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Friday, 11 October 2013

Traditional Britain Group conference:- ‘The Future of the Nation State'

Traditional Britain Group conference:- ‘The Future of the Nation State'
Sorry but there is my ugly mug that all readers of this blog will recognise in the line up of speakers here! The others all sound interesting
On the 19th October the Traditional Britain Group will be hosting an all-day conference in central London titled, ‘The Future of the Nation State.’ 
The Traditional Britain Conference will be of interest to a wide range of individuals concerned with politics, culture, religion and economics - including conservatives, traditionalists, libertarians, nationalists and radicals - and will be a good opportunity to learn, share and network.
The social media hashtag for sharing photos and thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere during the conference will be #traditionalbritain. Free wi-fi available.


Traditional Britain Conference: 10am - 6pm
The Traditional Britain Conference will consist of 8 speakers (see a full line of speakers at the bottom of the page) throughout the day. Each will have 30 minutes to talk followed by 10 minutes of questions. Coffee and Tea will be provided in the afternoon and an hour and a half given for lunch.
Lunch is not included as we wish to keep ticket prices low - we will provide a local list of places nearby where attendees can eat. If you are staying for the evening we urge you have a large hot lunch as there is not much time between the main conference and the evening's discussions!
SOCIAL MEDIA > Free Wireless will be available and we would encourage people to post their thoughts and photos on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day using the hashtag #traditionalbritain
10:00 - 10:05: Chairman’s Introduction
10:05 - 10:10: Vice President’s Introduction of Speakers
10:10 – 10:50: John Kersey - 'Preserving the substance of a nation: the role of a traditional conservative counter-establishment.' 
10:55 – 11:35: Angela Ellis-Jones - 'The Forces Destroying Britain from Within'
11:40 - 12:20: Alex Kurtagić  - 'Wanted: A Moral Critique of Egalitarianism'
12:20 – 13:50: Lunch
14:00 – 14:40: Gregory Lauder-Frost 'Immigration and the threat to the Nation'
14:45 - 15:25: Robin Tilbrook - 'The Future of the world's Oldest Nation State, England' 
15:25 – 16:00: Coffee and Tea
16:00 – 16:40: Richard Spencer - 'Why We Need Europe' 
16:45 – 17:25: Markus Willinger - 'A Europe of regions and Identity' 
17:30 - 18:10: Dr Sean Gabb - 'Britain and the Global Reversion to Ancestral Ways'

Traditional Britain Unconference: 7pm - 9pm - discussion tracks 
In the evening we will be hosting what is known to some in business as an 'unconference.' This casual affair will consist of six tracks (discussion groups) focused on the themes of the day, three tracks per hour, over two hours. Each track is lead by leaders (in some cases the speakers) who will host the discussion - you can either listen or contribute. Attendees are welcome to wander between tracks. A cash bar will be available so you can get a drink! 
19:00 – 20:00:
Track 1 – Who are the forces destroying Britain and how do we stop them? - Angella Ellis-Jones
Track 2  - Traditionalism and Counter-Establishmentarianism: John Kersey
Track 3 - The European Union, a democratic deficit: David S.
20:00 – 21:00:

Track 4 - Beyond Nation as State: Olivia Pistun and Richard Spencer
Track 5 - A moral critique of Egalitarianism: Alex Kurtagić
Track 6 - Is immigration really a threat to the nation? - Gregory Lauder-Frost

Venue details will be sent to attendees nearer the time. The venue, located in central London will be easily accessible via public transport.
Dress Code - Smart Casual. 
Contact for more information.


  1. It seems that Robin will be a lone voice speaking for the English at this conference.
    The conference is being held in central London,
    The only way to deal with the problem of immigration is to confine it by building a "Berlin Wall" around London.

  2. Just remember that the top bloke at the Traditional Britain Group is Lord Sudeley whose stately pile is in the lush farmlands of Gloucestershire. There's a man with a sense of English history lacking in the likes of the old Etonian cosmopolitans. Nothing wrong with the aristocracy; it is new money that has sold us down the river.

    As regards London, an interesting item on Russia Today. A gentleman called Mr Jordison has just written a book on the ten worst places to live in Britain and number one is England's capital which outsiders feel is expensive, with poor public transport and rude inhabitants. Somebody else commented that the centre of London is now the home of millionaires and billionaires, even doctors can't afford to live in London any more.

