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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

James Keir Hardie, Labour lovie or anti-immigration hard man?

James Keir Hardie, Labour lovie or anti-immigration hard man?

Gordon Brown recently did a BBC Radio 4 documentary with much fanfare about one of the principal founders of the Labour Party, James Keir Hardie. Gordon Brown says that fellow Scot Keir Hardie is his hero and inspiration but his narrative had a Soviet style airbrushing out of Keir Hardie’s views on immigration. Here is a link to the programme >>> ? BBC Radio 4 - Keir Hardie: Labour's First Leader

Here is an unexpurgated sample of some of Mr Keir Hardie’s views on immigrants:-

Speaking of the incoming Polish (actually Lithuanians) miners, he said “their habits are very filthy, six or seven males occupying a one-roomed house, and having women to cook for them”

As early as 1887 the Ayrshire Miners Union led by Keir Hardie demanded their removal on the grounds that “their presence is a menace to the health and morality of the place and is, besides, being used to reduce the already too low wages earned by the workmen”.

In his evidence to the 1899 House of Commons Select Committee on emigration and immigration, he argued that the Scots resented immigrants greatly and that they would want a total immigration ban. When it was pointed out to him that more people left Scotland than entered it, he replied:

“It would be much better for Scotland if those 1,500 (Scots emigrants) were compelled to remain there and let the foreigners be kept out… Dr Johnson said God made Scotland for Scotchmen, and I would keep it so”.

He suggested that the employment of foreigners by British employers should be prohibited, unless they were political exiles or had fled from religious persecution or if they came from countries where the wage rates were the same as in Britain.

Writing in his paper the Miner, he stated that: “For this second time in their history, Messrs. Merry and Cunninghame have introduced a number of Russian Poles to Glengarnock Ironworks. What object they have in doing so is beyond human ken unless it is, as stated by a speaker at Irvine, to teach men how to live on garlic and oil, or introduce the Black Death, so as to get rid of the surplus labourers.

I wonder if Keir Hardie's views would now qualify as "British Values" as redefined by this "Conservative" Government now that 'Extremism' is to be redefined as any opposition to the Establishment's revisionist "British values" eg compulsory "respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs”

What do you think?


  1. Liberty GB leader Paul Weston was arrested for quoting the late Winston Churchill's comments on islam and it follows that quoting Keir Hardy's anti immigration comments will have the same result.

    Good to hear that Goldsmith's University diversity officer will now appear in court for inciting racial hatred.

  2. From the Tories house magazine the Daily Telegraph arguing against setting limits in immigration -


    The rise of far-Right extremism throughout Europe is at odds with our mood of tolerance.
    We see explosions on the continent, in the rise of sinister anti-immigration parties: Jobbik in Hungary, Golden Dawn in Greece, the People’s Party in Denmark, the Finns Party – the list goes on. But not here. Our equivalent, the British National Party, won almost a million votes in the 2009 Euro elections and half a million in the following general election. In 2015, it gathered just 1,667 votes – a decline of 99.7 per cent. This is, perhaps, the sweetest statistic of the election. Immigration concern has the far-right on the march all over the continent; in Britain, it has just been extinguished.
    This extraordinary event has gone almost entirely unremarked upon. Britons are very concerned about immigration and it’s painfully clear that the Government is unable to control it. But where are the xenophobes? You can search in vain for any trace of the racist political movements that scar so much of continent.

    The tsar of Ukip, NIGEL FARAGE, deserves a great deal of the credit: he drove a stake through the heart of the BNP by giving concerned voters a stridently non-racist option to express their concern. Britain is facing plenty of major problems, but racism just isn’t one of them.

    The UK has become one of the most successful melting pots in the world, a country so open-minded as to be colour blind. It emerged this week that ethnic minorities in Britain are, if anything, more likely to hold the top jobs (doctors, lawyers, bankers) than whites. In the US, you’ll find Americans at the top of most big firms. Here, we really don’t mind. Royal Mail, RBS, Prudential, Lloyds Bank, Vodafone – all great UK companies, headed by foreigners.

