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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Secretary of State for Wales highlights that MPs in charge of English Departments need to be English

Secretary of State for Wales highlights that MPs in charge of English Departments need to be English 

On the 6th August the Secretary of State for Wales, the Right Honourable Alun Cairns MP, released a statement about how proud he felt about Welsh athletes being involved in the Rio Olympics.

It seems that he could not help but put his national identity ‘Welsh’ above his British one. He stated:-

As the 2016 Rio Olympics get under way today, I want to wish all of our Welsh competitors the very best of luck. As a team of 24, this is the highest number of athletes that has represented Wales for an overseas Olympics. It’s also the first time that there are more women than men in the squad. 

These men and women will be ambassadors for athletics and Wales and are going to fill us with pride in the same way that Ashley Williams and the Welsh football team did during the Euro 2016 tournament. 

The whole nation is behind our athletes, and I’m confident their hard work and dedication will deliver results. Pob lwc i gyd. 

The reason why his words are so damaging to the much vaunted unity of the UK is that we English now know that his first loyalty isn’t to the United Kingdom but to Wales. This should instantly rule him out of taking on any other role in the British government. It is obvious that his loyalties would be questionable if he was called upon to make a decision that ought to be to Welsh detriment, but to England's advantage.

It is a serious breach because a British government cabinet member has wished his Welsh countrymen luck in sport above the English, Scottish and the Northern Irish. That goes action goes against the Act of Union 1707 which stated "United into One Kingdom by the Name of Great Britain’ because the Olympics is a United Kingdom event not a Welsh event.

Alun Cairns' words show that he treats his role in England no differently than a British Colonial District Officer treated overseas colonial possessions. Everyone now knows it is Wales first for him. 

He is involved in decisions that affect England whilst clearly his loyalty is solely to Wales. How many other Welsh MPs have the same loyalty as him? 

His statement is damaging to the concept of British government because the English can no longer trust that they will be treated equally by Welsh MPs working for the British government. 

Only English MPs should be in charge of English government departments!


  1. I have long maintained that there is no such thing as an "English MP". There are only British MPs sitting for English constituencies. Some of these are Scottish or Welsh! The best we can hope for is a British MP who was born and resides in England.

  2. This is akin to Andy Murray saying that he plays for Scotland and not for the United Kingdom and other anti-English comments he has made. I was in a Welsh Male Voice Choir and when England played Wales at rugby and won you had to keep stumm or they turned nasty but if Wales won against England they rammed it down your throat until the cows came home. I can understand how the Celtic fringe feel but as I always say, it is not the English they are fighting but the Norman establishment. The English are as much, if not more so, still a besieged people ruled by a foreign elite. Edward 1st, the hammer of the Scots and the subjugator of Wales, was Norman, or was it Angevin, not English.
    And since him we have been ruled by the Welsh Tudors and the Scottish Stuarts. In fact, there has not been a truly English king since the Conquest. Apart from Welsh, Scots and Norman French, they have been Dutch and German, mostly the latter; in fact Queen Victoria spoke German to Albert and thought of herself as German and Queen Mary of Teck spoke German. Some say that this is the reason that the Royal Family, until they were told to drop it, were such great fans of Adolf Hitler.

  3. Robin, I'd welcome your views on the factionalism in Ukip following Farage's resignation.

    1. Nigel Farage told Russia Today that he had destroyed the "far right" by absorbing the BNP and taking it out. I have always wondered about Farage and his City connections. Those who tried to preserve the national identity of England have not disappeared, they have gone underground. I am told that Newcastle is sitting on a powder keg as relations between the locals and Muslims sour. As for Farage, there does not appear to be anybody in his party with the same energy and sense of the ridiculous. Paul Nuttall was the only real alternative and he is not standing. Steven Woolfe appears much too timid.

      But UKIP is not in the same parless state as the Labour Party which the Trotskyites are trying to push too far left, capturing the support of the very young but that is all. They are about to prove themselves to be totally unelectable. May is not as condescending as Thatcher and I am pleased that she is to meet Putin to hopefully mend fences. But as always I am suspicious of her motives. Labour will become even more detached from its traditional voters, the "white working classes" leaving the way open for blue UKIP and hopefully the English Democrats.

      As regards the end of the "far right"; Farage had to say that to distance himself from them. I am sure there are pockets of them in UKIP. But now that the London police are to set up a monitoring unit for "hate crime", we must all choose our words with great care, even though England and the English as they had been for at least 1500 years are on the verge of becoming history. The Marxist tide is sweeping all before it and is wedded to the British Establishment and will brook no dissenters.

    2. Without Farage Ukip is going down the tube. Its membership is falling like a stone. Farage's would-be replacements are a bunch of complete nonentities.
      The question is why aren't the English Democrats with their clear nationalist message not replacing Ukip.