    So London is effectively a dump. Mr Jordison describes it as the "crappiest" place to live in Britain. This is undoubtedly because of the de-anglicisation of London. I remember reading a comment from an American lady who said that London was such a classy place in the 1960s. I remember London in the 1960s and it was, of course, almost still wholly English. If those too young want to know what it was like then look at 60s footage of Top of the Pops devoid of any cultural enrichment.

    As regards, public transport, Mr Jordison said it was so overcrowded that you ended up with your nose in somebody's armpit. The population has of course rocketed through mass immigration and London is vastly overcrowded. As for rudeness, the English there used to have a reputation for being friendly, polite and cheerful. Their replacements are obviously not and even the English commuting in probably so hate the place now that they are throroughly miserable and rude. Another comment was on lame architecture. This refers to the monstrous concrete blogs which the plutocracy are planting everywhere.

    London now, with England to follow, is a result of the Mexico syndrome which the Marxists and the kleptocrats want to create and are creating everywhere. In Mexico you have a wealthy elite and an impoverished crime-ridden underclass and that is it; all permeated with violent crime and drugs. Sounds like London but in London neither the underclass nor the rich elite are English any more. We have a capital of people from the third world dominated by foreign and probably criminal oligarchs. We have lost our capital to people who are in no way like the cheerful cockneys and other English whom they have replaced through ethnic cleansing. By the way, Max Keiser on Russia Today tells us that the 2008 financial crisis was prompted by the cutting off of Mexican laundered drugs money from Wall Street - and no doubt the City of London. It wouldn't surprise us. RT tells us that the rest of Britain blames the City for the crisis.

    Robin has just told us that Boris Johnson looks forward to a population of 90m in Britain - now thousands of Chinese have been invited in. Even my Guardian reading brother said a population of over 60m already is insane and we can't feed ourselves. Whenever did we allow ourselves to be ruled by buffoons and crooks and how on earth do we get out of it. The optimum population for Britain is a third of that. As for London, by the middle of the century most of England will look like that. The joke is that London was advertised for the Olympics as the world's most vibrant multicultural city and we now learn it is a dump; as if we didn't know that already. Somehow London must be retaken but how that process begins who knows. And today we learn that four more terrorists ready to blow it up have been arrested. Don't you just love their borderless global village?

    A previous commentator spoke of anti-white or anti-ethnic English racism. This is surely the card we have to play. We must start accusing our leaders of the last 60 years and the present of that heinous crime of racism but this time against the indigenous population of England.

    1. We have to abandon London. It cannot be recovered, but we have to ensure that English England does not follow Londonistan into multiculturalism.

    2. After the news tat Ten on ITV last night a discussion programme ensued. On it were: Harriet Harperson, Dan Snow, Jeanette Winterson and Fraser Nelson of 'The Spectator'. One of the topics was Englishness and national identity,with regard to Jack Wilshere's comments on the 'English' players, or lack of them in the England football team . What followed was a craven, supine restatement and reinforcement of politically correct dogma - even from supposed Conservative (Scottish) Mr Nelson. It was a sorry denial and betrayal of the England we all know and love and a chilling reminder of the depths of treachery from the opinion formers of our country. Ms Winterson chimed though that she was from the North and that the metropolitan elite better beware as her visits 'home' showed her that all was not well and that we English should be ignored at their peril.

      She was right.

    3. Survey after survey show that Northerners are the most conscious of being English. It is in the North that the fight back against the metropolitan elite will begin

    4. There is apparently a new definition of London, which is "anywhere within commuting distance of London".
      There are increasing calls for England to have a capital other than London. The leading candidate is Leeds.

  3. In the Cursor Mundi, an anonymous religious poem in northern Middle English dating from approximately 1300 AD, appears the words: "Of Ingland the nacion".[14] The Prologue starts:

    Efter haly kyrces state Þis ilke bok it es translate, Into Inglis tong to rede, For þe love of Inglis lede, Inglis lede of Ingeland, For þe commun at understand. Frankis rimes here I redd Comunlik in ilk a sted; Mast es it wroght for Frankis man — Quat is for him na Frankis can? Of Ingeland þe nacioun, Es Inglis man þar in commun. Þe speche þat man with mast may spede, Mast þarwith to speke war nede. Selden was for ani chance Praised Inglis tong in France; Give we ilk an þar langage, Me think we do þam non outrage. To lauid Inglis man I spell...

