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Saturday, 24 June 2017



The current level of Barnet Formula style annual block grant from the English taxpayer to Northern Ireland is standing at £10.4 billion per year.  That is somewhat more than the total net subscription/subsidy to the European Union that so much of the argument during the European Referendum campaign was about! 

That adds up to a subsidy to every man, woman and child in Northern Ireland of £5,437 more public money than they will averagely have paid in taxes being paid to the population of Northern Ireland which is as per the 2011 Census, £1,810,863 (£1.8m).   This means that, as set out in the House of Commons Briefing Paper number 04033, published on the 8th March 2015, whereas the average Government spend per head in England was £8,638 in Northern Ireland it was £11,106. 

Dominic Lawson, the son of Mrs Thatcher’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson, and who is a former Editor of the Sunday Telegraph, wrote in the Sunday Times on June 18th (see below) that “there are no more successful shakers of the magic money tree than Northern Ireland’s politicians”.  The question is how successful will the DUP be in shaking the English magic money tree? (or as I would rather put it picking English pockets!).

I seen reported rumours of an extra 1.4 Billion or an extra £2.5 billion and have even heard a rumour, which like all such rumours of course is un-attributable and unverifiable, that the demand may even be an extra billion for every one of the ten DUP votes in the House of Commons.  If the latter is true, that would of course then lead to a doubling of the figures which I gave above, with over £10,000 of English Taxpayers’ money being spent on average for every man, woman and child in Northern Ireland!

In the past we in the English nationalist Cause have tended to compare our country’s treatment with that of Scotland.  This is partly because of the success of the SNP in highlighting the independence issue for Scotland and thereby successfully blackmailing the British Political Establishment to try to buy Scottish votes for the Union.  This latest development will of course not be generally about buying Northern Irish votes for the Union, but specifically buying the votes of the 10 DUP MPs in the House of Commons.

It will be interesting to see whether English People do begin to realise that they are being taken for fools with perhaps by as much as £20 billion of cuts on English hospitals, schools, roads, students etc., because of the fact that that money has been spent in Northern Ireland.

As mentioned above Dominic Lawson wrote in an article on June 18 2017, 12:01am, in The Sunday Times
“We are all being DUPed into a merry splurge”
In the article he writes:- “The DUP is socially conservative — reflecting the communities it represents — but in other respects it is to the left of the party May leads. Or, perhaps more accurately, it is populist. Its manifesto opposed the Conservative policy of removing the pensions triple lock and introducing means-testing for the winter fuel allowance. At the same time it advocated that the province be exempted from the BBC licence fee and air passenger duty. Its determination on this last point is apparently what’s holding up the deal: the chancellor, Philip Hammond, is understandably reluctant.

You get the picture. There are no more successful shakers of the magic money tree than Northern Ireland’s politicians. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics last month showed that while Scotland consumed £2,824 more in public expenditure per capita than it raised in taxes — a source of irritation to the English — the average inhabitant of Northern Ireland consumed £5,437 more public money than they paid in taxes. There has been a payment from London to Ulster of about £10bn in each of the past three years, slightly more than the UK as a whole has been paying — net — to the EU.

Obviously, the latter is to foreign countries, while the colossal transfers across the Irish Sea are to poorer fellow countrymen and women, with all the demands of solidarity that status entails. But it is quite a racket. To give just one example: if a legal chambers in London gets a call from Northern Ireland, the clerk will take it with a song in his heart. While legal aid in England has suffered drastic changes in allowable charges, in Ulster legal aid is, as one practitioner put it to me cheerfully, “still the same old gravy train”.

In England legal aid was one of the non-ring-fenced areas of spending that most felt the effects of what David Cameron and George Osborne offered as the solution to a national credit card maxed out by Gordon Brown: “austerity”, they called it, and the word stuck.”


  1. Well it's more of the same as far as economically dysfunctional N. Ireland is concerned, but if handing out more English money to them helps to secure a real Brexit then it's money well spent.

