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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hateful and Hopeless – "Hope Not Hate’s" Labourite cranks get it wrong again.

Steve McEllenborough, Liverpool based English Democrats' Council candidate, initially laughed at the absurdity of the self-styled “Hope Not Hate” blog had posted up a picture of him. Here is the link to this picture (Click here>>
Steve joked that:- “This photograph was taken at a airsoft game area. As anyone can see I was in Second World War American uniform. We were celebrating having beaten the “German” team. We were raising money for “Help the Heroes” Charity. The fact that the Labourite cranks of “Hope Not Hate” think that this picture is worth making anything of shows how truly desperate they must be to attack the English Democrats. Their attempt to twist a charitable act into something despicable surely shows that ‘Hope not Hate’ are the bigoted ones. We were raising money to help our injured armed forces.
What I like about the English Democrats is that they are a moderate, sensible and reasonable English patriotic party. The English equivalent to SNP and Plaid Cymru and by no stretch of the imagination can the English Democrats’ moderate, sensible policies be described as “far right. Please look at our manifesto and you will see the ‘hate filled lies’ of Hope not Hate."
Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said: “What the use of this photograph shows is that “Hope Not Hate” and its Trade Union and Labour Party backers are desperate to attack the English Democrats because we are winning over many traditional Labour supporters who are fed up with being let down by Labour Party policies that discriminate against England and the English.
What we state is ‘True’ that is why we would be happy to meet them and debate. I have personally offered Nick Lowles of “Hope Not Hate” the opportunity to clear any stories with me to check that they are true. Clearly this use of misleading material against the English Democrats shows that he has no professional journalistic standards at all and is merely a Labour Party propagandist. Perhaps, with the collapse of the BNP, Nick Lowles and his “team” are worried that they might lose their Trade Union and Labour finance and have to actually go and get a proper job or it is maybe that they are simply anti-English just like their paymasters. Which is it Nick?
My question for Nick Lowles and his team is: Are you really so blatantly anti-English that you have to make up smear stories to try to attack the only party standing up for English interests?”
And finally: Why have not you mentioned the Ex -Combat 18 and Far Right extremists Trevor Maxfield and Margaret Burke who are now Labour councillors?
I await your answer Nick! Or are you one of those scared hypocrites who hide behind your keyboard, too frightened to come out into the real world?


  1. It is becoming clear to any sane and reasonable person that the venom embedded in the increasing anti English Democrat propoganda is shocking and counter productive. Reasonable English people, by not cow towing to the dogma of the oppressive 'liberal' propoganda are subjected to hysterical and rabid assaults so that they conform. In a liberal democracy one can believe and follow any political party - provided it is sanctioned by the commisarrs of the left it appears.

    Remember chaps, it's only hate when we do it - right?

    Lord haw haw might have frightened a lot of people during the war (including my Mother as she hid under the stairs when the German bombers came) but it didn't stop England fighting.

    Mr Lowles and his government backed and funded ilk are modern Haw haws, they add nothing positive to the political debate. It is their task to undermine any opposition, by any means to the deceitful and un democratic imposition of the unrestrained transformation of British society in General and English society in particular.

    Any one in this country who takes up against this Hydra has to fight a dirty and remorseless
    enemy of decency, common sense and true democracy.

    1. You don't seem to understand the difference between British which is a civic status and English which is an ethnic identity. Until the English win independence from the UK, we are British citizens and English nationals. When we achieve our independence, we will be English citizens as well as being English nationals. There is no such thing as British society, only English society, because the British only constitute a state, but the English are a nation.
      To be a true democracy the English have be free, not under the UK yoke.

  2. Robin, there is no 'collapse of the BNP.' Granted we lost some members but we're still going. So please stop trying to put spin on it like Hope not Hate. You took Butler and co in and now this is the price you pay.

    1. Nick Griffin has admitted that support for the BNP as it is now is collapsing. It's only hope is to become the party of the New British in London and other big cities with large immigrant (New British) populations, since it does not represent the ethnic English.

    2. Robin,
      The BNP clearly feels threatened by the rise of the English Democrats and English nationalism. Why would anyone who is English remain a member of the anti-English BNP?