    This can be translated into modern English as:

    This same book is translated, in accordance with the dignity of Holy Church, into the English tongue to be read, for love of the English people, the English people of England, for the common people to understand. I have normally read French verses everywhere here; it is mostly done for the Frenchman — what is there for him who knows no French? As for the nation of England, it is an Englishman who is usually there. It ought to be necessary to speak mostly the speech that one can best get on with. Seldom has the English tongue by any chance been praised in France; if we give everyone their own language, it seems to me we are doing them no injury. I am speaking to the English layman...

    In 1323 Henry Lambard, a cleric, was brought before a court and asked how he wished to clear himself of charges of theft. Lambard said in English that he was a cleric and was then asked if he knew Latin or French. He replied that he was English, and English-born, and that to speak in his mother tongue was proper. He refused to speak any other language except English. Refusing to give any other answer to the court, he was committed to another court to suffer peine forte et dure.

    1. "10:10 – 10:50: John Kersey - 'Preserving the substance of a nation: the role of a traditional conservative counter-establishment.'"

      Ðe substance of a nacion is intimately entwined wið its language (tung). We English have a tung which has been stripped of 80% of its vocabulary (wordhoard). Ðat 80% has to be restored, if ðe nacion is to be a nacion once again.

  4. I have just been sent a copy of a Telegraph blog article about the success of Marine Le Pen in France and the imminent possibilty of France leaving the euro and the EU which it is surmised would lead to the collapse of the whole pack of cards. Evil nationalists are rising to the fore. But this is just human nature re-assering itself against the utopianists and the political and financial elites. As Max Keiser on Russia today has said the whole world's economy has been financialised by these people.

    Naom Chomsky has spoken of America now being ruled by the Business Party as both main parties are in the pay of the big corporations; and the removal of democracy. Another commentator said that these corporations and banks are not worried by the rise of China as China is now the world's most capitalist country where if you don't work you starve. If it is not democratic then that doesn't matter as neither is America or the West in general any more and hasn't been for decades, for as long as the Plutocracy has been planning their one world dictatorship. China has been up to no good in Africa so don't expect them to be perfect here. It is an extremely corrupt country and probably bent on pinching our inventiveness and running off with it back to China.

    Meanwhie in Russia there has been rioting because an illegal immigrant killed a muscovite. The assailant was deemed to have had non-slavic features. I don't think anybody here would dare describe an assailant as having non-english features any more. The Russians have always looked after themselves and have had to when faced with Napoleon and Hitler. So did we once until we were made to feel ashamed and guilty for doing so.

  5. An interesting comment from Ms Winterson. Perhaps it should have said; ignore the Danelaw at your peril for most of the backlash seems to be coming from north of Watling Street.

    On a previous blog a gentleman called John has said that the immigrants of the last 60 years should now be classified as English even if they are not ethnically so. And so we are back to Wellington and being born in a stable. Can people who are so alien racially and culturally be the same as the indigenous population? If things take their course we have been told by Professor Coleman that the natives will be in the minority in the whole of Britain by the middle of the century; so they might be in the minority in England much sooner. If they are being replaced not by other Europeans then by non-Europeans than obviously the whole identity of the country will change. They make speak like the natives but will never look like the natives - as Enoch Powell pointed out. We face the prospect of England becoming Europe's first ethnically non-European european country and it will be difficult for those who have no ties even to this continent let alone to this country by way of blood and culture and history to feel the same way about as those who do.

    We face the prospect of England becoming a majority Afro-Asian country in the wider sense of North Africa and the Middle East as well. The dominate religion here will be Islam as has already been predicted in ten years' time. Perhaps Joey Barton was reliving footage of the 1966 world cup when he made his comments; unity, cohesion and homogeneity are gone and the country can never be the same again. Indeed we face the prospect of the religions of the Sub-continent and the peoples of the Sub-continent being in conflict here. We learn now of discrimination by certain letting agencies against Afro-Carribeans and the owners all appear to be of Asian or Middle Eastern origin. We were forced into and manipulated into compliance at least two decades ago but nothing is certain as regards the new arrivals here.