    3. The reason why is because the vast majority of the English do NOT want to see the United Kingdom break-up as your party espouses, especially now we are out of the EU as if this happened it would now entail the creation of REAL, 'HARD' borders with not just Scotland but Wales too. Your party will get nowhere with promoting separatism. You should be a proper British nationalist party instead and have a proper immigration policy based-upon commonsense and not the globalist lunacy UKIP espouses.

    4. Having that Afro-Carribean immigrant Winston McKenzie who has changed parties more often than most people change their underwear represent you in the Witney By-Election does NOTHING for your party's credibility either! Get yourselves a decent candidate and one who is preferably British! Having a black man promote English nationalism is as loony as the farcical SNP's 'Asian Scots for independence' group!

  4. I wonder if the hidden hand will allow this to appear. The odious Peter Sutherland of the UN is now in charge of migration into Europe in order, as he said, to destroy the homogeneous nations of Europe. I knew this but would suggest that bloggers look at the latest offering from Alex Jones on Infowars. I knew that Sutherland was connected to Goldman Sachs Bank but it turns out he is the actual chairman. Jones says that Goldman Sachs and to a lesser extent, J P Morgan Bank, are behind one world governance via the UN, IMF, World Bank etc. It is Sutherland who set the mass immigration of recent years into motion. Merkel is only doing his bidding. 80% of these immigrants are young men, many with jihadist intent. What Europe has staved off for 1,000 years, an Islamic invasion, is now being facilitated by these people. And German industry is being encouraged to employ these young men as we are all reduced to corporate slaves . So, as I have discovered, the history of Europe for 100 years at least has all been about hoodwinking the people into accepting engineered wars for the sake of the ultra rich. And Jones says that this is World War 3 aimed at completely destroying Europe. The French do not have enough centres to house these people and are asking French citizens to take them into their homes. Jones suggests that those who don't agree to do this will be punished. He feels that America will soon receive the same treatment. This is what Trump is endeavouring to prevent; but few think he will be allowed to complete his mission. Jones has said it exactly as it is but the western media, also nearly all owned by the same said Bank, are desperate now to present another narrative. Too many people are now aware of what is going on. It has been suggested that the only recourse they will have is to take down the internet so that people are isolated from getting together to oppose their evil plans.

  5. If you watch Alex Jones you will see that he refers to the racist nature of what is being done to Europeans. That is racist towards the indigenous populations of Europe as Peter Sutherland pursues his plan to remove any shred of homogeneity from Europeans nations. There is no doubt that this is not new but has been underway since the end of the Second World War using a Marxist agenda. By the way, I forgot to add that Jones also informs us that Sutherland was the founder of the European Union. Perhaps this underlines what the great plan is, a borderless world where Europeans have been removed or marginalised by newcomers so that the latter can become the corporate slave labour to the global governing class that Europeans refuse to be.

  6. Yesterday, David Isaacs, the head of the Equality Commission published a report on the systemic racism that is preventing our ethnic minorities from being on an equal footing with the indigenous English. A spokesman from the Runnymede Trust said it was so bad amongst young blacks that rioting is the only way to get things changed. The Commission urged the government to take urgent action.

    There are a number of points to make. Firstly, this is getting worse because of the rapidly changing demographics. As the numbers of non-whites increase and the numbers of indigenous English decline, the latter are closing ranks, a bit like the Boers and Americans forming circles of waggons against Native American attack. Secondly, as Alex Jones has pointed out, this is in response to the anti-white racism which has turned homogenous white countries into multicultural ones with no consent or popular mandate. As a friend has said, it is only white countries that are being subjected to multicultural engineering.

    In two years time, we will be celebrating or commemorating two anniversaries. The first is 70 years since the docking of the Windrush and the beginning of the process of multiracialisation of Britain and the second will be the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell's "rivers of blood" speech; and we are told that the stresses and strains caused by Peter Sutherland's battle against homogeneous Europe are getting worse by the day, especially since Brexit. And Islamophobia is mounting by the hour with the result that the government has banned Britain First from parading anywhere near a mosque. The cracks are appearing and eventually the house of cards will collapse. As a builder told me; the world is falling apart and we all know or think we know who is behind it.

  7. Let me correct a couple of typos

    David Isaacs

    (((David Isaacs)))

    (((Runnymede Trust)))

    There, that's better.


  8. Look, it's very simple: you're being victimised in a war of racial aggression, it's just that nobody's told you yet.

    Here's an interesting site keen to promote arrangements for the funding of 'social justice' causes, established by a brunette Justine Greening lookalike called Julia Salasky, an ex-Linklaters commercial litigator who reportedly (ES 25-08-2016) left to "do something I felt had more impact". Could this be one means to the end of arraigning responsible UK politicians for facilitating the genocide of the White English?