  2. Now we have it confirmed that there will be an extra £1000,000,000 capital spent; that is £100 million for every DUP MP's vote! For Northern Irish voters that represents a fantastic return on the effort of turning out to vote!!

  3. It's also an extra £1,000,000,000 to be slashed from public services in England. Already the Welsh are bleating about "fair funding". They're right about one thing, though; it's a "straight bung".

  4. Good to see Robin pointing out that which should be obvious but which is generally missed by people of all political colours, namely, that it is not only Scotland which benefits hugely from the Barnett Formula but Wales and N Ireland as well, in fact, both do better per capita than Scotland.

    This daylight robbery will continue until England has a Parliament of her own.

    As for the propriety of bribing the DUP, it is morally wrong but also unnecessary because the DUP were never going to vote against or abstain on votes of confidence or most of Brexit measures or major money Bills. Read more at

  5. Was this bung actually necessary? The last thing the DUP would want is Corbyn as PM. So they would never have voted the government down, anyway. Once again Theresa May has demonstrated that she is the antithesis of "strong and stable".

  6. [off-topic so delete if desired but request: reflect on this]

    Grenfell Tower fire: a few nights ago on BBC TV (10pm News? Newsnight?) a female Asian solicitor (not iirc Sophie Khan) was interviewed and basically said Moore-Bick was unsuitable as head of the proposed inquiry on the grounds his background would mean he'd be out of touch with 'the community'; she went on to mention one or two Asian judges including a Sikh who she averred would be better qualified to be sympathetic to the needs of those affected, etc etc.

    What this woman was asserting therefore was that someone of HER ethnic background instead would better represent the interests of those affected (mainly, it seems Asians and other aliens) by the fire.

    Isn't this a complete game-changer? The very fact she said this on TV, without reservation, indicates an ethnic bias that is starting to grow out of control. Such injudiciousness in a judge would be unthinkable, in a solicitor it should be unacceptable.

    Moore-Bick seems still securely in position, but here's guessing this is not the last that will be heard on the subject.

    1. For various reasons, I have been unable to contribute to this blog for many weeks. The chief reason, as I have previously stated, is that my local library, where I use the internet for reasons of internet security and free access, has barred this blog along with all other blogs deemed political.

      The comment about Grenfell House is correct. I think there may have been one or two native English in the block and this is presumably the case for most of London's social housing.I was shocked to see the surviving residents storming the Kensington and Chelsea council headquarters, pushing their way up the stairs in something remisicent of the third world. Apparently, one of the firefighters who arrived at the scene of the fire remarked that it was like something from the third world. Fortunately, nobody has insisted on asking him what he meant by his remark.

      We natives of England still cling to the vain hope that our country will one day be restored to us, especially our capital city.
      Apparently, the French working in the City have elected their own depute to the National Assembly. So is London now a French dependent territory?

      I was interested, therefore, to read a letter from my local Tory mp, Rory Stewart, who apparently is destined for something big in the Foreign Office - he couldn't be more of a disaster as foreign secretary than Boris - but has done nothing to give us back a bus service to the nearest big town or give us back a council-run old folks' home.
      Rory the Tory as he is known wrote as follows: "Britain is an unbelievably complex society - and there are no easy answers to the challenges of our finances or to our changing population." As regards the latter, we had until 1948 a homogeneous population with the only places where there was lingering friction between Catholic and Protestant even being Liverpool and Manchester. The population then was 99.9 per cent white and immigration between then and 1066 had numbered no more than 200,000 mostly of our fellow Europeans or Jews from Russia and the Continent. If it is unebelievably complex then this is the making of our politicians since then without the native English being either consulted or condoning their actions.

      As regards the devolved nations, I am losing hope that we will ever have an English parliament. It will be England split into regions or nothing as the disintegration of hithero homogeneous white nations - including Canada and the United States is pushed forward. They have a term for our resistance and it is nativism and they call us white nationalists which they then link to the Klu Klux Klan. Would somebody please call out the Chinese President and the prime ministers of Japan and India for their yellow and brown nationalism and see the response they get.