    As Mark Carney, the (immigrant) Governor of the Bank of England, recently observed, low wages are kept down by a never-ending supply of talented newcomers happy with the minimum wage. So all of this, while it is pretty good for the rich, is tougher if you’re competing with immigrants for jobs, school places, a GP appointment or social housing. Failing to recognise the real pressures people face, or to confuse such worries as xenophobia, is the surest way to incubate extremism. This basic point is one that Britain understands very well – which explains both our tolerance, and the chaos on the continent.

    Take Sweden. Its famous openness, a defining national characteristic, has seen it welcoming more refugees than almost anyone. But recently, it has meant politicians turning a blind eye to Romanian beggars who now patrol Stockholm’s underground and set up camp in the shopping streets. Its parliament recently refused to implement a ban on organised begging, in flagrant defiance of public opinion. Little wonder that support for the far-right SWEDEN DEMOCRATS has been soaring – to the shock of Stockholm’s political class. Tragically, Sweden’s famous tolerance is now eating itself."


    1. I think it is easy to confuse tolerance with fear. Continentals have lived with enemies just over the border for hundreds of years and are very wary of allowing cuckoos into the nest.
      Every day on the streets or in safe gatherings the English express their real views but are frightened to take to the streets and express them openly, at least since Harold Wilson and his race relations legislation in the 60s. If they take to the streets they will be shamed or beaten up probably by UAF or arrested .
      English tolerance masks English acceptance of their defeat and the need to just carry on with life in a dictatorship.

      I watched snatches of the programme about Britain First last night which was designed to vilify and ridicule any resistance to mass immigration, the erosion of our ethnic, cultural and religious identity. Francis in the last blog referred to Putin. He is much more likely to save us than Washington which is in the process or white eradication. In fact somebody has just told me that in the Bible there is a possible reference to a union of Russia with England. Powell referred to Russia as England's natural ally and America the aggressor and you couldn't get brighter than he. And the Scythians from the Steppes were, according to Bede, the first people in these islands.

      On that score, Teresa May, rattled by the "far right" here has suddenly started talking about a breakdown in social cohesion.
      Those of us born in the 1950s have been seeing this coming all our lives but any warning of the gathering storm has been decried by the childish Left and Big money behind them bent on our national destruction. Paul Golding and his lady friend on the programme said quiet openly that they know they might be assassinated at any moment, either by the jihadists or somebody in government perhaps. And Baroness Warsi is complaining about Muslim persecution. What worse in terms of persecution than being driven out of your own country?

      Since Powell was sacked we have been forced to bury our heads in the sand knowing that his predictions might come true, if not in our lifetimes then in those of our children. They say that the English take a long time to turn but do when their backs are against the wall. Teresa May has now realised that that time is here.

  3. Don't mention "Scotland" Labour MPs told:

    "One source explained: “You don’t hear MPs keep on talking about ‘England’ but, rather, the places in England like Manchester and Birmingham. This should be the case with Scotland. By keep referring to Scotland instead of individual places, some of our people are playing to the Nationalist agenda. We’re all part of the UK, after all.”

  4. I want to hear from the English Democrats about 'bread-and-butter' issues. Immigration is a bread-and-butter issue, but what about housing, the closure of the Redcar Steel works, the sell-off by stealth of the NHS to the multinationals, the encouragement of doctors to take redundancy, the increase of the national debt from one trillion to one and a half trillion and the doubling of the deficit, and increasing inequality since the Tories took over government?

  5. In his closing speech to the Tory conference, David Cameron warned against Britain-hating ideology towards the country he loves. He paraded his British credentials in his conference address, with lots of language about patriotism and the country he leads. "Our country" was mentioned 22 times, "Greater Britain" was mentioned 13, while he spoke of the office of "Prime Minister" six times.
    He is the Prime Minister who is overseeing the selling off of England to the Chinese, and is doing all he can to avoid granting an English parliament.

