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Thursday, 19 September 2013

A seismic Conference for the English Democrats?

People often use the expression seismic shift in talking about in a sort of poetical way to illustrate a moment when the tectonic plates, or in this case, nationalist politics in England shifts.

On Saturday, if the proposed manifesto change is adopted by the membership of the English Democrats, such a change will have occurred.

For the first time in history there will be an English nationalist political party which is campaigning for outright independence for England. This at the very time when in the other nations of the “United Kingdom” also have political parties campaigning for Independence and the dissolution of the United Kingdom. The English Democrats will therefore be taking their place as a full blown nationalist party with a national independence manifesto commitment equivalent to those in Scotland and Wales.

There however will be this great difference, we positively welcome the fact that the EU Commission has already indicated that any nation in the United Kingdom that leaves the United Kingdom will automatically be out of the EU. Entertainingly they say we would have to re-apply to join the EU. I respectfully suggest to them that there is no chance that the English would want to re-join it!

Here is our press release about the forthcoming conference. What do you think?


The English Democrats’ 11th Conference and Annual General Meeting of Party Members is to be held on the 21st September 2013 at 10.00 a.m. in Leicester.

All members of our Party are invited to attend, debate and vote on the agenda before us which includes whether our Party should adopt the following resolution on Independence for England:-

The English Democrats believe that England should again be an independent nation state and we will campaign to that end.

The English Democrats demand that a referendum be held for the People of England to decide whether England should become independent again and cede from the United Kingdom and the European Union.

We shall also be holding our opening session of the first English Parliament since 1707!

The ticket price of £25 includes morning coffee, a hot lunch and afternoon tea. We will also be hosting an evening dinner with a ticket price of £25.



  1. The Kingdom of England.

    No more to be bound in shame with inky blots and rotten parchment bonds.

  2. Leicester is linked to the name of Simon de Montfort. Today, Montfort is mostly remembered as one of the fathers of modern democracy.
    Just up the road from Leicester is Nottingham where the English parliament met in the Middle Ages, and where there is a Parliament Street.

  3. It seems that Ukip will be holding their annual conference at the same time as the English Democrats. It would be a turn up for the books if the EDs were to upstage the Ukippers.

    1. Labour is also holding its conference this weekend. Perhaps the EDs might upstage that. Who knows?

    2. The EDs failed to upstage Ukip with their Mike Nattrass MEP faux pas. The 'Kippers' managed to steal the headlines with their own Godfrey Bloom fiasco.

  4. It is noticeable that neither conference has received a mention on BBC Radio 4's news. We have, of course, heard about the Labour Party conference, despite the fact that many of Labour's core support, the blue collar workers and older Labour voters are leaving for UKIP and hopefully for the EDs. The Lib Dem party got a lot of coverage, despite the fact that support for the Lib Dems is about 8% and dropping and that for UKIP is 12%, if not higher.

    It is now becoming obvious to all that the British media are now subject to censorship and slew, especially where events in the Middle East are concerned. I must be one of an increasing number who are turning to Russia Today to avoid this censorship, even though Russia probably has its own agenda; but Putin has declared that he is against globalism and believes that each nation should look after its own. Gorbachev was ready to sign up to it hook line and sinker, including taking Russia into the EU and the New York bankers' empire. So we must still look to Russia to save us from the globalist/globalizers' anti-nationalist, destructive plans for mankind. Things in Greece are now verging on anarchy.

    As regards censorship, there has been nothing in the British media about the meeting between Nigel Farage and Vaclav Klaus covered by Russia Today where the emphasis was on the end of the EU, which Klaus like Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovksy, describes as another form of the communism he has known and the formation of a loose aggolomoration of independent and sovereign European nations. This is one idea which the media do not want the English to even consider.

    Interestingly, in the latest edition of Bindweed, the magazine of the English Companions, an organisation for those interested in Anglo-Saxon history and culture, the editor has commented on Michael Wood's programmes on the Anglo-Saxons, adding that it is possible that these programmes might have brought light into the minds of the English and others in this dark time. I take this to be a quasi-nationalist statement; but I believe that anybody who has an interest in and love of those centuries during which England was formed cannot but be distressed at the prospect of the end of England and its people.

    1. The establishment is more frightened of the English Democrats than it is of either Ukip or the BNP.

      In targeting the blue collar workers and older Labour voters, Ukip is selling on a false prospectus.

