based on the skull and the DNA looks nothing like the portrait done when Richard was alive. The portrait showed a dark eyed, dark haired man, the reconstruction is of a blue eyed blond.
      Richard commanded a northern army representing both Lancashire and Yorkshire, and drawn from all across the northern half of England, while Henry's army consisted of Southerners and Welsh under Sir Rhys ap Thomas. It is said that Sir Rhys delivered Richard's death blow with his poleaxe. Lancashire was carved out of Yorkshire and Cheshire. The antagonism between the Red and White Rose is recent, The Red Rose was not attached to the Lancastrians until after the wars between Richard and Henry. The 'Wars of the Roses' is therefore a misnomer and has something to do with Sir Walter Scott ,who popularised the description in his writing.

  16. The burial is costing £2.5 million. There is supposed to be a lack of cash, but it can be found when the establishment wants to push 'Britishness' over Englishness.

  17. I'm less concerned about Richard III than I am about Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. I'm no fan of David Cameron, either, but Salmond is threatening to (help Labour) vote down the Queen's Speech, should Cameron attempt to form a minority Conservative administration after the forthcoming election.
    Should he be successful, Cameron would have to resign an we would find ourselves saddled with Miliband as a puppet Prime Minister, with Nicola Sturgeon pulling the strings from Edinburgh.
    The Scottish nationalists would then be able to place a figurative gun to Miliband's head by threatening to veto his agenda should demands for more and more concessions for Scotland not be met.
    The SNP would (with their 50-odd seats) be the effective government of England; - not an attractive proposition!