      As regards Brexit, the oily Vince Cable has sneeringly said that he does not think that it will now ever happen. This is the same Mr Cable whose half Sikh son has been out in India fighting the caste system. He has obviously not made much progress as evidenced by the item on Joanna Lumley's India about it last night. And since the caste system is based on skin colour, the paler being a higher caste than the darker, then how can Asians here accuse us of racism against them?

      In the previous week, Joanna spoke to a gentleman in Calcutta about the Indian view of the British. He said that they brought sewers and the pavements to Calcutta - the only Indian city to have them - and they brought order whereas Indian has now descended into total chaos again. Sadly, this is what Europeans do and something the natives of the global south do not. This begs the question as to how England and Europe as a whole will look in 100 hundred years' time when the global south is in the majority. Doubtless, politicians like Mr Stewart will be running round even faster like headless chickens agonising about the challenges that England's changing society is presenting them with.

  7. I read on the BBC "red button" news that English student debt typically exceeds £50000 on graduation. No such problem in Scotland and significantly less in Wales and Northern Ireland where we subsidise their education in full or in part. Also, a total in excess of £13 million was collected last year in fines from English patients, falsely claiming exemption from prescription charges. Not excusable but again, no such problem in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland because we pay for their prescriptions as well as our own.

  8. Further to my previous comments about the challenges of dealing with England's changing population, I wonder if the following could be deemed to be hate speach, Robin, or out and out racism. There was an item on RT about the fact that the population of Africa is due to double by 2050. Cue Mo Ansar, the chipper imam from Southampton, who is often pitched on RT against a spokesperon from this party. Mo said that Europe is now finished and crumbling with the birthrate at or below replacement level whereas parents in the global south were having up to five children. I believe it is up to six. So the global south is now required to expand into Europe and North America seeking lebensraum and replace the native population. Yes, he actually used the word "replace". Substitute Europeans for Jews and Non-Europeans for Europeans and you will see that Mo is merely echoing the Left's fascist agenda which is more virulent and violent than that of the "far right".

    So white men at the BBC are being paid too much in comparison to women and the ethnic minorities. I agree in equal pay but this is just further evidence of the left's anti-white, especially, anti white male agenda. They say that Trump was largely supported by angry white men. No surprise as the left seems bent on replacing whites by non-whites and marginalising or eradicating white males completely. With increasing support for such as the EDL and Britain First the battle lines for Enoch's predicted blood letting are now being drawn.The portraits of the white male founders of university colleges are being taken down to be replaced by those of non-white females. But the Left's narrative is now no longer open to challenge and you have to keep silent or risk being ostracised. Meanwhile, we hear that Asian families are now forcing their gay offspring into heterosexual marriages but where is the screaming from the Left? They are once again torn between accusations of racism or homophobia.

    And now the BBC has allowed Daniel Baranboim to make an anti-Brexit speech at the Proms, blaming the rise of nationalism for the destruction of European culture. Firstly, Mr Baranboim is an Argentinian Jew who lives, I believe, in Israel. When will he start screaming about the dangers of Israeli/Zionist nationalism? But secondly, he first came to prominence in the 1960s living in this country at a time when the EU was just a twinkle in the eye of Edward Heath et al. And European culture and the exchange of musicians across Europe, even from behind the then iron curtain, was as healthy as it is now. So what is your argument Mr Baranboim? Of course the staunchly remain Left/liberal BBC welcomed his comments with open arms.

  9. Apparently, Labour are the "patriotic party"! Here is Labour's new "English Labour Network".

    Here's Liam "no money left" Byrne writing about this in the Grauniad

    Can Labour get any more dishonest here in their attempt to reclaim English patriotism? The mind boggles.

  10. SJ NM

    Labour CANNOT be a patriotic party and pro immigration party at the same time. It is impossible.

    The ethnic minorities who now dominate the Labour Party will not accept any change to Labour policy. They want total power and control and domination of the indigenous.

    Personally I believe it will be the actions of ethnic minorities that finally kill off multiculturalism and end the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan for good.