    1. Cameron's tearful protestation of his love for his country was just sickening. Here is another frontman for the oligarchic elite aiming to take over the world via the UN's agenda 21 aimed at bringing multiculturalism to all white countries and the browning of the world. It reminded me of that other Oscar winning actor Blair with his lachrymose People's Princess speech. They are all puppets obeying the puppet masters. Cameron hates Britain and certainly hates England and the English and wants both gone or replaced as soon as possible. Britain First ( or England First ) had it right they want their country back and know that the natives are to be replaced by or outbred with Afro-Asians, everybody south and east of Europe.

      Two very interesting discoveries on RT last night. Firstly that neo-con and Washington Zionist, Paul Wolfowitz, said in 1991 he wanted regime change in 20 Muslim countries. And secondly the former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, was backing Russia against the Islamic State and said that if Assad goes there will be total carnage and no doubt thousands more "refugees" heading into Europe where they are causing chaos in the refugee shelters in Germany with their rape and crime. This is the reason why the "far right" are burning them down. And did you know that they threw food and water away in Hungary because it had the Christian cross of the Red Cross on it.

      My belief is that we are backing Saudi not because they help us with their intelligence but because they put the terrorists and jihadists in Europe and are threatening to kick it all off if we do not do what they want. Ford said that Cameron cannot bring peace to Syria because he has to watch his back. Against whom? My guess is Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.
      Europe is now being held to ransom. Unless we take more and more "refugees" then Saudi will activate the terrorists, refuse to buy our arms or sell us oil. Saudi Arabia is pledged to spreading extreme Islam across the globe and is now winning in Europe.
      The future for Europe is brown and Muslim. And this is probably Cameron's plan for England as well.

  6. Glad to see the Jean Claude Junker has finally had enough of Washington telling Europe what to do and is refusing to agree to the extension of sanctions against Russia. Robin, the counter-sanctions are having a dire effect on the dairy farmers round here. Time to take up their cause as well. Cameron has pledged to fight poverty ha, ha, what does he know about it? England has the largest gap between rich and poor in Europe. Another one to run with. As an Irish commentator pointed out, Victoria Nuland staged the coup in Kiev and the Yanks are now praising her for it. But who is suffering, Europe from the counter-sanctions, not the Yanks at all. The same is true for Syria. Many Europeans are now glad that Russia is wiping out the Islamic State and hopefully putting an end to the "refugee" crisis which does not affect the US as they are too yellow to take any for fear of embedded terrorists.
    The Irishman said that the UK might not follow the EU's lead. We know that Cameron is another Washington poodle. The reason for this is that it is his City of London that owns America and not the other way round.
    The Yanks would say that they are there to stop Europeans carrying on with internecine wars but that stopped in 1945. It is the Americans who are carrying this on but rather than on their own continent anywhere in the world that they feel is a threat to their economic or military might.

    If this lot have their way then England will be reduced to a collection of white minority city states with a bit of greenery around the edges before you bump up against the next one. England will be reduced to New York with an Afro-Asian accent.

    The attitude of most English people, I fear, is akin to that of an old lady on the bus yesterday who said, "we have been putting the world to rights but it won't make any difference". I can understand her attitude as she has seen her country slide into a multicultural Marxist dictatorship and has been powerless to alter anything. But if this is the attitude of the sheeple then the faithful few who know what is going on and are trying to save England and the English from extinction might as well throw in the towel.

  7. Wahabist Saudi Arabia has, according to Cross Talk on RT last night, declared Jihad against Iran and Russia. And according to ex-CIA officer Ray McGovern, Israel is behind the battle between Shia and Sunni to create managed chaos in the Muslim world and a policy of divide and rule. He said that Israel does not want a result i.e. they do not want peace. The alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia is now sending managed chaos and islamification into Europe which is probably what they both want. Right-wing Israelis have been setting fire to churches in Israel. Christianity seems to be the enemy of both. Hence the role of Russia is crucial in maintaining a strong Christian presence. Both America and much of Western Europe including Britain have now abandoned Christianity in favour of multiculturalism and anti-eurocentrism. In the times of both Napoleon and Hitler it was England and Russia, the two gateways to Europe, who held together and conquered a common enemy. But there is little sign of such an alliance at the moment as England more than ever is a fiefdom of the City of London for whom national identity and nationalism are the arch-enemy as they make it more difficult for big money to operate across international borders. Money is the God of Cameron and Osborne in a country which has the biggest gap now between rich and poor in Europe. Corbyn will have to meet with a "heart attack" for them like John Smith, Robin Cooke and David Kelly if the Rothschild controlled western media and the government controlled BBC do not dissuade the working classes from voting for him. He wishes to break the link with international finance and corporate America and restore peace to the Middle East which is the last thing the City of London wants. Oxford is turning into a suburb of London and even towns in Oxfordshire further north. The Tories' plan seems to be for everybody to commute to the nearest big city and make us all suburbanites. England and the English mean nothing to those who want a continuous multicultural ribbon development from Land's End to the Scottish border. Every battle of our ancestors over the last 1500 years to stave off invasion has been wiped out by these people for whom blood and belonging mean nothing.