  3. Robin,

    I've just had a look at the article and I cannot understand how they deliberately twist facts and spin stories to suit themselves.

    I once quizzed a leftist over the role of the Bosnian and Albanian Moslem SS divisions in WWII and guess what ...... total silence ..... then changed the subject.

    Bosnian Muslim SS divisions killed 750000 Serbs, and this fact has been suppressed by the media for years and the Yugoslavia holocaust was the cause of the 1990s problems in Bosnia. The 8000 people killed by the Serbs in 1995 is nothing compared to the 750000 Serbs murdered by Muslim SS divisions.

    NATO bombed the wrong people and the Serbs have been let down.


  4. I said this would happen once you let ex BNP join us. I hope your happy now we are a target for the likes of Hope not Hate.

    1. This hasn't really got anything to do with Ex-BNP people. Right from the start we have been attacked for merely mentioning England and the English.
      The more we are attacked the more we can feel that we are worrying our opponents - that is Politics!

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how easily the acolytes of the leftist, politically-correct nosey-parker movement drop into the slot of putting some sort of guilt trip on those who oppose their way of thinking.
    Basically, since the Act of Union there has been peaceful and progressive co-operation between Scots and English, a state of being that the Welsh were only too pleased to go along with.
    However, since north sea oil has been on the political agenda it seems that some of our Scottish cousins now believe that such revenues that come from it are Scottish by right, hence the sudden drive for complete autonomy.
    I have news for them - oil revenues are British, not Scottish, brought about by the hundreds if not thousands of British nationals who invested in the companies who extract and refine the stuff.
    Lastly, I am English and proud of it; the sooner we have an 'English-only' parliament, the better I'll be pleased; the Scots and the Welsh can then go and play in their own backyards and leave us to our own devices!

    1. British CITIZENS - English NATIONALS. Don't confuse the two.


      Prime Minister David Cameron and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond have signed the referendum agreement.
      Prime Minister David Cameron was in Edinburgh to sign the deal on a legally binding referendum in 2014.

      The agreement stipulates that the ballot must contain just one question on independence. The Westminster refused to permit a second question on "devolution max".

      In exchange, the Scottish Government has been given a free hand to propose the date of referendum, the wording of the question, and the option to extend the franchise to 16- and 17-year-olds.

      Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said, "I am doing my absolute best to not look triumphant today," after signing the agreement to give the Scottish National Party the referendum on independence which it has wanted for 80 years.
      Most polls indicate that only a minority of Scots want independence.

      English nationalists will regard this as bad news and hope that Mr Salmond can persuade more Scots to vote for Scottish independence.
      The English Democrats cannot rely on the Scots to do that. They have to have a plan B in order to exploit the opportunity the Scottish referendum allows to go all out for "devolution-max" for England in 2014.
      "Come on English Democrats - WAKE UP!"; it will be at least another generation before there is another opportunity like this one. (and this opportunity has taken 80 years to come along; don't waste it.)

  6. Dear Robin
    looking through English history it has been the English fighting for a better system of government, not the Norman
    `elite` which has caused the real class problems, with us not being able to work together, called divide and rule.
    It is even worse now under the so-called liberal laws, what we need is a fair system, and importsntly working together
    for the common good of all,democracy in its present form causes deep divisions and many profit from this. Democracy must be used with great respect and allow people to use their own practical common sense in life and have the law to back them up, it is a complete change round where government is by the people from a local level
    and thus builds up from there, not the other way round at present so people feel and know they are a valued part of their country of England. As we see with the Olympics how the British word was used constantly for a very good reason, the powers that be do not wish for independent states forming the United kingdom, because their power will be reduced even hopefully gone altogether.

  7. It might be an extremely groovy idea for English Democrats not ever to pose, with rifles, in front of pictures of the late dictator of Germany A.J.Hitler, as no matter how innocent or even amusing they may think it, and heaven spare us the non existent English sense of humour, it will always be interpreted the wrong way.

    1. I absolutely second this. What a remarkably stupid thing for someone involved in politics to do. This is the type of thing that will end up killing off the English Democrats' chances of building any sort of effective political movement. Please, Robin, put a stop to this type of silliness, the stakes are too big for us to get caught up in dead end arguments.