      These groups are the natural target audience for the nationalist message. Predominantly, they identify themselves as English rather than British.

      Tony Benn used to refer to the Liberal-Social Democrat Party-BBC alliance.

    2. The much vaunted charge on charge on plastic bags, it seems is "green wash". But it allowed the Lib Dems to give the impression of being environmentally friendly. Could it have anything do with Lib Dems defecting to the Green Party?

  5. Ukip Lincolnshire is a breakaway from UK Ukip. They should be recruits to the English Democrats.

    Ukip is taking working class votes in the North. Those voters think that they are voting for an English party.

    In the South, Ukip's support comes from traditional Conservatives who think of themselves as British.

    In North East Leicestershire the BNP vote has collapsed. That should be another opportunity for the English Democrats.

  6. It's reported that Mike Nattrass will not be joining the English Democrats after all, but will set up a rival to Ukip with a similarly named party to that set up by fellow defector from Ukip Nikki Sinclaire.

    It is hard to understand why Mr Nattrass as a proud Yorkshireman and Englishman feels that he can do better alone than joining the English Democrats, a party with thousands of members, which is the only established pro-English party.

  7. Godfrey Bloom has been suspended from Ukip following his recent gaffes including the most recent which has derailed Ukip's annual conference.

    Another opportunity for the English Democrats. Yorkshire and Humberside should be wide open to the EDs.

  8. What was Timo Soini, the leader of the True Finns doing addressing the Ukip conference? As a nationalist, he should have been at the English Democrats conference in Leicester.

  9. [1] The government says the "bed-room tax" is necessary because there is a shortage of housing and we live in a densely populated country. [2] The government says we need immigrants because the native population is decreasing. Doh!!!

  10. Al Qaeda's strategy is, first Syria, second Jordan, third another Middle east country, fourth Global jihad. In the words of the BBC's John Humphrys, Grrreat. Hague, Cameron and Hollande have opened a Pandora's box between them.

  11. The niqab and burqa are very British it seems, but are they what the English want worn to see worn by doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals.

  12. The English Democrats leadership doesn't seem to understand the need to be strategic. It will be a long time before the EDs can challenge Ukip in the south, yet there seems to be an inordinate amount of money and effort going into Kent.

    The EDs' European targets should be the North West where the BNP is collapsing and Yorkshire and Humberside where the BNP's Godfrey Bloom MEP has weakened the chances of Ukip. With concentrated effort, the EDs should take those seats in 2014, if resources are not wasted on campaigning in unwinnable southern seats where Ukip will not be dislodged for years.

    1. correction: Ukip's Godfrey Bloom

    2. Godfrey Bloom MEP has complained of a southern 'mafia' taking over Ukip. There seems to be a north/south divide opening up in Ukip. The break-away 'Ukip Lincolnshire' is further evidence of that.
      The English Democrats need to exploit the developing split within Ukip

  13. Here’s a curve ball from the London Evening Standard’s Ian Birrell, who thinks the UK capital is getting unfairly kicked by the rest of England for getting some things right, not least understanding the value of immigration and cultural diversity that arises from it:
    London is not England; it is a foreign country. It will soon be all that is left of Britain.

    "Curiously, the most prosperous region outside the South is Scotland – which shares London’s social liberalism and greater acceptance of immigrants. For the differences between the capital and the rest of England are about far more than finance: they are about attitudes, culture and politics. Even when it came to the AV referendum last year, several London boroughs were almost alone in wanting change.

    The tolerance of outsiders has transformed London in my lifetime, with one-third of residents now born abroad. When I was in Moscow recently the head of a television station asked me which was Russia’s second city? His answer was London.
    Successive waves of immigrants have made this a vibrant place to live while ensuring a constant exchange of ideas and influences to keep the city ahead of the game.

    This is why some argue Indian food is better in London than Delhi, why the capital’s music, art and fashion retain their cutting edges and why there are four businesses started in London for every one in Sunderland. It is also why the immigration cap is so damaging, whether to businesses or Europe’s largest cluster of universities.

    London has always been shy about shouting how great it is since its success annoys the rest of the country. To placate such feelings, we see fig-leaf absurdities such as the BBC spending £1 billion moving some production to Salford Quays – then employing just 24 people from Salford."

    1. The lack of party discipline displayed by the announcement of the defection from Ukip to the English Democrats of Mike Nattrass MEP could be why the media ignored the national conference.
      Nothing was gained by the premature announce except to anger Mr Nattrass.
      The impression given was that the party is not to be taken seriously.