    1. The more research I carry out into Saudi Arabia the more I uncover crypto Jews. The House of Saud are actually jewish origin but with their Whahhabi mask. Clever stuff indeed on their part. The same applies to Turkey and that is why you never hear about the Armenian genocide nearly 100 years ago.

      Russia supports the Armenians today and that nust shows how caring they are unlike our satanic jewish/muslim ruling elites.

      Russia has thrown a spanner into the works and the elites dont know what to do.


    2. Francis, this is very interesting stuff. I am hoping that Russia is going to win over this evil as St Seraphin prophesied in 1911. Have just been sent a youtube discussion with somebody prophesying the end of days. We don't want that talk here. The Armenians are Christians of course. I pray that Russia will win as - as said - we already have more Muslims than Methodists here. Isn't it fortunate that Vladimir chose Russian Orthodoxy over Islam and all because he fancied a tipple of vodka a thousand years ago. If he had chosen Islam then Moorish Spain and Islamic Russia would have swept in and Christianity would have been wiped out as elsewhere.
      We also know who took international finance to the US in the 19th Century from the City of London where it arrived from Amsterdam with Cromwell. I would like to see your chapter and verse on the Saudis and the Turkish ruling elites.

  8. Further to the above, the father of the young Saudi dissident who is to be crucified and then beheaded has appealed to David Cameron to intervene. I wonder how he is going to get out of that one? He refused to back a condemnation of the Saudi human rights record in the UN because we "need Saudi Arabia to help us with anti-terrorist intelligence here". Or is that we are frightened that if we do Saudi Arabia will give instructions to the terrorists here to let rip. They obviously know who they are!!

  9. Meanwhile, TTIP continues its steady progress through the European Commission,

    1. Yes, but TPP all signed in secret also is not going down well in America as the Americans have realised that all their jobs are to be shipped to the Far East. As regards TTIP there was a massive demonstration against it in Berlin the other day with 250,000 present. Meanwhile M and S and spearheading the Britain must stay in the EU campaign. Have just read that David Lloyd George was in favour of a federal world a hundred years ago and Churchill was in favour of a United States of Europe of course. Most of us believe in the sovereign nations of Europe working together but not one country. They are now in a rush as neither do most people in the rest of Europe either and the collapse of the EU is imminent. This was meant to be the dream to avoid the excesses of nationalism and create everlasting peace but the outcome is going to be decades of rebellion and bloodshed. I am hoping that we are going to see the same outcome as the Tower of Babel and all their efforts will be brought low by the will of God. By the way I have just discovered that the City of London owns the Federal Reserve Bank in the US. Well, there's a surprise.

  10. Professor John Curtice - Britishness is multicultural and multifaith.

    1. But Englishness, Welshness and Scottishness are not. Have just read that by 2000 there were already more Muslims in England than Methodists and their numbers have probably doubled since then.

    2. That may be his point of view but most of us are sick to the back teeth of "diversity". Nobody ever chose it and in the 1960s most were violently opposed. I remember you had a piece a year ago from somebody who felt the same way.
      I am getting to the point of avoiding the major tv channels here completely. I note that even Disappearing Britain is full of diversity. I find this a bit ironic as this very fact underlines the title of the programme!!