    2. Since some people post up almost what they had for breakfast on their Facebook profiles, it is hard to see what could be done.
      I don't suppose that HnH would seek to make anything out of someone posing with a picture of a communist mass murder!Even if they were actually a supporter.
      We are not and never will be and extremist party and just have to focus on winning the arguments.

  8. Funny how I've posted a comment on their article linking to this response twice and their "moderator" has moderated out both of those comments, guess the truth interferes with their fascist propaganda hey

  9. We know that Cameron wants to be pm of the United Kingdom and not just England - or even Scotland. The first reason for this is that he is on a massive ego trip and England is not big enough ground for him. The second is that he has made it plain to the Scots that he is Scottish so to be prime minister - or first minister - of England would be inappropriate.

    Now Ed Milliband, is trumpeting the same theme. He is referring to our shared history, a history his ancestors have never known since his family only rolled up here after the War. Plus he has a problem with being prime minister of England since Krishnan Guru-Murthy pointed out to him that he was an immigrant and therefore British and could not be English which is an ethnicity.

    We know why the British establishment has a problem with England, as it immediately transports us back to a country which existed prior to the Act of Union of 1707 when not even the bulk of Jews were here let alone anybody else who was not ethnically English. In fact it even takes us back further to the glorious age of Elizabeth the First before we shared our throne with the Scottish Stuarts.

    Charles Vickers' speech made all of us whose roots here go back beyond the Norman Conquest remember the real England, the well-organised, free and democratic country that was Anglo-Saxon England, the richest and most well-organised country in Europe, the country that died at Hastings in 1066. The English still carry a terrible melancholic yearning for that time and the bitterness and sadness at the defeat is edged into their psyche. To suddenly resurrect such a country with its own parliament going straight back to Anglo-Saxons times would be an explosive moment. It would be the moment when the chains that have kept us down for nearly 1,000 years are suddenly smashed and the English soul rises to the surface, angry at those who have kept it imprisoned for nearly a millenium, under the name of the Norman yoke or the British establishment, wherever they hail from. This must be why William Hague described the English as a potentially very violent people because if you keep a strong man manacled for a thousand years and then suddenly set him free the consequences can be pretty dramatic and even destructive.

  10. I see Menzies Campbell and the Scottish Lib Dems are at it again, talking about a future fully federal UK (which is an option, as opposed to the quasi-federal mess we currently have), but a federal future made up of 'nations and regions'. By which, of course, Campbell means 'nations' for Scotland and Wales, and 'regions' for England. We might point out, for example, that of the three countries of England, Scotland and Wales, only one - England - has a single language. Or that it would be very easy to 'regionalise' Scotland - East Coast, West Coast, Borders, Central Belt,Highlands, Islands etc. No English politician suggests that, so we should not put up with a Scottish politician arguing for the break up of England.

    1. Perhaps the answer is that an independent England in which the Scots and the Welsh would have no longer any say would be an even bigger and more poweful entity than the Westminster government the Scots want independence from.

      Scotland and Wales would be like Belgium is to France or Holland to Germany and they don't want that at all. Hence their desire for England to be carved up so that all the various constituents are about the same size then they will not feel so threatened.

  11. If England is divided into nine regions, as envisaged by 'Europe of the Regions', Scotland and Wales will be reduced to 'British' regions. They wouldn't want that. If England is kept as a single country, instead of Scotland and Wales being only on a par with any other region of 'Britain', they would be equal to England in their own and other countries' eyes. Scotland and Wales don't want England divided into regions, but the European fanatics do.
    The English Democrats' policy is a federal UK consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; not the present union, or failing that, an entirely independent England.

  12. I'm sorry Mr. Tilbrook, but when I read that you met with Russian neo-nazi extremists ( and your party is allied with them (, then news like this are disturbing, even if it was just a charitable event and he was dressed with the American uniform.
    On other words, separate yourself from the extremists, both foreign and national (I'm mentioning former BNPers and such parties, whose members should be expelled, as they contaminate the EngDems).
    As a supporter from a distant land, I'm disappointed.

    1. I am sorry Jose. I have no idea what you have read. We have nothing to ddo with extremists of either Left or Right. We area new and fresh face to politics in England and will continue to be so!