  14. Published: 22 March 2012

    Ken Livingstone today announced he will “declare independence” for London if he wins the race to be Mayor.

    The Labour candidate said he wants to take over the capital’s NHS, housing and benefits system if elected on May 3.

    Mr Livingstone — campaigning in Croydon — said he would persuade the Government to “devolve everything”.

    He told the Standard he will use “amazing charm and subtlety” to get New York-style independence for the capital. Mr Livingstone added: “I would actually declare independence and run the whole city. They can’t even run hospitals in London. Everything government does in London it gets wrong. If you look at the city of New York, the mayor runs the benefits system, some of the prisons even, and the healthcare and schools.

    “I’ve watched all my life, irrespective of which government... ministers trying to run hospitals from Whitehall. It’s just too big, too complicated. I’m in favour of devolving everything.”

    The former Mayor added: “I would always say, to this government and also the next Labour government of Ed Miliband, devolve more down. I’d like to take over our NHS immediately. I would like to take over a major house-building programme, I’d like to run the benefits system.”

  15. Independence for London?
    Jun 14,2011

    An interesting piece by Darryl Chamberlain in the Scoop at Snipe argues that the time may be coming when there should be greater indepence for London from the rest of the country. With the devolution settlement being reviewed in Wales and Scotland, why not London as well? The piece points out:

    “A question: why can’t London have a bit of what they’re having? Isn’t it time for us to break away too?

    London is a wildly different place to the rest of England, never mind the rest of the UK. We’re more socially liberal than the rest of the country, we live in communities that are far more mixed. We’re less likely to drive, and more likely to spend huge amounts of time stuck on public transport. We’ve more in common with New York or Paris than Newcastle or Portsmouth. …

    In London, we’re different. …

    Look at the two men we’ve elected to run the place. A newt-loving man with a raspy voice who loves winding up American diplomats on one hand, a floppy-haired fop on a bike with a bizarre line in Latin anecdotes on the other.

    Both, in their own ways, engaging ambassadors for the capital. And seen as dangerous threats by their own party leaders. Because that is how many in the rest of England see London—as a threat. Read below the line on any comment piece on the possibility of an English parliament, and within the first few comments someone will sound off about how London leeches off the rest of England, takes all the jobs and investment and produces nothing in return.

    Yet if London kept the tax revenue earned within its borders—or at least had more control over raising its own budget – we’d be able to make a much better job of running our transport network, for example.

    The Tube’s current woes can be traced back to the last [Labour] government trying to sell off its maintenance — bitterly resisted by Ken Livingstone before he rejoined the Labour Party. He was right, Gordon Brown was wrong – but London had to pick up the bill.

    In the old days, Ken used to taunt the Tories with unemployment figures on the roof of the old County Hall. But Labour wouldn?t even give him the power to empty London?s bins, so we still have 33 different recycling policies. And the Conservatives won?t even give Boris Johnson the Royal Parks, so keen is the UK government to hang onto the prestige of chasing dogs out of flower gardens.

    So if they don’t trust us, why don’t we just go it alone?”

    I have long pointed out the extent to which London subsidises the rest of the UK. Irrespective of the present incumbent of the Mayor’s office, there is a strong case for London having more autonomy and being able to invest its revenues in its own infrastructure and its people.

  16. London is THE British city and the Union flag is THE symbol of London.

    If Britain is shrinking down to London, what do we call the island of Great Britain?

  17. The Conservative vote is collapsing across the north of England, Labour is failing to convince.
    Labour hardly exists in the south.
    Ukip has replaced the Lib Dems as the alternative to the Tories in the south.
    The English Democrats have to establish themselves as the alternative to Labour in the north, before Ukip fills the vacuum.

  18. the English Democrats experienced a great setback by the failure to contest by-elections in Middlesbrough, Barnsley Central, Manchester Central and South Shields and the mayoral election in North Tyneside, while contesting Eastleigh where inevitably they were thoroughly humiliated.
    Strategic thinking would have led the party to direct its efforts towards establishing itself territorially, and that territory will be for many years the north.

  19. Russia Today has carried an expose of the New World Order, comprised of the Senate Committe on Foreign Relations, the Trilaterial Commission and the Bilderberg Group. It was all planned whilst the Second World War was still in progress. The American gentleman speaking that the financial-industrial complex have the two major parties in America in their pocket which is probably why Kennedy was done away with when he tried to oppose them. They probably have all European parties in their pocket as well. As I was told 30 years ago the whole of the Western World is now ruled by what Max Keiser on RT describes as the political-financial kleptocracy; bent on stealing every penny we have.