    We are already seeing the sexism racket turn full circle with transgenders now the main irritant and kryptonite to the feminist movement. Feminism has now been fully turned upside down and reversed. The same will happen to race relations. Its only a matter of time before the various ethnic minorities start attacking each other continuously. The Police and authorities will be forced to take sides and the losing minority group will then start causing a stink while we of course will remain powerless until the entire globalism ends. Already south east Asians have become too arrogant already.

    One day blacks and Asians will fight each other to death for control over our country and I think it won't be pretty. We the indigenous will of course be watched and remain subjugated until the day comes when the globalists finally run out of steam.


  11. Further to my comments about Mo Ansar wishing to replace the natives of England with his brethren from the Indian sub-continent, Sub-saharan Africa and the Middle East - I am still awaiting a comment, Robin, with regard to the crime of hate speech , bloggers will interested to learn that Alex Jones's Infowars has now come up with the secret anti-European agenda of the financial and corporate elites bent on world-wide hegemony as they assiduously follow the aims of the Frankfurt School of Marxism.

    The UN's Agenda 21 has for the last 17 years used all means possible, including the West's wars in majority Muslim lands, to cause the migrant invasion of Europe and North America. This was no accident as the ultimate aim is to replace Europeans who know to much and want to earn too much by a Hitlerian style slave population who will be happy to work for subsistence wages, will have no sense of belongong to Europe, care nothing for its history and culture and hopefully for them interbreed with native women, ultimately turning the West into a mirror image of the global south but a population which is easy to control and dominate.

    Even more interesting is what Infowars has to say about the revelation that the sperm count of white males in Europe, North America and Australasia has dropped in the last 40 years to one half of previous levels. When the BBC gloated over that one my immediate reaction was, why? I thought perhaps that white men had buckled under the vitriol heaped on them and the sperm count drop was a result of their failure to win in their psychological struggle.

    But according to Infowars, it is much worse but not surprising. They have discovered evidence of drinking water in the United States being contaminated with oestrogen boosting chemicals. Men are quite literally being feminised in the hope that they will decline in numbers or lack the strength to fight back. How this attack on European Civilisation will be rebuffed is at present difficult to judge. The future now belongs to Eurasia and its still homogeneous nations, along with those of Catholic Eastern Europe who, as Donald Trump acknowledged in Warsaw, refuse to play ball. Unless we fight back, the West is finished and its men will be replaced by militant Islam and all those healthy young men from the refugee boats - hardly any women and children - anxious to intermarry with European women. The Left is spending weeks celebrating the 50th anniversary of the overturning the law criminalising homosexuality. But those smiles may swiftly fade when faced with a rabidly homophobic Islam and nobody can judge what the outcome will be. The Liberal Left has more or less ousted Christianity from this country. Tim Farron said recently that this is no longer a Christian country. It seems there will be nobody to stop the transition of Western Europe from white and Christian to non-white and majority Muslim. But to point out all that is going on just means being dismissed as a nasty white nationalist. When did we ever vote to give our country and continent away to please the United Nations and their Agenda 21, the agency for a group of psychopaths, masters in propaganda, brain washing and manipulation and their satanist plan for world domination? The dumbed down masses, however, care more about the bread and circuses exemplified by such as Love Island than their own genocide. So what hope?

    1. Anon 27 July.

      Like you I don't know what the final result of this multiculturalism will be, but I have long suspected our water supplies of contamination.

      Poland and other Eastern European nations will probably govern western Europe because the other alternative under Islam is intolerable.

      I never thought how easy it was to destroy a nation from within but the globalists have almost succeeded. Whether we can repel the islamist takeover is not known but remember the Muslim residents are also being poisoned by the same water supplies so they too will be affected.


    2. Francis,

      The immigrants might be drinking the same water as native Europeans but the obvious thing should have been to put some additives in the ater in the global south to stop them breeding exponentially rather than in that of Europeans who have reduced their birthrates. The fact that this has not been done shows what the master plan was. Even if immimgrants have their birthrates cut in the north there will be billions wating in the global south to pour in and complete the job they are being used for.