    We are largely tacit witnesses to our own genocide. Perhaps the Danelaw will finally rebel even though the less robust kingdoms of Mercia, Wessex, Esses and Sussex may not. Musing on Russia, of course Russia was founded by Swedish Vikings who may have handed on their spirit to their Slavic compatriots. The Rus may be the last of the Vikings as their Scandinavian cousins seem now largely supine; although the Danes may spring a few surprises. But just keep watching the Danelaw, especially down the eastern side of the country.

    By the way, Marine Le Pen took her votes from the French working classes and kicked Monsieur Hollande's international socialist and Marxist useful idiots into touch. All over Europe the working classes are switching from the left to the "far right" no surprise as they have been treated with contempt for three generations by the former. The drift in this country already to UKIP from blue collar Labour voters must be harnessed by the EDs. North of Watling Street as opposed to south of it the immigrants are mostly Pakistani muslims which has ensured an apartheid not so evident down south. However, UKIP are already giving in by appointing a Bradford Pakistani restaurateur as their small businesse spokesman. As in France with both Socialists and Gaullists there is a fight for the muslim vote. Interestingly, my Breton friend who has one half-African and one half-Vietnamese grandson made some very disparaging comments about France's last world cup team where those of African "heritage" were in the majority. I wonder how many in this country will feel the same if England's next world cup team is composed in a similar fashion. As for Mr Bernstein, I hesitate to suggest that his own exotic origins may influence his views as to who is English and who is not.

    1. It is reported in the newspapers that the government now has a policy of relocating unemployed black and ethnic minorities from London to the provinces. Perhaps the Dano-English of the Danelaw will rebel. They are not as passive as southerners.

    2. Well what I think, and what I have always thought, is that it is not a prerequisite of being English that one must be ethnically English.
      Immigrants who have been settled in England over a period of time, who have been able to adapt to the English way of doing things and who have relinquished the cultural traits of the countries from which they originate are English and should be described as such in my opinion.
      However, I accept that for some, to be English is to be ethnically English, and, although I personally disagree with this standpoint I accept it as an entirely legitimate position to hold.

      I do, however, think that there is such a thing as the 'ethnic English' and that the 'ethnic English' have a right to be described as such and have a right to be defined in terms of their own group interests. It seems that the crux of the matter is as to whether one makes a differentiation between 'English' and 'ethnically English' as I do or whether one regards 'English' and 'ethnically English' as one and the same.

      I accept that other than when the term 'English' is being defined to mean 'ethnic English' the whole debate as to what 'English' means can be full of nuances and subtleties which enables the Marxists to confuse and distort the debate. The census confirmed that the majority of immigrants who have held on to the cultural overcoats of their homelands describe themselves as 'British' and this it seems enables immigrants to take an easy option, a middle, more globalistic identity which further clouds the whole thing.

      The English Democrats do not seem to make any definition that the term 'English' means 'ethnic English'. The Front National are a party for the interests of those who describe themselves 'French' and they are not a party which promotes an intrinsically 'ethnic French' identity.

      Anyway, that's only my opinion for what it's worth. Keep up with the posts Anonymous, I always look out for your interesting and informative write ups on here.

    3. Perhaps there should be a category of Englanders, i.e., resident of England, as opposed to 'ethnic English'

    4. There's an interesting report on the alternative website entitled One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Roman Bernard believes that in striving to become more mainstream the Front National will have weakened it's policies and will be unable to change the "banker, bureaucrat, CEO" led system which prevails.

    5. That should be "One small step for Marine, one giant leap to nowhere". Lol. Using an iPod on here can be tedious, my original text was wiped.

    6. John, a black Englishman is as much of an oxymoron as a black Red Indian. No-one can become English in a generation and that includes other Europeans.

  6. Sky News has been covering the subject of immigration this week and went to Romania. Romania has a lower unemployment level than this country but much to their government's chagrin, Romanians are choosing to leave to come here and to countries like Germany to get four times what they would get at home. The same is true for Poles, Hungarians etc. This may be understandable but in no way helps their countries of origin and smacks of greed on their part but this is complimented by the greed of employers here who opt for the cheap labour option. More are in work here but unemployment does not go down because those in work are coming from abroad. Following this argument then the Romanians and Bulgarians will only lead to an increase in our unemployment and a lowering of theirs.