    The gentleman's advice was to vote for the minor parties. Sadly there would have been few potential voters who would have learnt from this what is going on. They would have been tuned in to the ex-factor.

    As regards London, this might be that gentleman's opinion but there must be many millions who have fled the capital who preferred it the way it used to be. As long as we can keep it there. We do not want England like this even though the political-financial kleptocracy does.

    In Germany it is possible that Alternative fur Deutschland have got above 5% of the vote and will be in government, possibly a part of the coalition. According to a German spokesman, the ADF are not popular in political circles as they are viewed as right wing. Perhaps Angela Merkel still is a commie as she is locked in to the EU and the Union of European Socialist Republics.

    Why do we need more immigrants because we are not reproducing fast enough, Britain is more than twice its optimum population level. For God's sake change into reverse gear and let's get some room to breath.
    This is just part of the three parties' determination to see the English as a minority in their own land.

    I see that BBC News made a mountain of the Godfrey Bloom business - is he a Tory plant - but no word of anything positive about UKIP or other "right wing" parties. Funny that. Nigel is insisting that UKIP has now ex-BNP members which is not true and they don't need to be ex-BNP to be opposed to what the three parties are doing to their country.

  20. well this means robin its an admittance that your core aims and objectives have failed.You should now robin reconsider your positions the whole NC should resign to make way for a new leadership

  21. Robin,

    I am pleased that the English Democrats now propose English Independence. It seems to me that England will have to follow the route Eire took - A War Of Independence. The only fear I have is that London may decide to break off. London is already full of sectarianism against the English and if Ken Livingston ever becomes London Mayor against the apartheid and sectarianism will only get worse.

    We English are the Irish Catholics of the 21st Century.


  22. With the exception of 'bemused' and 'francis', who signs his contribution all these comments are 'anonymous'.
    It is ridiculous. Can you not see it?
    And for the hell of it I am going to be anonymous too.

  23. Having watched the German elections, there was very little evidence of the multiculturalism that Angela Merkel speaks of as having failed. We know she was talking principally of the Turks.

    The Germans are to press the bankrupt nations of Southern Europe to privatise their companies as a way of paying off their debts. The thinking is that the Germans will then snap them up.

    Those who wax lyrical about vibrant multicultural London and how successful it is must be a bit confused by the success of largely monocultural Germany. We ran an empire from a monocultural country in the same way that the Germans are now about to achieve economically what they failed to achieve militarily. There are those prefer to live in communities with their own - the vast majority - of which the ethnic nation state is the largest such community and there are those who seem to abhore living with their own and flock to the more anonymous cities; but they are in the minority. However, this minority has now hijacked the majority and enforced the multiculturalism in which they feel at home on the rest of us. Why don't they just go and live in those third world and other countries whose cultures they find so enriching?

    Can London still be the capital of England when it is no longer English?, discuss. On Russia Today there was a piece about those flocking to join the jihadists around the world, many converts. The gentleman said that this is happening because of the breakdown of communities which the New World Order has been working on for the last 60 years. Finding themselves rootless and disconnected by this globalist process young people flock to such as Al Shibab. This only serves to accelerate the process of fragmentation and divide and rule. Clever this New World Order but hopefully their time is running out.

    Sorry to hide behind the anonymous label but some of us have important reasons for needing to do so. We do live in a police state now if you haven't realised it yet.

    1. It is hard to see how London can continue as the capital of England when it is not the ENGLISH capital.
      It is the British capital and of the New British at that.

    2. I share your worries. I'm the anonymous who complained about 'anonymous'. But courage mon brave! Using a nom de plume will not expose you. If they really wanted to get you I'm sure they could. Keep writing though, I think I recognise your style and content by now.

    3. White Dragon. Of course they know exactly who we are. I am no longer connected to the internet but my means of accessing it means that they know exactly who I am. We English are now the most watched nation on earth, watched not only by GCHQ but via them by the NSA and probably Mossad as well. Perhaps I will think of an apt nom de plume to use as you suggest. One Australian commentator on Russia Today said that 1984 is already here. The blessing is that, just as the internet is being used to spy on us, so it and television by satellite is allowing us to learn about and contact those across the world who share our views about what is being done to us by a small plutocratic and political elite.

      Bravo to the President of Brazil for telling the Americans and their NSA spying what she thinks and how she will avoid it in the future. I don't recall hearing a mention of this on the BBC News this morning. Nor did we hear that President Obama actually lied to the UN with regard to his discussions with the Russians implying that it was agreed that any resolution would include Chapter 7. Suddenly we have access to an alternative view of world affairs and it makes us realise how we have been manipulated by the New World Order in times past and are still being manipulated.

      With regard to the Nairobi attack, it seems that the Kenyan authorities are after the white widow who was masterminding it. Presumably, she has continued to live quite happily in Aylesbury since her husband blew himself up on the London tube and took others with him, She has probably been living on benefits whilst plotting mass murder. Frank Gardner told us that many British - mostly of Asian origin - had been to Somalia to train in terrorism; but they said they did not like it there on their return to Britain. Did they just tell the neighbours this? God forbid, surely they were arrested and put on trial. The world has gone mad.

      Today we hear that even 18 to 24-year-olds think there are too many muslims in the country. This came out from the results of a survey as part of the government's attempts to counter islamophobia. Seems they are making slow progress.
      Good fences make good neighbours. What will eventually emerge, I hope, as given support by the speech of President Rohani to the UN, will be not only a Europe of homogeneous independent sovereign nations but a world of the same working together for world peace. The mixing up of all races and cultures in one hotch potch is and will have the opposite effect. First, however, we need to expose and remove those behind this farce. That is, of course, all three main political parties here who are violently opposed to the idea of England and the English.

      As regards London, if the world declares it their city and no longer our capital then perhaps it is time to choose another capital city; Winchester is the obvious choice but too far south. But a similar ancient cathedral city would be ideal. As for London, as far as I can see it will soon all have been knocked down and rebuilt in concrete to suit the aims of the kleptocracy. What they are doing to the rear of the Tower of London is absolutely monstrous. No other european city, where good taste would count more than greed and money, would allow it.

    4. Winchester these days is practically a suburb of London. Leeds which is close to York,the Roman capital of the North, or Nottingham where parliament met in the middle ages would be better choices. Yorkshire folk are more likely than most to identify themselves as English.

  24. its clear Mr tilbrooke that an English parliament is simply not on the radar and isnt going to happen.Thats why you have taken what is a crazy course by been even more hard line and demanding that the UK be broken up.your failure and in deed steve uncles failure of terrible election results membership at an all time low.The crazy way you let in an in flux of former BNP members not just one or two but 40 50 plus and as candidates was self destruction.And yourself and uncles and the ones who agreed to these crazy things should now resign.To make way for new leadership.your federal policy was is and is in tatters to seek to break the UK up is crazy.

    1. 'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello. I see you were here earlier.

  25. Why should the idea of an English parliament be abandoned? It is obvious that the Scots are proud to be Scottish and even if they do not vote for independence, may well choose to create a parliament which is virtually autonomous. Why should the English then not have the same?
    Why should be be discriminated against in this way in what is a blatant form of racism of which they are so ready to scream about?

    Eventually the EU will collapse, as the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire did. It is just a matter of time; the euro will go first. Action and re-action are equal and opposite. The American empire, as it has been called, is on the verge of collapse and who knows whether the United States themselves will hold together as whites near minority status. We must all hope that one day we will be independent and free. Europe is becoming a sort of nowhere land whose whole historic identity is being eradicated with England well ahead of the game whilst Black Africa, India and China remain unchanged with their massive populations of 2m, 1.3m and 1.6m respectively. Nobody is imposing this suicidal and hairbrained policy on them.

    There was an interesting interview with the President of Iceland on Russia Today yesterday. Iceland has no intention of shackling itself to the New World Order, the EU or any other supranational body and is free to form alliances with Russia, China or whoever it wants to. This is the way to bring world peace. As Englishmen, we must all be ashamed that in 2008 when he put the question of refusing to pay their debts to the people in a referendum, the British govt on behalf of the city slickers who had hoodwinked Iceland was preparing to seize that country's assets and invoke the terrorism act against them. It is now obvous who rules this country and they have been terrorising us for the last 60 years.
    God bless Iceland and God bless Russia and any other country which stands up to this tyranny whose aim is to completely destroy the nation of England and its people.

    1. Sorry that should have been 2b, 1.3b and 1.6b of course.