    Meanwhile back in the dump in London where obscene greed and wealth are the order of the day for the few, I caught one such bloated plutocrat on Russia Today welcoming the troubles in America as this would lead to more investment in London in commercial and residential property. That will be more laundered drugs money I expect. he said that London is now a boom town, as evidenced by all the concrete horrors being paid for by that laundered money. London is now a foreign enclave topped by foreign and probably criminal oligarchs. Doubtless ponzi scheme George Osborne who wants China to buy up England thinks it is all marvellous as as with the rest of them money is his god.
    And now the Germans are going to build our power stations and the Chinese are to own them. Sad when you think that we led the field in nuclear power in the 50s and 60s. We know we have not enough engergy to cope with twice our optimum population let alone the 90m favoured by that clown Boris Johnson. We have started to have power cuts here. As regards China they are going to concentrate on the home market so we will have to manufacture our own goods again in Europe so we will need more imported cheap labour.

    On Sky News came the welcome results of a poll where 67% thought that the country was grossly overpopulated and drastic action is needed. Even if immigration stopped tomorrow the population would still increase thanks to the muslim birthrate. I have already said that Gregory Lauder Frost of the Traditional Britain Group has spoken crassly regarding Doreen Lawrence. But he was right on the need for a voluntary repatriation at least to be begun now. As it is we have only managed to deport 4,000 of 160,000 illegal immigrants. And now we hear of the problem of people trafficking not only from Eastern Europe but from outside Europe as well. Close the borders now and to hell with the EU. We will leave as soon as we can. By the way the OECD wants more immigration. Solving third world problems by sending them all to Europe.

    Finally, I saw the programme on Australian Art. On speaking of Tasmania, we learnt that not all the natives were decimated by the British. Some were deported to neighbouring islands and still live there.
    Of those who perished many died of a broken heart. I know how they felt. Two wrongs do not make a right and dispossession of native peoples as is happening in Europe is the most heinous of racist crimes. More and more I am tuning into films and tv programmes from a pre-multicultural age and trying to pretend it isn't happening. Still there is hope, the Traditional Britain Group is one of many trying to stop the erosion of European identity all over the world. Just in time before it is gone forever.

    1. Those behind the OECD don't care about people. What if a few hundred Africans and Arabs drown in the Med as long as they keep coming. They will sweep away the ancient nation states of Europe and that is the intention, to do away with all barriers to trade and the exploitation of labour, and to concentrate the world's wealth and power in the hands of the cosmopolitan kleptocracy.
      As for the Tasmanians dying from broken hearts, we have the situation where ethnic English boys have simply given up. The aboriginal English are becoming like the Australian aborigines addicted to alcohol and drugs to dull the pain of loss.

  7. The White Dragon19 October 2013 at 08:10

    Interesting brief discussion on English identity on BBC Breakfast this morning - I saw the piece just before 7.30. The historian, after giving some background on St George, said pretty much that expressions of English identity, such as flying the flag on St George's day were being held back because we have no focus in the 'British' parliament. No-one is reflecting our identity back to us from a position of authority, but nevertheless Englishness is slowly emerging from under Britishness. I don't know if she thinks we need an English parliament, but it would be interesting if we could get to build on that.
    'Keep on Keepin' on'

    1. St George is not particúlarly English. Ðe English flag was in úse a hundred jéars before ðé adopcion of ðe Palestinian St George. St Edmund is our proper pátron seint, his seint’s dey on Nóvember ðe 20th shoud bé celebrated raaðer ðan St George’s Day.

  8. A hushed up part of the KPMG report on HS2 says that HS2 is likely to cost provincial cities in the region of two hundred millions of pounds each. All to save congestion around London, since it will do nothing about increasing rail capacity elsewhere. The rest of England must not become the suburbs of the "Great Wen" which is London. That is this globalist government's plan, using immigrants to reproduce Londonistan everywhere.

  9. There was an interesting comment by a columnist in our local paper about London's bid for independence. The thinking was - good riddance. This would have been unthinkable as little as 40 to 50 years ago. But the fact is that London is no longer English and large parts of England are still are and the two have nothing in common until the day where we have a third world population everywhere.